Mouse Flicks: 'Carousel of Forever'

by Mike Morizio, contributing writer

An abbreviated look at Walt Disney's ‘Carousel of Progress’ - with some observations



  1. By Gunnels Family

    Even though it's getting aged, Carosel of Progress is one of my family's favorites!! Such classic Disney, and Sherman Brothers!!! It's considered a must do!!! I wish it could "retire" to the Disney museum. I would miss it terribly, but the Carosel is getting towards retirement, (not meaning to be harsh). How do you keep the timeline fresh?? The 80's scene is a bit cheesy...

    The last time we visited the Carosel, though, we encountered some WDW "magic". A CM was adding his own flair to this great experience! When we sat down the CM began the pre show "announcements" ie- keep all hands, arms and legs inside the ride at all times, the first two rows are considered a splash zone, so please take your seats accordingly, and others announcements, don't remember all, but they were from another rival park. However the greatest pre ride announcement, that still gives my family a chuckle, (of which this was extremely difficult not to howl in laughter when this occurred), is when the CM instructed everyone to look underneath their seats for the 3D glasses! The other families in attendance obviously were first timers, as they looked for their glasses, even going to other seats to find them!! i know, crewel, to a point, but funny, nonetheless!!

  2. By GusMan

    CoP has always been a fave of ours. I think it always will. There have been some very small, subtle changes to the last scene over the years, some which I dont even know if people noticed. (Like the change from a tube TV to a flat screen HDTV.) Its good fun no matter how old you are. I mean, think about it for a moment... some of the scenes describe a time that was way different from today and you might only see an "ice box" in a museum now. Definitely a time where you tell your kids to put away the phone and observe.

    Its even better when you get a group in there that sings the song in between scenes.

    Does it need a bit of freshening up? Well.... maybe. Maybe set the last scene up so that it reflects the last decade.

    With humor ... thought part of the spiel at the beginning also included a comment on no video recording being allowed?

  3. By peanutj

    Oh great! Now I'm gonna be looking for that crooked slat when I get to WDW next month.

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