Disneyland to begin testing virtual queue for Indiana Jones Adventure

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

Starting tomorrow, May 11, your wait for Disneyland's popular Indiana Jones Adventure may become a bit easier.

Disney will begin testing the virtual queue system for the Indiana Jones Adventure on Tuesday, hoping to help ease congestion in Adventureland. The attraction can usually accommodate hundreds of people in an elaborately themed indoor queue, well away from the walkways in Adventureland. Due to California's COVID guidelines for theme parks, indoor queues can't be used, and Indy doesn't really have room for a large, physically distanced outdoor queue. The result has been some pinch points in Adventureland, an area that Disney already heavily modified to improve traffic flow before Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened in 2019.

This movie prop is located in the small outdoor queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. MousePlanet file photo.

Adapting the virtual queue system used for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction, Disneyland will allow park visitors to join a virtual queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure, and claim a place in a boarding group. This is just a temporary test, and will function a bit differently than the Rise of the Resistance version.

For starters, the virtual queue may be deployed at any time during the day, but will not necessarily be offered everyday or all day. Disney says they noticed an opportunity to alleviate the potential for pinch points in the area in front of this attraction at certain times of the day, and will deploy the system as appropriate.

This means there is no set time to try to get into a boarding group as there is for Rise of the Resistance. Park visitors should check the Disneyland smartphone app when they want to ride Indiana Jones Adventure to see if the virtual queue is in use. If so, they can join the virtual queue right from their phones. If not, they can join the regular standby line at the attraction.

Visitors are allowed to enter a boarding group for both Indiana Jones Adventure and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on the same day, subject to availability. However, unlike the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue, visitors must have used their theme park ticket to enter Disneyland park before joining the virtual queue for Indiana Jones Adventure.

In both cases, riders can only join the virtual queue for each attraction once per day.