Mouse Flicks: (Escape from) 'Escape from Tomorrow'

by Mike Morizio, contributing writer

The rogue horror film 'Escape from Tomorrow' was filmed in Disney's parks right under its nose. What should The Mouse do about it? Mike has a suggestion.



  1. By GusMan

    As a general rule - I dont watch horror films. Dont like them as they are just not my style.
    And while I would never pay to see this film in a theater, I am curious as to how they did it from a technical perspective.
    But thats mainly because I love photography and videography.

    Would people make a big deal over it if it was based out of Cedar Point or 6FGA or Sea World? Probably not so much.

  2. By Jimbo996

    If Disney hasn't done anything, that is their response. It should be noted that if the work is considered a parody, there is nothing that Disney can do to prevent such filming with use of Disney IP. The issue of non permission of filming on property is sort of after the fact as well.

    Disney may prevent the film from being distributed as this is probably the only recourse that it has. If the owners wish to distribute it for free, that's a new can of worms. BUT who has actually seen it?

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