The Tropical Hideaway: The Newest Oasis at Disneyland

by Megan Walker, contributing writer

I've often talked about the many different peaceful locations thorughout the resort where you can stop and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks, and while there are already quite a few great places to relax for a bit, thankfully, a new one has just opened up at Disneyland—the Tropical Hideaway!

The Tropical Hideaway seating area. Photo by Megan Walker.

Attached to the Enchanted Tiki Room and overlooking the Jungle Cruise, the new Tropical Hideaway is a new restaurant in Adventureland offering some unique menu items. Located in the old Aladdin's Oasis area, the Tropical Hideaway is a new counter-service restaurant modeled after a "bazaar style" setting that sits near the water of the Jungle Cruise. The location is incredibly quiet, tucked away in a corner of Adventureland, and is a great place to sit and relax for a bit. You can either simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the area under the trees and torch lights, or sit near the water and watch the Jungle Cruise boats as they come into dock to unload guests. Either way, the Tropical Hideaway offers a nice, relaxing getaway.

The Tropical Hideaway. Photo by Megan Walker.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful menu that the Tropical Hideaway has. I think that the Tropical Hideaway has one of the most unique menus that the Disneyland Resort has introduced in some time. The food menu consists of three different types of bao (steamed buns)—chicken, beef, and a veggie—as well as a chilled ramen salad in a super creative shaker cup. The Hideaway also has fresh fruit and other healthy grab-and-go snacks like trail mix, fruit, or chips (including a great selection of Hawaiian chips).

The Tropical Hideaway food station. Photo by Megan Walker.

Easily my favorite item at the Tropical Hideaway is the chicken bao bun. Super soft and incredibly tasty, the chicken has a bit of a kick to it, but not too much; it's mostly just very flavorful. The bao was freshly steamed and tasted amazing. The beef and veggie options are also pretty good, but if you can only pick one, I'd recommend the chicken option—you won't regret it. As a side note, you can also purchase a small side of spicy dipping sauce for the bao, which I also highly recommend if that's your thing.

The Tropical Hideaway chicken bao. Photo by Megan Walker.

The Tropical Hideaway boasts a fantastic dessert menu that includes a Dole Whip float, an orange-pineapple whip swirl, a raspberry-pineapple whip swirl, sweet lumpia, and the Loaded Whip, which is an orange-pineapple whip swirl topped with fruit and crystallized hibiscus. As you can see, with a menu unlike any other in the resort, the Tropical Hideaway is a fantastic addition to the resort's dining options. 

The Tropical HIdeaway dessert menu. Photo by Megan Walker.

The best part of having a Dole Whip float station at the Tropical Hideaway is that it's one additional place you can order Dole Whip without having to wait in the massive line at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Now you have another place you can go pick it up and hopefully wait in less of a line, as well.

Dole Whip Float. Photo by Megan Walker.

The Tropical Hideaway is a fantastic new food offering addition at the Disneyland Resort, with a fun, engaging atmosphere nestled in the corners of Adventureland, and a unique menu on top of that, it's definitely somewhere to put on your list to try! It's not only a great place to get a quick bit to eat, but it doubles as a fantastic place to sit and relax for a little bit. Sit back, relax, enjoy the sunshine and the breeze, and watch the boats go by on the Jungle Cruise. Plus—if you've ever wondered what happened to Rosita on your many trips to the Enchanted TIki Room, you'll want to stop by... you may just find out!

Rosita! Photo by Megan Walker.



  1. By BrandonH

    The new restaurant sounds very nice!

    Does the trick of ordering a Dole Whip from the Tiki Room courtyard side of the stand for a shorter wait still work?

  2. By DisneyGator

    Dude! Forget Star Wars. This is the place I'm most looking forward to.

  3. By cstephens

    They're charging for the spicy sauce for the bao now? It was included when the location first opened.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonH View Post
    Does the trick of ordering a Dole Whip from the Tiki Room courtyard side of the stand for a shorter wait still work?

    I don't think it does. Last we looked, they were using that side for mobile orders, and with mobile ordering, you don't really need the trick anymore.

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