The Disneyland Resort Baby Care Centers

by Lisa Maulhardt, contributing writer

One of the few "hidden gems" at the Disneyland Resort is a place that I have visited often. The Baby Care Centers (one at each of the two parks) are an often-overlooked benefit to parents of young children. Many day guests in the parks don’t even know they exist. But, as an Annual Passholder, I enjoyed using the centers on almost every visit when my boys were younger.

Nestled between Pacific Wharf and Cars Land, you will find the Disney California Adventure Baby Care Center and Child services building. Because of its location, behind Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, it is easy to walk by without even noticing. Inside you are greeted by some of the nicest cast members you can find anywhere.

The Baby Care Center in California Adventure can be easily missed unless you know where to look for it. Photo by Lisa Maulhardt.

The Baby Care Center in Disneyland Park might be a little more visible to people walking by. It is located on the northeast end of Main Street, near the Main Street Photo Supply Co and the Little Red Wagon corn dog cart. Just look for a large amount of strollers in a seemingly quiet corner.

Both of these centers, currently sponsored by Huggies, offer a variety of services. Not only do they assist with taking care of you and your little one, they also double as the “Lost Children” pickup locations. If you get separated from your child somewhere in the park, this is where they will be brought until you are reunited. There is a little table and chairs, often with books or coloring pages out for children to use.

If you get separated from you children while in the park, you can be reunited at one of these locations. Photo by Lisa Maulhardt.

For guests with babies, this is a great (and quiet) place to breastfeed or for a diaper change. Each of the two locations has a curtained-off area with rocking chairs for moms to take their babies for nursing. With all of the hustle and bustle of the parks, it can be a great relief to have this quiet place to feed your baby.

There are also outlets and a quiet place for moms who need to pump. The Baby Care Center in Disney California Adventure will store your pump for free; in Disneyland Park, you can bring your pump to the First Aid building. However, make sure to bring a portable cooler and rent a locker as neither Baby Care Center is able to store the milk.

A baby picture of Walt Disney himself adorns the wall at the Disneyland location. Photo by Lisa Maulhardt.

One thing to note: When I visited the park by myself with my two boys, I had to take my older one in while I nursed the younger one. Although the cast members at both locations are very sweet, they are not babysitters. But, they usually brought in a little chair and a book or two for my older son while he sat with me in the nursing area. There are also many changing tables for changing a dirty diaper or even to put pajamas on before your little one falls asleep for the night.

Changing tables are available at both locations. Photo by Lisa Maulhardt.

Guests with toddlers can also use the Baby Care Centers as well. They are both equipped with highchairs, microwaves, and even little potties for those who are potty training. They also have cabinets full of supplies that you might have forgotten. Some of the items available to purchase include formula, baby food, juice, diapers, pacifiers, and sunscreen. So if you forgot something, fear not—they probably have it for you.

Both Baby Care Centers are well stocked with items you may have forgotten, available for purchase. Photo by Lisa Maulhardt.

Even though my boys are older now and don’t need anything that is offered at the Baby Care Centers, I will always be fond of them. I have so many sweet memories of taking my babies in there and being overwhelmed by the calm and loving atmosphere they offer. After a busy day in the parks, such a thing is to be cherished.



  1. By MadHatter1

    In regards to this article, I do have a question about the centers. I've read that they have filtered water there and I was wondering if anyone can go in and get filtered? I have a temperamental stomach and filtered is better for it than tap. But I wasn't sure if you could go in and fill up water bottles per say or if it was just bottled water for purchase or something like that.

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