The Fairy Godmother Visits the D23 Expo

by Karl Buiter, staff writer

Disney Consumer Products showcased a behind-the-scenes pavilion at last month's D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, with art presentations and sales; interactive exhibits; and events with character artists and product designers.

Fairy Godmother is surrounded by a whole new generation of Princes and Princesses. Photo by Karl Buiter.

As a unit of Disney Consumer Products, Disney Publishing Worldwide presented live readings of Cinderella by the Fairy Godmother. A group of young children gathered around Fairy Godmother as she read the story from a large StoryTime book filled with pictures. This was a wonderful Fairy Godmother that involved the children in every part of the story

Fairy Godmother tells the story of Cinderella to a group of children. Video begins at the point in the story when the Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into a coach and goes to the end. The video lasts 15 minutes. MousePlanet Video.

Disney Publishing Worldwide creates and publishes a wide variety of stories, comics, and learning materials across books, magazines, and digital media. Along with the readings from the Fairy Godmother, they presented artists behind popular Disney stories; a hair styling by Sephora with the help of a Disney Princess Royal Salon app; and lithographs from Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, and Sleeping Beauty. Their books were displayed in the exhibit area.

Disney Publishing Worldwide presents a collection of books at their exhibit at D23 Expo. Photo by Karl Buiter.

A lithograph of Peter Pan artwork is offered for sale at the D23 Expo. Photo by Karl Buiter.