Grumpy Old Fool's Day@Disney - Tiki to my Heart

by Mike Morizio, contributing writer

Mike admits to having a soft spot for a certain feathered Magic Kingdom attraction, then gives us a tour of some hotel room oddities.




  1. By DisneyGator

    Call me weird, but I really liked the Iago version. The original version, although innovative for it's day, is not very exciting. Iago at least made it funny. Even my kids got a kick out of his character. Once it went back, and of course we caught the DL version, they wondered where's the fun. I'm wondering the same thing...

  2. By foxtwin

    Thanks for the video, Mike! I think you put it right that when visiting the Tiki Room, it's for nostalgia. I'm stuck loving the original version because it's what I grew up with, and what I always listened to on those old official albums.

    While I didn't like the "new management" version--Iago and Zazu were just annoying to me and they just didn't look like the realistic other birds--like you, I thought the Tiki goddess in the fountain was amazing! When I first saw it, I really had to double-take to see if it was a real person, it was that good.

  3. By jimthedj

    I just want to point out, the version that is currently installed is NOT the original version, it is a shorten version. It really does perplex me why they (IMO) edited out what I thought was some of the best parts and disrupted the flow of the show to do it, when the attraction never has a line anyway. Don't get me wrong, this version is much better than the "under new management" version which I really disliked. Luckily the full length original version still plays at Disneyland.

  4. By mmorizio

    Foxtwin, you have a point about Iago and Zazu not looking like real birds, but I did like the doo-wap singing tiki totems!

  5. By bobaloo000

    My family and I also preferred the under new management version but we always go at least once on every visit for nostalgia's sake. As for the Dland version. When we visited in November we didn't see a difference between the two but perhaps we were sleeping.

    btw, best video yet! Loved the hotel room weirdness. Being a Jersey Boy myself I lost it on the last one.

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