Disneyland Resort Guest Services: More Than Free Buttons and Parade Times

by Lisa Stiglic, contributing writer

Disneyland Resort is known for its magical guest service, from offering relaxing and quiet locations for new mothers, to navigating lost parents back to their children, or providing a little bit of extra pixie dust for someone's birthday with a special button. This is what elevates Disneyland Resort above other theme parks. From recharging your phone to safely storing your newest popcorn bucket, Disneyland Resort Guest Services has you covered.

Guest Service Locations

Starting with the basics, most of us know City Hall in Disneyland Park and Chamber of Commerce in Disney California Adventure Park are the go-to locations for day planning, maps (available in several languages), and those celebration buttons. What guests may not know is Guest Service kiosks are scattered throughout both theme parks for easy accessibility. These kiosks are recognizable by the large green umbrellas and Guest Services cast members (wearing plaid) who provide answers needed, including disability pass usage, entertainment times, and yes, they even distribute those celebratory buttons.

The large, green Guest Service umbrellas are easily visible such as this one located at the entrance into Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Next up is making sure you have the monetary means to enjoy a day at Disneyland Resort. Most merchandise and food locations accept credit cards, but for a few of those vendor carts or penny press machines that are cash only, Chase-based ATMs are easily accessible throughout the Resort. Guests can find one in each hotel, two in Downtown Disney District, five in Disneyland Park, and six in Disney California Adventure Park. The ATMs accept most major bankcards and there is a fee for any non-Chase bankcard.

The ATMs deeper into the parks, such as this one at Disney California Adventure's Pacific Wharf, usually have no wait time. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

For more banking services, including foreign currency exchange, visit City Hall or Chamber of Commerce Guest Services.

Lockers and Merchandise Holds

Whether you arrive with a lot of paraphernalia, or plan on a shopping excursion to pick up the latest trend (Sulley popcorn buckets), the Resort has locker options in four locations. Near the Disneyland Park entrance, guests can take advantage of lockers outside the park, or, if in the park, lockers are located behind the Starbucks on Main Street. Upon entering Disney California Adventure, lockers are just to the right on Buena Vista Street, and also near the queue head for Grizzly River Run in Grizzly Peak. Lockers are available in different sizes and are accessible throughout your day.

These lockers near Grizzly River Run are the perfect location to store your dry clothes and other necessities. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

If you are shopping throughout the Resort, and don't want to carry your items with you, ask the merchandise location if you can place your paid item on hold to pick it up later. If staying in the Resort hotels, you might have the option of having the package(s) sent to your hotel room.


Most visitors to Disneyland Resort are aware that strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs (electronic conveyance vehicles) are available for rental. A few reminders however that the wheelchairs and ECVs cannot be reserved, so it's best to get to the rental location as early as possible as supplies are limited. A minimum amount of wheelchairs are also available to rent at the Disneyland Resort Hotels. All three rentals can be used in both parks, as well as throughout Downtown Disney (basically within the limits of the security booths) and both the wheelchairs and ECVs require a deposit.

The rental locations for all mobility aids and strollers are to the east side of Disneyland Park Entrance. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Lost and Found

Strollers have become mobile purses or backpacks these days with all the items guests leave on them. Disney-related social media sites are flooded with posts regarding guests who have had items stolen off of strollers, especially high-demand items (popcorn buckets again). A reminder to always take your valuables with you when you leave your stroller, wheelchair, or ECV. As much as guests would like to think Disneyland Resort is all magic and pixie dust, reality can intrude. If you have lost an item, there are two Lost and Found locations, one at each park, at which to leave your personal contact information in case the item is returned.

To check on an item you may have lost, the central Lost and Found venue is on the west side of the Disneyland Resort. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Cell Phone Charging

From selfies and character photos to texting group members and utilizing the Disneyland Mobile App, cell phones are a visitor's best accessory. Readers on social media sites ask daily where they can charge phones at Disneyland Resort, so here is the Disney phone tech 411.

First of all, plan ahead and ensure your phone is charged to its fullest potential. Next, a mobile charger is a must if you plan to spend all day with your phone attached to you (or vice versa). Mobile chargers can be purchased at most electronic or big-box retailers. But, if you've ran out of time or just forgotten this essential item, Disneyland Resort has a portable phone charging system with kiosks set throughout both parks. For $30, you can take advantage of a charging system (battery and cable) compatible to your phone (Androids and iPhones). The kiosks take credit cards so just follow the on-screen prompts to get the system you need, and when you've diluted that battery source, you can just switch it out at any kiosk for a brand new one.

Portable phone charging kiosks make it easier for daily phone use and can be used on future visits to Disneyland Resort. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Up until recently, the locker locations offered some lockers for rent with designated phone chargers inside, but those are no longer available, which means the only other way of charging your phone is finding an outlet and sitting. Most guests don't want to spend valuable time at the theme parks sitting by a phone while it's charging, but if it is your only way, there are a few locations that can make it more tolerable. Now some very detailed lists are floating around online regarding every outlet available for charging at both Disney theme parks, but I just found a few so they are out there. Note: Disney does not endorse using these for personal use.

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street has a few outlets by which you can sit and enjoy some delicious desserts while you wait for your phone to charge. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


One of the best Guest Service options I remember learning as a kid is that Disneyland Resort houses pets. I always thought that was so cool of them and it still is. Not only do the kennels house dogs and cats, but also rabbits, birds, and some rodents (excluding Mickey and Minnie). There are a few rules and regulations to remember, such as dogs and cats must have up-to-date vaccinations and owners must handle and feed their own pets. Gates open 30 minutes prior to the earliest park opening and close 30 minutes after the latest park closing time — there is no overnight boarding. And, your pet is allowed to ride the tram from Mickey and Friends Parking Structure to get to the kennels (located near the strollers/wheelchairs rental venue). Now that's some pet pixie dust!

Beyond the Magic

There is so much more Guest Service provides to ensure you have the best Disney vacation. For more information, contact Disneyland Resort Guest Services at 714-781-INFO (4636) or check the Disneyland site for more magical surprises.



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    A very useful article - thank you!

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    You should probably clarify in the article that the Grizzly River Run lockers are for short term use only, intended for while riding Grizzly River Run (and are free for 2 hours), as opposed to the other lockers that are paid and available all day.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I was noticing a lot of posts about phone charging so thought I'd investigate and share what I found.

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