Taking a Bite Out of Disneyland Resort's Sandwiches

by Lisa Stiglic, contributing writer

The Disneyland Resort has some seriously good food, and menus continue to evolve to include the most elaborate items. I mean Tropical HIdeaway was recently added just to expand the Dole Whip empire. As much as I love the decadent foods at the theme parks, give me the simple life—turkey legs, churros, ice cream bars, and sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches. So in honor of National Sandwich Day on November 3, I'm bringing you my 10 favorite sandwiches from Disneyland Resort.


Where: Smokejumpers Grill in Grizzly Peak Area, Disney California Adventure Park

When I was a cast member in Disney California Adventure Park during grand opening, this location was Taste Pilot's Grill set to a fantastic aviation theme with an accompanying soundtrack (think David Bowie's "Space Oddity") piped into the seating area. Almost 20 years later, the menu still carries standard burgers and chicken sandwiches. But what sets this location apart from other burger locations throughout the Resort is the endless produce bar. Foodies can pile their burgers/sandwiches high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and a myriad of condiments at no extra cost. A stop here definitely fills me up but I miss the days of listening to Elton John's "Rocket Man" while enjoying lunch. Expect to pay $12-$15 for any of the entree burgers.

Pile it up! Customize your burger or sandwich at the endless produce bar. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Where: Pacific Wharf Cafe in Disney California Adventure Park

The Pacific Wharf area exudes the illusion you are nearby San Francisco's waterfront. The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread wafts out from the nearby restaurant Pacific Wharf Cafe. Step inside to order the turkey pesto sandwich on said bread. Topped with crispy bacon, nutty Swiss cheese and a housemade pesto aioli, this sandwich is very tasty. This entree isn't as high on my list as it could be because the sourdough bread can be tough to bite into, but it's a definite thrill for my tastebuds and less than 10 dollars. And, don't forget to pick up a loaf of the sourdough bread to take home. My favorite is the Mickey Mouse shaped loaf.


Where: Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland, Disneyland Park

For a different type of sandwich, visit Belle's favorite eatery to try this vegetarian specialty. Served on a toasted roll and topped with lettuce, stewed tomatoes, and a spicy vegan aioli, this meatless entree still satisfies that savory craving. Usually served with french fries or sliced apples upon request, the Enchanted Cauli-Flower is a nice break from traditional sandwiches. Expect to pay about $14 for this selection.

Make sure you try the gray stuff after you've enjoyed the delightful Enchanted Cauli-Flower sandwich. Both are delicious say the dishes. (Note, this photo is of an older version of the sandwich. The tempura green beans are no longer served on the sandwich). Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Where: Harbor Galley in Critter Country, Disneyland Park

Tucked away near the docks of the Sailing Ship Columbia, sits Harbour Galley. This hidden location has some fantastic fare including lobster mac-and-cheese in a bread bowl, but this is a sandwich article. The specialty lobster roll is simple with seasonings and succulent pieces of lobster. This entree comes with a side of housemade potato chips which are worth the $14.99 price tag alone.

Try not to drool too much before taking that first sweet bite into the rich, luscious lobster chunks. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Where: Multiple locations throughout Disneyland Resort

Of course I had to include a breakfast sandwich on the list. This new option has quickly become a fan favorite. It's a great grab-n-go to take with when on the run to the nearest FastPass queue or just to enjoy leisurely while walking around the Resort in the mornings. This hefty hand-held deliciousness is crammed full with egg, ham and cheese, and fried to a crispy crunch! Find the breakfast chimichanga at food carts around the Resort, including Disneyland Park's Hub on Main Street USA, and in Frontierland, at an easy price of just under $6.


Where: Jolly Holiday Cafe and Bakery, Disneyland Park

This grilled cheese and tomato basil soup duo has been a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious staple at Jolly Holiday Cafe and Bakery since forever, or at least the 2012 opening of the location. It's a sandwich—cheese between two toasted pieces of bread; and soup—rich tomato with a touch of herbs. Together they make up one of the best teams in the Resort, aside from Mickey and Minnie of course. Appease your appetite with a $10.19 price tag.


Where: Little Red Wagon, Disneyland Park

OK, I'm stretching a bit here but the corn dog is sort of a sandwich—just in different form. And, even though Corn Dog Castle in Disney California Adventure Park serves some tasty dogs, I'm sticking with Little Red Wagon in Disneyland Park. For around $10, you get a hand-dipped dog of large proportions and a side of chips or apple slices. Not a bad deal and a great walk-around treat.

Rated as one of the best corn dogs in the state of California, Little Red Wagon's only entree doesn't disappoint. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.


Where: Multiple locations throughout the Resort

Dessert is a must on this list but I couldn't decide between the Mickey macaron at Jolly Holiday Cafe and Bakery (I'm partial to the seasonal sea salt and caramel), or the classic Mickey ice cream sandwich. Nostalgia wins every time. How can you not love any Mickey-shaped food? The iconic frozen treat is chocolate chip ice cream between two chocolate cookies and is a must for many. But don't forget to let it thaw a bit before you bite into it because sometimes that freeze is deep!


Where: Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou Restaurant, New Orleans Square, Disneyland Park

And you thought this would be No. 1, right? Almost, but not quite. This Disneyland icon is the best sandwich inside the parks, no question. It's salty, savory, sweet, crunchy, chewy and every texture explosion you can imagine. Cafe Orleans offers a few varieties including the traditional turkey, ham and Swiss cheese served with a berry puree. The three-cheese Monte Cristo is filled with Swiss, mozzarella and a double-creme Brie cheese for a different taste test. And, on Thanksgiving Day, stop in for a specialty Monte Cristo turkey and cheese stuffed with cranberry sauce and gravy. That's some serious thanks.

The Blue Bayou Restaurant is more of a dining experience with ambience. Personally, I find the food takes a backseat to the location. Your Monte Cristo sandwich here will cost $29, $8 more than at Cafe Orleans. But hey, it comes with a fruit skewer.

Reservations are highly recommended for a dining experience at Blue Bayou Restaurant. Photo courtesy of Todd Pickering.


Where: Earl of Sandwich, Downtown Disney District

This was a no-brainer. I mean "sandwich" is in the name of the location so you know they're on to something. Southern California Earl fans cried out in horror the day it was announced the Anaheim location would close to make way for a new elite Disney-owned hotel on property. The Downtown Disney District location served its last sandwich in June 2018. Fortunately for us Earl fans, the hotel idea was scrapped and the Earl of Sandwich reopened its doors to a hungry public just four months later. The location continues to serve the best sandwiches on property, including breakfast selections and the best-selling Holiday Turkey which is everything on the Thanksgiving table piled high on a white or wheat sub. Enjoy Thanksgiving every day! The prices on the menu run just under $10 for each sandwich.

Add chips, dessert and a drink to make a terrific lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Annual passport discounts apply here. Photo by Lisa Stiglic.

So there is my selection for best sandwiches on Disneyland Resort property. I know there are many more I missed—Shrimp Po Boy, I'm coming for you! Celebrate everyday, not just November 3, by indulging in one of Disneyland's best lunch choices. Remember, most sandwiches are available for mobile ordering and most locations do accept annual passport discounts.



  1. By GrumpyPete

    Great article, and don't get me wrong, I love the Earl, but I wouldn't call it a "Disney Resort" sandwich place. I wouldn't call anything at Downtown Disney or Disney Springs a "Disney" exclusive.

    I missed the Lobster Roll at the Harbor Galley in Critter country the last time (my first time) at DL. But as a huge fan of the lobster roll at the Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom, I plan to have a few for lunches when I visit DL this coming January.


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