Touring the Instagram Walls of the Disneyland Resort

by Lisa Stiglic, contributing writer

The Disneyland Resort has always been one of the most popular photo locations on the planet. From Sleeping Beauty Castle to Disneyland Park's main gate Floral Mickey design, millions of guests pose, preen, and share Disneyland Resort's most iconic images every year. Now, according to Instagram, the Resort has the distinct honor of being the most Instagrammed location in the world.

Since the increase in selfies and social media in general, guests have discovered their own perfect backdrops at which to take a Disney photo. For most guests walking past, these locations or walls are just empty spaces, but for Instagrammers, these themed walls are blank canvases to create a Disney-stamped shot. And now, Disneyland Resort has taken the trend further by adding in a few subtle venues specifically for the perfect selfie.


The trend began with guests using a portion of "it's a small world" wall as the ideal background to showcase their newest Mickey ears or other merchandise. From there, the hunt began to find that perfect selfie wall in every Disneyland "land". #itsasmallworldwall #smallworldwall


Minnie Mouse fans are scurrying to Minnie's House to take advantage of the polka-dot wall. This red spotted background is perfect for the classic black Mickey ears. #minniewall


Blast yourself up to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for two fun and bright Instagram walls. Toy Story characters accessories and neon colors are the best for these two locations. #buzzlightyearastroblasters

This green and purple neon wall is located in the exit tunnel of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

The Toy Story Aliens can add a little character to any selfie. This wall hugs the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster's queue. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


The Wild West offers a rustic look to any selfie. Head toward the entrances to Galaxy's Edge for some western props settled in the background. This is a perfect backdrop for Woody and Jessie accessories.

The stagecoach behind Frontierland toward Fantasyland walkway adds a great dimension to a western or cowboy theme. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Disneyland Resort really upped the Instagram game in Disney California Adventure Park. Although Hollywood Land already provides several backdrops — it is patterned after a studio backlot — Disney added backdrops specifically for selfies and the social media world. But first, a look at some of the earlier backdrops gaining popularity on Instagram.


Schmoozie's is one of Disney California Adventure Park's original landmarks. The exterior decorative tile work is festive, quirky and makes a colorful background for Instagrammers. #schmoozieswall

The artist's work incorporates everyday objects including spoons, toys, and ceramic mugs into the designs. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

For Marvel-ous photo options, Hollywood Land also incorporates some super backgrounds for potential heroes. Assemble with your best Avengers gear at these locations. #disneylandcaptainamerica #disneylandspiderman

Channel Steve Rogers while posing in front of Captain America's iconic shield. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Don't get caught in Spidey's web when stopping for a selfie in his neighborhood. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

The nearby backlot wall in Hollywood Land is also one of the Park's original photo locations. Now, guests flock to it at sunset for the perfect shot. #disneyhollywoodland

You become the star with the glamour of Old Hollywood in the background. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

The nearby Disney Animation Building has suddenly become the go-to location for engagements, birth announcements, date nights, and couples in general. Here, the decor captures the magic and excitement of the Disney "ever after". #happilyeverafterwall

Express your feelings for the one you're with at this sparkling wall in Disney Animation Building. This location is also a popular spot for potential princesses. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


With the Pixar Fest addition earlier this year in Disney California Adventure Park, Disney provided some festive options to take that perfect selfie or group photo. Remaining in Hollywood Land, look behind Studio Catering Company and you'll spy two iconic Pixar images guaranteed for an immediate Instagram post. #upwall #upwallpics #buzzlightyearwall

Adventure is out there only if you grab the balloons and fly Up. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Rocket to space with these familiar Buzz Lightyear wings. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Next, head down to the end of Pixar Pier to Paradise Gardens and you'll find Plaza de la Familia — a celebration of Coco and family. Here, you'll see a pair of colorful, intricately designed wings. #cocowings #cocowingswall

The beautiful colors of the wings inspire happiness and hope in all who visit. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Follow along Pixar Pier and you'll spy some familiar Inside Out faces on the west side of a wall. #insideoutwall #insideoutwallpics

Pair up with Disgust at this fun Pixar character tribute location. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Don't get mad if there is a line for a selfie with Anger. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

Finally, head up Pixar Pier past Incredicoaster. You'll find four large billboards perfect for photos backgrounds. The Coco poster is a popular scene with guests.

Add Miguel and his familia to your Disney family with some festive photos here. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


As you can see, there are potential selfie backdrops everywhere in the Resort. If you're new to the Instagram Disney wall game, just follow along hashtagas to help guide you. Also, explore some new locations to share with other Instagrammers. Say "cheese"! #disneylandwalls #disneywalls #disneywallsofinstagram



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    With all of the artistic details found throughout Disney parks, I must confess that the appeal of a plain wall with a cartoon character drawn on it completely baffles me.

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