Planning a Day With a Toddler in Disney's Hollywood Studios

by Kylie Chamberlin, contributing writer

Disney's Hollywood Studios has a lot to offer for parents and families of toddlers, but is often overlooked. Many of the iconic attractions, such as the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmoth and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, are not toddler-friendly. I know of many families with toddlers who choose to skip this park because of that.

An important resource for families to know about and use in every park is the Baby Care Center. The Baby Care Center offers a clean, indoor air conditioned place to relax or take a break from the parks. They have full restrooms, nursing rooms, a full kitchen, and seating, as well as a television. It also has a store that sells necessities such as baby pain relievers, diapers, wipes, formula, and clothes. The Baby Care Center at the Studios is located just as you enter the park, across the street from Oscar's Super Service.

Stroller rentals are also another key consideration for any park. At the Studios, stroller rentals can be had at Oscar's Super Services, just as you enter the park.

There are several entertainment options toddlers can enjoy at the Studios.

In the Animation Courtyard, Disney Junior Live On Stage is an obvious and excellent option. Toddlers will love seeing the characters, the songs, and even the squirmiest of children will enjoy it because participants are urged to get up, dance and sing along. The Disney Junior character meet and greet in the Animation Courtyard is another excellent choice for the toddler who is not afraid of meeting characters. The Voyage of the Little Mermaid show might be a good choice for older toddlers, but it does have darkness, a storm, and some scary elements.

At Echo Lake, there are also great choices for toddlers. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration is a live-action show that does ask you to sit still. However, young Frozen fans will be captivated by the songs and the brisk action of the sing along. The Frozen character meet and greet, Celebrity Spotlight, is also a hit among toddler fans of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff.

On Hollywood Boulevard, there is a Meet Disney Pals meet-and-great near The Great Movie Ride. There is also The Great Movie Ride itself, which has a few intense scenes, but overall might be really enjoyable for toddlers (and is a chance for the whole family to sit down).

At Pixar Place, guests can meet characters like Buzz and Woody. They can also participate in Toy Story Mania. While they may not fully understand the concept of the games yet, they can enjoy seeing the characters and trying to play.

Another entertainment option toddlers might enjoy is Fantasmic! While there are some scary elements and it is dark, toddlers might enjoy the songs and characters if they have a longer attention spans.

At the Muppet Courtyard, toddlers may enjoy MuppetVision 3-D, if they have a little bit of a longer attention span. It is about as long as a television episode.

Toddlers and their families have a lot of options for the Studios. Another important thing to note is that if grown-ups or older children want to participate in the iconic "big" rides, the Rider Swap program is an excellent option. One person can stay with the toddler while the other rides the ride, and then they switch.

As always, it is necessary to consider your own toddler's schedule and needs. Make sure to plan times for naps, relaxing, and meals. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen, diapers, and wipes. Plan ahead to have a favorite blanket or necessary stuffed animal.