Pottery Barnstormer

by Gregg Jacobs, contributing writer

While my excruciatingly long Disney Parks drought continues (18 months and counting, though I'll break that in the fall!), I thought I'd continue my tour around the World Wide Interwebs/your local mall, and reveal another great source of Disney merchandise that may not have occurred to you.

As defined in Wikipedia, Pottery Barn is "an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company." Essentially, it's your ubiquitous, midlevel furniture store that you can visit online or at any decent-sized local mall. They have a lot of great items ranging from big furniture to things like lamps, rugs and sheets to small items like picture frames.

I have a console table from them in the foyer of my house that's loaded with family photos. My bedroom curtains came from them as did various knick knacks that are all over the house (love their small pocket watch clocks). 

What you may not know, is that they went in big on Disney-branded merchandise, with items ranging from large furniture to lamps, rugs and sheets to small items like picture frame. I know I'm getting a little repetitive here—partially in a misguided attempt to be funny, but also to point out that Pottery Barn has a wide range of Disney items that mirrors its larger product line. But let me share with you a few of my favorites (with links to where you can find them).

Let's start on the pricey and cool side, and then get more reasonable. First up, if you want to go full Disney in your home, is the Disney Mickey Mouse 30.5" Kitchen Cart.  

You can load Mickey Mouse up with items for entertaining. ©Pottery Barn.

This kitchen cart is made of iron and glass, and features the iconic three-circle shape we all know and love. It has three shelves that can hold anything from plates and silverware to napkins (and if you believe the picture, a small cake). It comes on wheels for easy transport, but was clearly meant to sit in a kitchen or dining room. It runs for an admittedly steep $499, though it's a substantial piece of furniture, and is available online and in stores.

Next up is a pretty unique and cool lamp. Any Star Wars fan, or pretty much anyone born in the last 50 years with even a passing knowledge of pop culture, knows who R2-D2 is, and in tribute, Pottery Barn created the Star Wars R2-D2 Complete Lamp.

This R2-D2 lamp is perfect for any Star Wars fan. ©Pottery Barn.

The lamp stands a fairly substantial 18-inches high (the R2 base is 9 inches high). It's made of resin and has a silver finish. As per Pottery Barn, it will "bring [your] bedroom to the light side." Available online at the Pottery Barn Kids website or in stores for $199.

Moving squarely into the bedroom, we come to the Disney Mickey Mouse Organic Cotton Sheet Setdescribed as "inspired by classic early Mickey Mouse illustrations from 1928." The sheets are done black-and-white style and are covered with iconic Mickey images, with him engaged in a variety of different activities.

Kids of all ages can have a cotton sheet set with classic Mickey Mouse illustrations. ©Pottery Barn.

The 200-thread-count sheets come in all sizes, ranging from twin to California king. The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The prices range from $79 to $149 based on the size and are available both online and in stores.

On the more knick-knacky side of the house, Pottery Barn is also known for its very pretty picture frames. On the Disney side, they don't disappoint in this area.

You can capture your Disney memories with a gold Mickey Mouse frame. ©Pottery Barn.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Picture Frame itself is actually very simple. Again, the design was inspired by classic early Mickey Mouse illustrations. It's a rectangular, 5-by-7-inch metal frame with a gold finish. Most importantly, it depicts Mickey in his classic standing pose in the lower left corner. It represents a simple way to display your Disney memories. The frame sells for $39.99 both online and in stores.

Of course, there also needs to be stuff for the kids (who are younger than 53). In fact, Pottery Barn Kids has a pretty breathtaking amount of Disney merchandise in the Disney, Disney and Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Shop section. It's arranged into different collections, and includes Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, Pixar properties (like Toy Story), and then Star Wars, and Marvel. Whatever your tyke's interests (or yours), you'll find something for their room. In fact, you could go full on Disney and decorate their entire bedroom that way!

You can go all out Mickey Mouse in your child's bedroom. ©Disney.

..or "Finding Nemo". ©Disney.

..or Marvel, etc. ©Disney.

In my family, there was a tradition where every niece and nephew got a Disney chair from Uncle Gregg for their first birthday. My oldest niece (who's graduating from high school next month!) got a princess chair. Others got Mickey or Tigger—or, in the case of the youngest, Star Wars. These squishy chairs were perfect for playtime when they were younger, and we had their names embroidered on the back.

Pottery Barn Kids sells one of these chairs, calling it the Disney Mickey Mouse Anywhere Chair.  

Pottery Barn Kids has the Mickey Mouse Anywhere Chair, ears and all, for the little ones. ©Pottery Barn.

The chair is soft and small for your little children and is light and easily carried from room to room. It comes in Mickey colors of red and black and of course features two large ears. Best of all, for a small extra fee, they can personalize it with your child's name across the back. Priced at $169, this item is only available online, to the best of my knowledge.

Up until this point, I've focused on the more traditional Pottery Barn kind of items that you'd expect—but their collection has some more interesting entries as well.

For example, Pottery Barn Kids sells a series of storybooks that can be personalized with your child's name on the cover and on the dedication page. This is a unique item you wouldn't normally expect to find at Pottery Barn.

Your child can have a personalized storybook based on "Black Panther." ©Pottery Barn.

One example is Black Panther Personalized Marvel Storybook, which tells the Black Panther story through illustrations.

To sum up, I'm going to bore you again by saying that my favorite Disney items are those made by partners doing what they do best. Pottery Barn provides a great example of that, producing the furniture and home items they're known for and producing them with a Disney twist.

The few items above are only a representative sample of what's available, so I encourage you to take a look at the websites for Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Teen—or feel free to go old school and visit them at your local mall.

Thanks as always for reading. Hope everyone is well out there. See you next time!