Ice Cream at the Disneyland Resort Hotels

by Megan Walker, contributing writer

You've just arrived back at your room at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels after a long day in the parks, or you're headed back out of the resort passing by the hotels on your way, and you remember…you forgot to get ice cream! Fear not, fellow dessert lovers, if you've reached the hotels without getting your frozen treat, you're still in luck, as each of the hotels offer a variety of options when it comes to ice cream.

Whether you're going to one of the restaurants or passing through the lobby shop, the hotels have you covered.

The Coffee House (Disneyland Hotel)

A rather new addition to the array of ice cream treats at the Disneyland Resort is The Coffee House, located at the Disneyland Hotel. While known primarily for its coffee (of course), The Coffee House now offers Pineapple Dole Whip Soft-Serve, Dole Whip Floats, and, the granddaddy of them all…Dole Whip Floats with Rum. What more could you ask for from a frozen treat? I love The Coffee House strictly for its location, right by the Disneyland Hotel pool, and right across the walk bridge from Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam's, it's a great place to grab a coffee and enjoy the sights and sounds of the hotel. Now it's an even better spot to hang out with Pineapple Whip as a menu option.

The Coffee House Dole Whip Menu. Photo by Megan Walker.

Tangaroa Terrace (Disneyland Hotel)

Tangaroa Terrace Exterior. Photo by Megan Walker.

Located in the pool area of the Disneyland Hotel, and attached to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar, is Tangaroa Terrace, the quick-service restaurant of the hotel. While I'm not discussing regular food options in this particular article, I do highly recommend dining here, any meal of the day. The menu offers many different options and they're all very tasty…back to the ice cream though. Tangaroa Terrace has quite an extensive dessert menu, ranging from pies and cakes to cookies to ice cream. The ice cream found here are the same treats you would find in one of the vending carts in the park, including: Mickey ice cream sandwiches, Mickey ice cream bars, strawberry fruit bars, frozen lemonade, and cookie ice cream sandwiches. Tangaroa Terrace is a great option for a quick treat, especially if you're a guest of the hotel…you can quickly run down, grab an ice cream treat, and be back in your comfy room in no time.

Tangaroa Terrace Ice Cream Selection. Photo by Megan Walker.

Small World Gifts & Sundries (Disneyland Hotel)

Small World Gifts & Sundries Exterior. Photo by Megan Walker.

Located right inside the door nearest the entrance to the pool at the Disneyland Hotel is the hotel's "market": Small World Gifts & Sundries. The store here carries lots of different items, including swimsuits, toiletries, wine, food and sodas—and they also carry ice cream. Located in a freezer case, Small World Gifts & Sundries keeps the classic Disney ice cream cart treats in stock and on hand for guests, perfect for a day by the pool or just a stroll through the hotel.

Small World Gifts & Sundries Ice Cream Freezer. Photo by Megan Walker.

The Sand Bar (Pool) (Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel)

Located at the pool at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel is The Sand Bar. The menu here in terms of ice cream is pretty basic, much like the other hotel shops, offering the same variety of ice cream treats that you can find in the outdoor vending carts in the parks. While this spot, being at the hotel pool, would only be accessible to hotel guests, this is still one of the best places to have ice cream if you're a guest here because what could be better than a nice, frozen treat when you're lounging by the pool in the Southern California sunshine?

Mickey in Paradise (Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel)

One location at the Paradise Pier that features ice cream is their shop located in the lobby of the hotel. The ice cream situation here is going to be similar to that of Tangaroa Terrace or Small World Gifts & Sundries, which, of course, mimics the offerings of the vending carts found in the parks—perfect for a quick treat whether you're passing through, heading back to your room, or off to the pool!

White Water Snacks (Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa)

White Water Snacks Exterior. Photo by Megan Walker.

White Water Snacks, which is located near the pool area of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, is the hotel's location for snacks, drinks, and, of course, ice cream. (Side note: White Water Snacks has a fantastic menu and is often overlooked as a legitimate place to eat. You should stop by here sometime for a meal, whether or not you're a guest of the hotel, they have quite a few options and a fantastic market selection.) Much like Tangaroa Terrace and Mickey in Paradise, the ice cream here mirrors what is sold from the ice cream carts including Mickey ice cream bars, Mickey ice cream sandwiches, fruit bars, and the likes. White Water Snacks is another great option on your way through the hotel or for a late night snack.

White Water Snacks Ice Cream Selection. Photo by Megan Walker.

Napa Rose Lounge (Grand Californian Hotel)

Finally, the Napa Rose Lounge—easily the fanciest of the ice cream locations resort-wide. Located in the Grand Californian, attached to the restaurant sharing the same name, the Napa Rose Lounge offers a menu of bar-type food, drinks, and desserts. While the dessert menu boasts more than just ice cream, they also have "Artisanal Ice Cream" scoops and "Seasonal Sorbet" scoops in flavors like chocolate chunk, Tahitian vanilla, salted caramel, Meyer lemon mint, strawberry champagne, and coconut pineapple; offered in single, double, or even triple scoops. This is not necessarily a place you'd just drop by for some ice cream, but if you find yourself looking for a nice relaxing spot to sit down and enjoy a drink and a treat, this can be a great option for you.

Napa Rose Exterior. Photo by Megan Walker.

Getting ice cream is a cornerstone to every Disney vacation. Whether sitting down to share a big sundae with your loved ones, or grabbing a popsicle as you roam through the parks, there's an ice cream treat for everyone and every occasion. I personally can never turn down a good, old-fashioned Mickey Ice Cream Bar from the outdoor vending carts…but that's me. Now that you've seen what types of ice cream are offered resort-wide, let us know, what's your all-time favorite ice cream treat at the Disneyland Resort?



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