Grumpy Old Fool's Day@Disney - Taking a Break on Route 498

by Mike Morizio, contributing writer

Mike takes in Chester & Hester's DINO-Rama, lunches at Wolfgang Puck Express and takes flight in a helium balloon.




  1. By danyoung

    Thanks for posting, as always. But you have highlighted one of my least favorite areas of any Disney park - Chester & Hester's. Disney did such a good job at making this a minimally themed, kinda junky area that it really does look like . . . well, a minimally themed, kinda junky area. The attractions are way too similar to attractions you might find at any mall parking lot carnival in the country. It just doesn't belong in a Disney park.

  2. By mmorizio

    Yeah, I get it. Everyone besides me hates this area. I guess It's just that I grew up in the heyday of cheesey home-built tourist traps, and this DinoRAMA really does reproduce them perfectly. There was one when I was a kid called Jungle Jim's... ...but that's a long story.

  3. By GusMan

    I know that there have been comments in the past about DinoRama and how it doesn't fit... but wasn't that kinda the whole point?
    I mean, think about it... For most of Animal Kingdom, you are transported to areas that people travel to in the first place. Asia, Africa, etc... all to see certain sights and sounds.

    DinoRama, well... I suppose if you are going to do something regarding the extinct, you might as well put it as something you would see as you would travel back in the heyday of travel.

    Its something of a stretch, but I get it. And while Im glad that my kids grew out of the carnival games of sorts, we still enjoy going on Primeval Whirl.

    Never been to WPE, but maybe I will after this.

    Characters in flight - did it a couple of times. Got some of the greatest pictures. It may not be a gotta-do-it-every-trip thing, but its fun.

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