Grumpy Old Fool's Day@Disney - The Voices of Liberty in my Head

by Mike Morizio, contributing writer

Mike catches a performance of The Voices of Liberty, sees a very exclusive screening at the France pavilion, and gives us an insider's view of Stormalong Bay




  1. By danyoung

    A very fun video - thanks for posting. As a fellow lover of the Voices of Liberty, I wanted to make sure you've seen this -

    Just about the most amazing thing I've ever seen (and heard!).

  2. By mmorizio

    Thanks Dan. I'm a big fan of anything a cappella. The video you sent is terrific. I hope that NBC brings back The Sing Off this season.

  3. By DisneyGator

    Lucky! You got to catch Tiffany Coburn with the Voices. My last 3 trips I've managed to catch them on her day off. The Voices are the 1 act that makes me miss WDW in the midst of my Disneyland Vacation years. Hope to get back I can catch the Voices on Tiffany's day off ... again.

  4. By danyoung

    Make sure you click on the Facebook link I posted above - Tiffany and several other current members of the VofL were in on the recording. She's always been one of my favorites, too!

  5. By mmorizio

    Voices of Liberty + American Adventure + Walk around the promenade = perfect afternoon.

  6. By danyoung

    Add in dinner at the Coral Reef, drinks at the Rose & Crown and IllumiNations and you have my perfect first day at WDW!

    Hey, do you live near WDW, Mike? I'll be there in 3 weeks, and would love to shake your hand!!!

  7. By mmorizio

    Dan, I live in New Jersey, the second happiest place on earth! Specifically down the shore (we never say at the shore,) although I worked in Newark for the 15 years or so before I retired.

  8. By carolinakid

    I say at the shore or at the beach (never down the shore) and I've lived in the Garden State (Ocean City) for over 31 years. I think it depends on whether you were actually born/reared here. I wasn't...

  9. By mmorizio

    I love Ocean City.

    Jersey guy, born and raised.

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