Fun at Home Show #1: A MousePlanet LIVE Stream

by MousePlanet Staff, contributing writer

Join MousePlanet contributors and some special guests for some socially distant fun chat about what we usually cover here at MousePlanet: All Things Disney!

The show starts Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. EDT/4:30 p.m. PDT. If this page is open before showtime, you will need to refresh your browser when the show is live to see it. A replay will be available on this page after the show concludes.

During the show, share your comments with us on @MousePlanet where this will also be streaming on Facebook , Periscope and Twitter.

With some encouragement during the live show (or even later in the comments below), we'll do more shows, give you more ways to participate, and invite more guests!



  1. By cbarry

    Hey gang,

    Great to chat with all of you tonight. So glad so many readers tuned in. Hope to do it again. Stay safe!


  2. By Dave1313

    That was pretty neat. I'm not sure I'd be able to watch for an hour regularly, but it was fun to watch.

    I liked the brief segment discussing various tours.

    I've not done any of the CA ones, but would love to one day if they offer one including a ride on either the Caboose or Lilly Belle when they are running on the tail end of the train. The last few times I had visited, I was aware of either Caboose or Lilly Belle rides, and also tender rides being a possibility, but I believe it evolved while I was not paying attention in between my trips to CA. I recall years ago hearing you could inquire at the Main Street Station and if you were very early (and very lucky) get a slot for one or the other. Then the last time I was there, I inquired, but I think it had evolved into being linked to a tour. It was too late in my trip to try to arrange that, so I will hope that's still a possible path whenever I next find myself planning a visit to DL.

    In FL, I've done a fair number of them, and enjoyed each one.

    In MK, I've done the Steam Trains Tour (ya think? ) twice and loved it. On my first tour, the finale met a technical difficulty(one of the engines decided to not cooperate), so we did not get our ride back to Main Street on the train as was intended. The WDWRR CMs giving the tour though did an outstanding job giving us all sorts of little informational tidbits about history and answering any questions we had, so I was still a happy camper (happy enough to pay to do it again a few years later). The other MK one I've done was Keys to the Kingdom, and thought that was a great educational experience and lots of fun as well (and, you know, utilidors ).

    In Epcot, I've only done the Behind the Seeds mentioned during the show. I was hoping to maybe try to add Gardens of the World this Spring, so that will have to wait for some future trip attempt. If all returns to normal by then I'll probably shoot for next Spring. I'm suspect that's a better tour when it's running during the F&G Festival.

    At DHS they were offering a behind the scenes Star Wars Tour, and I was there on May 4th (you know, Star Wars Day ), so decided to do that. At the time it included a small backstage element for Star Tours, and I seem to recall we saw the Star Wars related short movie they were playing at the time. It also included lunch with a few cool Star Wars elements, including being visited by some Stormtroopers as we were eating. For those with kids within the age group where you can do this, it also included the Jedi Training experience they run in front of Star Tours.

    I saved what may be my favorite (well, aside from the trains above). The Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom is a superb experience IMO. There is nothing quite like trekking through the Savannas of Kilimanjaro Safaris as a guided walking tour. I've done it twice and may try to do it again one day. Guides are great, and you can't beat the unique views. There a few other DAK or AKL ones I've done, but the Trek is pretty much my favorite.

    This turned into a long winded post from just one small part of the show, sorry!

    Thanks to all the contributors who participated, it was cool, and a welcome diversion from the current situation we are all trying to get through.

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