Fun at Home Show #25 - A MousePlanet LIVE! Stream - Starts 8:30 p.m Eastern/5:30 Pacific

by MousePlanet Staff, contributing writer

We will cover the latest Disney Parks news on "Fun at Home" Show #25, the MousePlanet LIVE! Stream that starts at 8:30 p.m. Eastern/5:30 Pacific tonight night, Wednesday, September 23. And, we'll also be playing another edition of our Jibe Time game show, with Shelley Caran from On the Go in MCO having kept the title last week taking on another new-to-our-show challenger. We've got several special guests lined up as panelists this week too, joining some of our MousePlanet regulars!

In each round of our Jibe Time game, two players try to have their answers to our original, rather hypothetical, fill-in-the-blank questions relating to Disney subjects jibe with the answers of our panelists. Don't forget, you get to have fun at home during our show too! Your answers during the LIVE show help the players score points! Type your answers in the comments on the live stream on Facebook (if it's working, hopefully???), Twitter/Periscope, or YouTube (along with the question number you are answering), and see them shown on all our streaming platforms! If your answers jibe with a player, that player gets a point that counts in the score, and we even sometimes like to award points to those who comment! Our points and prizes, unfortunately, have no retail value, but there are bragging rights!

Your browser may require that you reload the page at showtime. To participate and provide answers in comments during the live show, you need view the show on YouTube, Facebook or Periscope/Twitter where you may need to be logged in to an account. You can also replay the show here after it has concluded.

Test your jibing skills this week, because next week, on Show #26, one home viewer that plays along in the live show comments will win a copy of the new book "The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky" by Jeff Kurtii, Vanessa Hunt and Paul Wolski!