My Grown-Up Disney Christmas List

by Gregg Jacobs, contributing writer

If you're reading this, you're likely a Disney fan like me or have Disney fans in your life, and even though you all may be (ahem) of a certain age, you still love all things Disney and have a wish list for holiday gifts this year. The world is still topsy turvey, and many of us are still at home in one form or another, longing for just anything Disney to brighten up our days a bit.

Since a lot of our shopping in online these days, I took a tour of the world wide interwebs to come up with a list of great holiday gift items for the adult Disney fans on your list. We're going to look at clothing, jewelry and even a way to enjoy an adult beverage with some Disney flair. Without further ado, on to the gifts.

Speaking of adult beverages, Disney-loving adults may occasionally want to enjoy without forgetting about the Mouse. If you have a wine-loving friend or family member, they might like this tumbler/stemless wine glass. It's a large size, and etched in the front is the saying, "I'm done adulting, I'm going to Disney." The word "Disney" is in Disney font and features a pair a mouse ears on top.

You can give the gift of wine and Disney song. © Disney.

You can find the glass on Amazon for $16.98.

If your person prefers drinks on the softer (and warmer) side, there's a great mug from Disney's Ink and Paint Collection that will warm the cockles of the heart (is cockles actually a word?).

This Ink and Paint Collection mug features black and white images when cold. Photo by Stephanie Hayes.

When the mug is cold, you see silhouetted black-and-white images of many of your favorite Disney characters, including The Three Caballeros, Bambi, and the penguins from Mary Poppins. When you add a hot beverage to the mug, it magically comes alive and the characters all burst out in color. When you're done, the mug gradually turns back to black and white.

When filled with a hot beverage, the mug comes to life in color. Photo by Stephanie Hayes.

The magical mug is available on for $13.99.

Moving on to items one can wear, if your recipient is athletic or just enjoys Disney on their footwear (and, frankly who doesn't?), Adidas has come out with a whole collection of athletic shoes called Adidas X Disney. The shoes cover many different sports, including tennis and basketball, and are available for men, women, and children. They have shoes celebrating several different aspect of the Disney universe, including Star Wars, Toy Story, and the Fab 5 including Mickey Mouse.

Adidas has a Mickey Mouse series of shoes. © Disney.

There are many different shoes in this series, but my personal favorite is the Stan Smith Disney Mickey Mouse shoes, which, according to the description, "captures all the style of the original 1971 original, with the hallmark minimalist leather build." It's covered with Mickey Mouse comics in a kind of 3D style. They normally go for $120, but as of this writing, are on sale for $72. The whole collection ranges from about $50 to $150.

Continuing with the general category of clothing, what we want most during the holidays is to be able to snuggle up and be comfortable. Here's a pair of gifts that will certainly help your friends and family with that.

For those lazy Sundays spent puttering around the house, one can cuddle up in a cozy robe from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn has a comfy robe featuring a certain mouse. © Disney.

This unisex polyester robe features Mickey Mouse images on the front pocket and back, and will "instantly turn your home into the coziest place on Earth." The robe costs $89, and can be monogrammed for an additional fee.

For an even cozier gift, take a look at these fleece Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms from Target.

Target has a pair of Mickey Mouse fleece pajama bottoms for only $10. © Disney.

The gray fleece pajamas are extremely comfortable (I may have a pair). They have abstract Mickey heads from top to bottom and are polyester, so they won't shrink. They available for both men and women in many different sizes. Best thing about them is that they run for only $10, and I've seen them on sale for as little as $5. The advice on these is to grab them while you can. They come in and out of stock, and certain sizes can be hard to get at times. I ultimately got what I wanted, but let's just say there was an adventure of looking at several different Targets to get the needed sizes.

For a gift to be worn on the wrist, Invicta has a whole collection of Disney watches. They are mostly limited editions in celebration of Mickey Mouse, but there are other Disney properties as well, such as the Pixar classics. You might know that I'm a big fan of famous brands teaming up with Disney to make great merchandise, and this is a great example.

Invicta has a wide series of watches that feature a certain famous mouse and other Disney properties. © Disney.

A favorite from this collection is the Mickey Mouse Men's 48MM Quartz, currently on sale at the Invicta website for $99. Interestingly, Amazon has the widest selection I could find of the watches as opposed to Invicta, itself. These are fine quality chronographs and come in both men's and women's models.

We're going to wrap up our grown-up Disney Christmas list with a pair of books that any Disney lover would be happy to add to their collection.

Around the time of the Disney Plus launch, Disney produced an excellent documentary called One Day at Disney, which introduced us to Disney cast members from across the globe. From the theme parks to television studios to headquarters, we learned what cast members were doing on a specific day in 2019—and through their eyes, we learned a lot about what it takes to operate the global behemoth we know as The Walt Disney Company.

One Day at Disney is a great visual guide from the Disney documentary. © Disney.

The beautiful hardcover book is available at Amazon for $24.95. Kindle edition only $14.99.

Finally, I'm going to give a shameless plug to one of Mouseplanet's own. Our friend Lisa Stligic (Baxter) wrote an outstanding book called California Dreamin': Disney California Adventure: An Insider's Journey. Lisa shares her experiences as an early cast member in the park and then takes us through the parks sometimes troubled and ultimately successful history.

California Dreamin' provides a terrific history of the Disney California Adventure Park. © Lisa Baxter.

Lisa's terrific history of California Adventure is available on Amazon for $14.95 (Kindle edition is $4.99).

There you have it, folks—a list of Disney gifts for the those on your list that have that Disney child within. I'd love to hear about any other gift ideas you might have or things you've bought this year for those in your life.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.