Disneyland Raises Admission Prices Starting Sunday, January 6

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

Disneyland Resort raises admission prices effective Sunday, January 6 2019

In an interview with Barron's last week, Disney CEO Robert Iger said the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is anticipated for June at the Disneyland Resort. The opening of this highly anticipated addition has sparked speculation that lines could reach six hours or longer for the new Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction. Just how Disney plans to handle the crowds expected to flock to this new 14-acre land seems to be the question of the day, and today we know at least part of the strategy: a price increase.

Effective Sunday, January 6, the Disneyland Resort implemented a price increase on daily tickets and annual passports. The Resort will maintain the seasonal flex pricing structure implemented three years ago, with the price of one-day tickets based on which of three seasons—Value, Regular and Peak—the ticket is used. The price of Disney's MaxPass product also went up, as did parking fees throughout the Resort.

At the Disneyland Resort, one-day admission during peak season increases by $14, to $149. Prices for all other tickets run six to seven percent over 2018 pricing.

Disneyland Resort annual passports saw price increases of as much as 22 percent. The price of the most expensive annual passport, the Premier Passport valid at both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort, jumped $370 to $1,949 per year.

In a written statement to MousePlanet, Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Liz Jaeger said:

“We continue to provide our guests with a variety of ticket offerings to meet their needs, while helping us to spread visitation, better manage demand and deliver a great experience.”

This price increase was not unexpected, but comes just 11 months after Disneyland last raised prices. It also comes as Disney posts another strong year of attendance figures, with Disneyland resort attendance up four percent, and hotel occupancy up one percent compared to the prior year.

Earlier this year, Walt Disney World expanded its own seasonal flex pricing structure, with date-specific pricing for tickets of all durations, from one-day to 10-day passes. There is no further change to Walt Disney World pricing at this time.

The new pricing for all ticket and pass types for the Disneyland Resort are described below.

Disney officials also said additional changes to the annual passholder program will come later this year, as part of a phased "reshaping" of the program that began last year. Last June, Disneyland announced that there would be different blockout calendars for Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park. Starting this June, when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, some annual passports will be valid at Disney California Adventure but blocked out from Disneyland.

With this price increase also comes three discount offers for the early spring travel season. The Limited-Time Special Ticket Offer is valid for travel January 7 through May 23, 2019, and has no residency requirements. Disney also released a new discount for residents of Southern California, and one for active and retired members of the U.S. military.

Disneyland Resort Tickets – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

Ticket & Season Adult One-Park Adult Park Hopper Child One-Park Child Park Hopper
One Day – Value ($7 increase) $104 $154 $98 $148
One Day – Regular ($12 increase) $129 $172 $122 $172
One Day – Peak ($14 increase) $149 $199 $141 $191
Two Day ($12 increase) $225 $280 $210 $265
Three Day (increase varies) $300 (up $20) $355 (up $25) $280 (up $16) $335 (up $21)
Four Day (increase varies) $325 (up $20) $380 (up $25) $309 (up $18) $360 (up $23)
Five Day (increase varies) $340 (up $20) $395 (up $25) $320 (up $19) $375 (up $24)

Check the Disneyland website to see what type of ticket you need for the day you plan to visit. Seasonal pricing applies only to one-day tickets.

Disneyland Resort Annual Passports – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

  • SoCal Select – $399 ($30 increase, up from $369)
  • SoCal – $599 ($40 increase, up from $549. Available upon renewal only to current holders of this pass type; no new sales permitted.
  • Deluxe – $799 ($70 increase, up from $729).
  • Signature – $1,149 ($150 increase, up from $999)
  • Signature Plus – $1,399 ($250 increase, up from $1,149)
  • Premiere – $1,949 ($370 increase, up from $1,579)

In addition, the parking add-on is now $249, an increase of $30, from $219. Available upon renewal only to current passholders who had previously purchased this add-on. No new sales permitted.

Disneyland Resort MaxPass – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

  • One-day – $15 ($5 increase, up from $10)
  • Annual passport add-on – $100 ($25 increase, up from $75)

Disneyland Resort Theme Park Parking – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

  • Theme park auto/motorcycle – $25 ($5 increase, up from $20)
  • Theme park RV/oversized vehicle – $30 ($5 increase, up from $25)
  • Theme park bus/tractor trailer – $35 ($5 increase, up from $30)

Downtown Disney Parking – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

​First three hours free with $20 purchase from merchandise or quick-service location. First five hours free with validation from participating table-service restaurants. $14 per additional hour, charged in 30-minute increments. $56 maximum daily rate.

The $14 per additional hour charge is an increase from $12 (which also increases the maximum daily rate, which was $48)

Disneyland Resort Hotel Parking – Prices Effective January 6, 2019

  • Hotel guest self-park for autos – $25 ($5 increase, up from $20)
  • Hotel guest self-park for oversized vehicles – $30 ($5 increase, up from $25)
  • Hotel guest valet – $35 ($5 increase, up from $30)
  • Standard self-park for autos – $25 first hour (up from $20), $10 each additional hour; $65 daily maximum (up from $60)
  • Standard self-park for oversized vehicles – $30 first hour (up from $25), $10 each additional hour; $70 daily maximum (up from $60)
  • Standard valet – $35 first hour (up from $30), $10 each additional hour; $105 daily maximum (up from $100)