A Trip to Toontown

by Megan Walker, contributing writer

Tucked away in the back corner of the park, and sometimes overlooked—especially by groups of adults—is Toontown, the liveliest and most colorful section of Disneyland. Toontown acts as the home of everyone's favorite friends; Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy all call Toontown home. Sitting at the very edge of the park in the far corner of Fantasyland, Toontown often gets noted as being "just for kids," but I'm here to tell you that's not true, adults can have just as much fun in Toontown.

Mickey's House and Toontown Sign. Photo by Megan Walker.


One of the best parts of wandering around Toontown is how many exciting and fun things there are to see! The entire area is full of fun little details, and you could spend hours walking around just admiring everything. Every building around Toontown reflects what you would see in any other town: a City Hall, a fire department, a jail, a gym, a post office and more. Aside from being "toon-y" versions of these seemingly normal establishments, each of these buildings have fun details to them that are an extra piece of fun. For example, hang around outside the gym and see if you can lift the giant dumbbell; visit the fire department to see a spotted pooch pop up in the window; or visit the post office and see (and hear) each of your favorite character's mail boxes. If you visit Disneyland Park at the holidays, make sure to swing by Toontown for a look at the themed decor.

Toontown Fire Department. Photo by Megan Walker.

Gag Factory Store. Photo by Megan Walker.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

The villainous weasels have taken Jessica Rabbit hostage and it's up to you to help Roger Rabbit rescue her! Located near the entrance to Toontown, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin is a dark ride with the extra fun of being able to spin your car around 360 degrees throughout the ride. Travel through many wildly colorful rooms, including the Gag Warehouse, as you ride in Lenny the Cab in an attempt to find Jessica Rabbit. This attraction is good for all ages, unless you have any small guests who are afraid of the dark, and is a lot of fun. The best thing about this attraction is that it also offers a Fastpass. The Fastpass queue for this attraction is not very big, so having one definitely pays off. Either visit the attraction's entrance and get a Fastpass or use the MaxPass app on your phone next time you're in the park.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. Photo by Megan Walker.

Gadget's Go Coaster

The other moving attraction located in Toontown is Gadget's Go Coaster. Sitting at the very end of Toontown, the attraction is themed around the classic Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers animated television show. The story of the attraction is that their friend Gadget Hackwrench has built this coaster from random objects she has found, although, since she is a mouse, and you're in her world now, everything is oversized. The attraction itself is a speedy little roller coaster with a few sharp turns, but nothing too drastic or thrilling, so it's a perfect ride for young ones. Although adults are allowed on, it's defnitely geared toward a younger audience, and adults on the tall side might not be too comfortable squeezing into the acorn cars.

​Food Options

There are a few different options for food when visting Toontown, and luckily they're all located in the same area in the middle of Toontown by City Hall. There are also quite a few tables around here for you to sit down and eat at once you've picked your food. Your choices while in Toontown include: Daisy's Diner, Clarabelle's and Pluto's Dog House. Daisy's Diner offers personal-sized cheese or pepperoni pizza, which are very tasty and the perfect size for one person's meal, or two people to share for a midday snack. Clarabelle's is the place to go when you're in need of a frozen treat. Serving frozen yogurt in cups, cones, a sundae, or in a root beer float, perfect for a hot afternoon treat. Pluto's Dog House offers, you guessed it, hot dogs! There are a few different options here though which are really nice, you can either get a regular hot dog, a foot-long hot dog, a bacon mac-and-cheese topped hot dog, or even a turkey dog off of the children's menu. I've stopped at all three of these places for lunch before and they're all pretty solid choices, you really can't go wrong. Also in the area is Goofy's Toon Up Treats, where you get get fruit, veggies, hummus and other snack items.

Toontown Food Options. Photo by Megan Walker.

Character's Houses

Of course, no trip to Toontown would be complete without visiting each of your favorite characters in their respective houses. Mickey and Minnie's houses are definitely the bigger ones, and the most fun to walk around. Each of their houses are genuinely fitted to their character and exactly what you would imagine their homes to look like. Additionally, you get to meet each mouse and get your picture with them once you finish touring their houses. You can also stop and visit Goofy in his very "goofy"-looking house and visit Donald's boat house, although these two houses differ from Mickey and Minnie's in that Goofy and Donald are not always guaranteed to be around their houses for a meet-and-greet, but you can catch them around there sometimes. Finally, down by Gadget's Go Coaster is Chip and Dale's treehouse! Their secret hideaway sits among the tops of the trees, as is best fitting of a pair of chipmunks.

Goofy's House. Photo by Megan Walker.

Donald's Boat House. Photo by Megan Walker.

Chip and Dale's Treehouse. Photo by Megan Walker.

As you can see, Toontown is not just for younger visitors and instead offers a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Whether you're visiting for attractions, meeting characters, or just walking around, there are a lot of things to see and experience throughout Toontown. Make sure you visit on your next trip to the Disneyland Resort, you won't regret it!



  1. By carolinakid

    Not a fan. I wish they would raze it as they did at Magic Kingdom and expand wonderful Fantasyland.

  2. By CJ Brown

    Toontown at Disneyland hasn't aged well .... and one can easily blame the late 90's Eisner regime. It was a great area to keep promoting "Disney Afternoon", but when Team Disney ended that syndicated animation block? It's just "meh" Land.

    Spend hours in a stroller parking lot Land with crying toddlers? I don't think so! Toontown is a wham-bam-done (go on Rodger Rabbit Cartoon Spin, then get out of there)!

    If the newest Ride featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse finally debuts? I say merge that half of it into Fantasyland, then use the other have to expand Star Wars Land (newest area definitely needs needs more for Park Guests to do).

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