Let Your Stress Melt Away at the Spa at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

by Donna Fesel, contributing writer

Just 100 miles southeast of Walt Disney World along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Disney's Vero Beach Resort is a little bit of heaven. This expansive oceanfront family resort was the first non-Walt Disney World location of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC, Disney's timeshare program). My family adores visiting Disney's Vero Beach Resort; we play pool games, mini golf, boogie board, eat great food, and soak up the Florida sun. We get our relaxation fix typically right after a fun but fatiguing trip to WDW. And, since the main object of our time at Disney's Vero Beach Resort is relaxation, no visit is complete for me without some time spent at the Resort's on-site, full service spa.

The Spa at Disney's Vero Beach Resort is conveniently located in the resort's main building, but is far enough from the hustle and bustle of the lobby and restaurants to maintain its serene atmosphere. You can cut through the lobby to get to the spa, or follow the stone walkway parallel to the main resort building to the spa's covered whitewashed porch, which is replete with white rockers where you can take a breather.

A sign on the veranda welcomes you to the Spa at Disney's Vero Beach Resort. Photo by Donna Fesel.

When you walk through the spa's front door, you are greeted by a feeling of immediate peace. The spa lobby's theme is soothing, full of white, wood and sea motifs. A spa staff member graciously welcomes spa guests and checks them in. On my last visit, the front desk person was already helping another customer, so I had an opportunity to browse the small, but thoughtfully stocked retail area—mostly fragrant lotions and treatments, but some fun, colorful, and funky items are dotted here and there as well.

The welcoming front desk at the spa. Photo by Donna Fesel.

A snapshot of the spa's retail area offerings. Photo by Donna Fesel.

Lotions and treatments for sale in the spa's retail area. Photo by Donna Fesel.

The check-in process at the spa includes the completion of a brief questionnaire about the customer's health, and also gives the customer the opportunity to notate any areas needing special attention during treatments and services.

Next, you are led to a lovely little waiting room with comfortable chairs to lounge in, beverages to enjoy and even a menu if you've included time for a light meal. As soon as I take a seat in one of the waiting room chairs, I turn off my cellphone and get ready to rejuvenate.

The spa offers a full complement of services, using eco-friendly products (the massage oils are tree-nut free, and the nail polish is vegan) for both men and women; massage therapies (hot stone, Swedish, aromatherapy, maternity, and couples to name a few) are available in increments of 50 or 80 minutes, as well as a 15 minute chair massage on the beautiful veranda or a 30 minute express massage. The spa also offers various types of facials, waxing, wraps, and shower treatments of various duration. If you are experiencing a specific skin concern, tell the spa when you make your appointment, and they can assist you in selecting the treatment that is perfect for you. The spa also offers manicures and pedicures, and even some treatments for kids, tweens, and teens. Packages are also available for combinations with multiple treatments and services.

On my visits, I typically enjoy a 50 minute Swedish massage (one of the most common massage types, involving differing pressure and strokes with the primary goal of relaxation). I indicate on my intake questionnaire that my shoulders and neck can always use a little TLC due to my full-time office job. The massage room is private, soothing, and quiet. Once the massage is underway, I prefer lots of quiet so I can focus on breathing as my tensions dissolve. Fifty minutes flies right by, and I am usually ready to take a long nap right on the massage table.

Shhhhh, a sign lets spa visitors know to keep it down. Photo by Donna Fesel.

Post-massage, my tired (and beat up) WDW and beach ravaged feet are desperate for some attention, and I am off to the pedicure room for a Traditions Pedicure. The spa's pedicurist uses a brand spanking new set of tools for each customer as well as a fresh mini bottle of nail lacquer from Spa Ritual that I can take with me. I grab a bunch of magazines, order a glass of sparkling wine and settle into the pedicure station. The Traditions Pedicure includes a leg and foot scrub and massage. The last few times I've visited the spa, I've had the same pedicurist; she's wonderful and originally from New York so we chat for a bit and then I get caught up on my magazine reading. Once my feet are looking fab, and I am so relaxed, I usually hang out for just a bit longer before I head back out to find my husband and son for more vacation fun. It is a few hours spent very well. I should mention that my husband has gotten the Gentleman's Pedicure a few times as well and gives it rave reviews.

The pedicure area at the Spa. Photo by Donna Fesel.

The spa offers a 10% discount for DVC members; prices and treatments are subject to change and may be found by requesting the rate card at the spa. I have visited the spa five or so times in the last few years and have successfully made appointments for a massage and pedicure at a convenient time by calling a few days in advance. If you are staying at the Resort, press “Spa” on your hotel phone or dial 772-234-2050 to make an appointment. You can also stop into the spa to reserve in person.

Going to a spa to enjoy a massage or pedicure isn't an everyday thing for me, so visiting the Spa at Disney's Vero Beach Resort is truly a treat. I leave the spa feeling revived, and since I am heading back to the scenic resort, the relaxation lingers. Think you're not a spa person? Lots of people are apprehensive about spa treatments, so if you are one of those folks, start small with the chair massage or a manicure; you'll be a convert in no time.

Heading out of the Spa and back to the beautiful Resort grounds. Photo by Donna Fesel.