Download the D23 Expo 2019 App

by Todd Pickering, contributing writer

D23 Expo is within our grasp and it couldn't be any easier to find out all you need to know by downloading the D23 Expo App for your smartphone. You can download this app from the iPhone App Store or from Google Play. The most important thing to remember is that reservations are available on Friday, August the 16th from at "12p.m. PDT" according to the D23expo App. We are fairly confident that this is noon and we had to look up what PDT meant (We have always seen PST) and it means Pacific Daylight Time. Always learning here at MousePlanet. So be at the ready at noon and if you are previously engaged do not despair as there will be room for walk-ups the day of the event but keep in mind you will definitely need to queue up early to get in. If there is an event you really want to get into. The reservation link for Friday August 16 is right here. In each category we will discuss the reservations you may get for each event.


Study that schedule as there are so many events that you simply must choose. Photo by Todd Pickering.

The most important part of D23 Expo is knowing your schedule. This is not unlike going to the Disney Parks where knowing what you want to do is key. There are four event stages: Hall D23, D23 Expo Arena, Stage 28, and Walt Disney Archives. For Hall D23 with reservations they recommend you queue up an hour in advance. The other venues request 30 minutes in advance. They will then seat a limited number of people without reservations so come with your patience and be ready to stand in line. These events are popular and they will fill up. Keep your camera ready while you wait in these queues to take pictures of all the amazing cosplay folk and make friends. That is important for bathroom and snack breaks.

The App does a great job of breaking the schedule down in two categories; Time and Place. You click on the day you want to view first and then may select the "Time Key" if you want to see the listing of the day in chronological order or "Place Key" if you want to break it down by place, which lists the name of the place such as D23 Expo Arena complete with the schedule for that particular venue for the whole day.

Many events overlap, so you will have to make some hard decisions. Also consider the queues to give yourself ample time between events.

Reservations: You may book two reservations per day and they may not be at the same venue. For example you may book one event in Hall D23 and one event at Stage 28 but you may not book two events on the same day for Hall D23.

Talent Photos and Signings

No D23 Expo would be complete without talent signings, photo opportunities, and meet & greets. Again check your schedule thoroughly. Some of the artists are there all three days and some make one appearance only. Know before you go, and if getting something signed is your jam make sure you get a reservation.

Performers: Alton Fitzgerald White, Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Heidi Blickenstaff, Josh Strickland, Kissy Simmons, Bret Iwan, Bill Farmer, Ashley Eckstein, Tiffany Young, Meg Donnelly, Matt Groening and The Simpsons team, The Cast of National Geographic's new series The Right Stuff, Disney Global Ambassadors

Artists: Daniel Killen, Hiko Maeda, Jim Shore, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, Ashley Taylor, Britni Brault, Kristin Tercek, Dave Perillo, Jerrod Maruyama, Joey Chou, Eric Tan, Jerome Ranft, Jeff Granito, Mcbiff, Brittney Lee, David Bird, Mike Peraza, Patty Peraza, Melanie Harvey, Noah, Shag, John Coulter, Kenny Yamada, Don Iwerks, Mark Page, The Artists of The Little Mermaid: The 30th Anniversary Collection!

Authors: Leah and Leslie Sklar, Chris Merritt, and Pete Docter

Reservations: You may book three TalentPasses per day. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your reserved time slot.


Many folks come for the shopping and Disney puts out quite a spread. Being prepared is key. Photo by Todd Pickering.

There are many different shopping venues such as Hallmark Cards, Jelly Belly, and Otter Box to name just a few, but the big draws are Disney DreamStore, Disney Store, and Mickey's of Glendale. The lines can be quite daunting for these venues but you may also make reservations on Friday August 16 for these. There are folks that shop at all three in one day so keep that in mind.

Reservations: You may book one StorePass per day. If you are there for three days you can choose one per day. Just arrive no later than five minutes prior to the start of your reserved time slot.


My goodness there is a lot of info here. If you have any questions on Hours & Entry, Food & Beverage, Charging Stations, Tickets, Transportation & Parking... we could go on and on but just download the app and take a gander.

If you have absolutely any questions the app probably has the answer. Photo by Todd Pickering.

Badge Activation

All you have to do is enter your Eight-Digit Badge Code into the app and you will have that at your fingertips. Going for all three days? No problem! You may enter all three. They have just thought of everything.

You can even put your badge on the app! Phot by Todd Pickering.


The map needn't be studied but will indeed become quite handy on one's first day. Photo by Todd Pickering.

This is so key for arriving bright and early on a Friday morning to take it all in! Keep in mind to look up from your phone so you may start getting your bearings and checking out all of the great Cos Play people. Things are very well marked and it shouldn't take one long to get the lay of the land. The map is particularly good for finding a booth or smaller retail place but heads up is our advice especially if you have time to take a spin. Things are well marked and if you are attending all three days by Saturday morning the map should be rendered superfluous.


And most importantly, MousePlanet. Alan Dalinka and Todd Pickering will be all over the Expo Floor and attending events, shopping, tweeting, Instagraming, Facebooking; just Direct Message us on any of those formats so we can say "Hello". It's going to be a very busy three days but it should be fun and well worth it. We will be tuckered but coming out with all of the Disney Parks info you followers crave. Thank you very much MousePlaneteers and we will see you at D23 Expo 2019.