Walt Disney World Resort Update for May 23, 2023

by Alan S. Dalinka, staff writer

Walt Disney World Resort Update for May 23, 2023

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 Writer's Note, News & Views

In the first paragraph of the Writer's Note of the March 1, 2022 Walt Disney World Resort Update I wrote:

I have to say that this week presents probably the toughest Walt Disney World Resort Update to write in my time at keyboard. Today, March 1, 2022, Walt Disney World Resort opens the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. This new product is unlike anything that Disney (or probably anyone else) has ever offered before and is being sold at a luxury price-point that probably eludes the vast majority of folks who read our Updates, and, indeed, the general public. It's not even intended for everyone, but, as Disney says, for those guests that love Star Wars and the people who love them.

Last Thursday, Walt Disney World "temporarily paused" new bookings for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and that "voyages" (the two-night stay/experiences) are only available through September 30, 2023, the last day that the experience is available. In other words, if you want to experience Star Wars: Starcruiser and you don't have a reservation yet, Friday, May 26 is your last chance to try to book one when booking reopens. Disney has not provided any details about the future of the site, but released a statement:

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is one of our most creative projects ever and has been praised by our guests and recognized for setting a new bar for innovation and immersive entertainment. This premium, boutique experience gave us the opportunity to try new things on a smaller scale of 100 rooms, and as we prepare for its final voyage, we will take what we’ve learned to create future experiences that can reach more of our guests and fans.

As I noted last March, I was one of about 100 invited on a roughly four-hour media tour of Starcruiser just before it opened. I provided a full discussion in that March 1, 2022 Walt Disney World Resort Update if you would like to refresh yourself on (or learn for the first time) the details of the immersive combination of hotel stay, video game, interactive theater, role playing, and theme park experience that those that book Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser have available to them. I have seen a lot of digital ink has been spilt this week on social media over whether Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was a failure, and my take on it that notwithstanding its awards and the guest praise, it's coming to an early end just like many critically lauded plays and TV series do when their backers choose not to go forward for economic or other reasons.

Watch my summary of the media preview of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser from February 2022. File Video by Alan S. Dalinka.

From Disney's official advertising for Starcruiser, to the published accounts by many media outlets and fan sites that either were invited to attend the full experience or that paid their own way that I have seen, I was always personally of a mind that it was not my style of vacationing. I suspected that would be the case when I wrote the Resort Update last March, but I also expected that the hard work Disney put in to creating this experience would find its way into future Disney offerings:

The Disney representatives repeatedly said to us in the media event that the more guests commit to the experience, the more they will get out of it, and, indeed, even from the four-hour sampler version, that seemed apparent and, for me, not my style of vacationing, which is much more in line with using my DVC membership to stay at Aulani in Hawaii or to stay in a traditional DVC villa at Walt Disney World as a base from which to visit the theme parks.

Now, don't get me wrong. I had fun during the (sometimes exhausting) four-hour tour. As I experienced the Starcruiser, there was a lot of John Williams' Star Wars music accompanying the action. That, to me, is Star Wars, end of story. I'm not interested in role playing for two days, let alone in the Star Wars universe. I have seen all of the Star Wars movies and like some more than others, but living in that world for two days has never been on my personal "bucket list," and, increasingly, I often feel lost in some of its subtleties, as I haven't watched the "Clone Wars" or "Rebels" or investigated the other media that make up what Lucasfilm recognizes as "canon" in the Star Wars Universe. My being over 50 years old and no longer even in my pre-pandemic physical shape probably also factor in for me. In other words, your mileage is going to vary.

Before I close out [this discussion in] the writer's note commentary section of the Update, I want to mention the amazing potential I see for themed entertainment in the future coming out of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser both by Disney and its competitors and imitators. Disney has invested a great deal in the behind-the-scenes technology to make this immersive experience work for its intended audience. The artificial intelligence being play tested at Starcruiser now and in its opening "cruises" likely will find its way into other attractions around Disney Parks, including those I may encounter just as a DVC member or Annual Passholder.

Indeed, since last March, I did use my DVC points on a weeklong sailing aboard Disney Wonder to Alaska and for another weeklong visit back to Aulani in Hawaii, as I have mentioned in other editions of the update. I remain hopeful that Disney finds ways to use what it says it learned from Starcruiser in fun and innovative ways across Disney Parks, Resorts, and Experiences soon, and that it can find other creative ways to reach even more Star Wars fans at far more diverse price-points than what Starcruiser could offer.

Moving on, not surprisingly, it was an otherwise very quiet week for Walt Disney World Resort news again. In the broader scheme of things impacting Disney in Central Florida, The Walt Disney Company, on Wednesday, announced that it had canceled its plan to relocate the Disney Parks division to the campus it intended to develop in the Lake Nona area of Orlando. This decision may or may not be part of the Walt Disney Company's overall political and legal skirmish with the State of Florida and its governor, but the language in the email sent by Walt Disney World Resort President Jeff Vahle echoes some of what we have seen in recent weeks from Disney CEO Bob Iger. He wrote:

Today, you may have heard the news that Disney is no longer moving forward on the construction of a new campus in the thriving and growing community of Lake Nona in Orlando. Since we first announced this project, several dynamics have changed, including a change in company leadership and evolving economic and business conditions.

Regarding our world-class destination, our desire is to continue investing in our core business in an effort to attract and welcome millions of visitors to Walt Disney World and Central Florida each year so they can enjoy the kind of hospitality our region is known for around the world. Our plans currently call for us to invest $17 billion in Walt Disney World over the next 10 years and create 13,000 new jobs to continue doing our part as a leading employer in the hospitality and themed entertainment industry. We hope those plans will become a future reality.

For decades, we have operated our business responsibly and being the region’s largest taxpayer, we paid and collected over $1.1 billion in state and local taxes during last year alone.

As the largest single-site employer in Central Florida, we are deeply rooted in this community, and we continue to make investments for the betterment of our region such as our contribution of 80 acres of land to create affordable and attainable housing for our community, which we announced last year. Groundbreaking on this development is targeted for next year, with the first of 1,400 units anticipated to be completed in 2026.

We also continue to invest in our community through our broad array of philanthropic and citizenship efforts. Over the last 20 months, we’ve provided $6.5 million in grants to locally based, non-profit organizations such as Give Kids The World, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, Conservation Florida, Heart of Florida United Way, Hope Partnership, The Nature Conservancy and more. This is on top of the donation of millions of hours of time that our Cast Members have contributed to deserving organizations over the decades.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing dedication of the 75,000 Cast Members who call Central Florida their home. To them, we offer the best overall benefits package in the Central Florida hospitality industry, including an $18 minimum wage by the end of the year—which is well above the state’s minimum wage—affordable medical coverage, subsidized childcare, access to free higher education through Disney Aspire our 100% paid tuition programs, and pathways to help Cast at every step of their career.

While today’s decision was not easy, we remain committed to our Cast Members as well as you and our wonderful community.

Reports are that folks who already relocated from California to Florida as part of Disney's planned divisional move will be addressed individually, including at least some being offered relocation back to California. Of course, The Walt Disney Company is in the midst of approximately 7,000 corporate layoffs according to CEO Bob Iger, so it's unclear to those of us outside the company to know exactly which folks can be moved where within the organization.

As for Walt Disney World Resort itself, my belief remains that the ongoing dispute between Disney and the State of Florida will keep news of new capital expenditures rather quiet for a bit. My further speculation is that when we do see Disney announce something new coming to the resort with a price tag in the millions of dollars, the announcement likely will come with a caveat that it is subject to resolution of some or all of the aspects of the dispute with the State. While I agree that it's certainly silly to think that Disney will fold up shop in Florida and take its decades of investment and its assets elsewhere (can you imagine physically moving a theme park across the country?), it's not so silly to think that Disney will threaten and/or use investment funds planned for future expansion in Florida in some other place or places on the globe where it believes it can get financial returns for its shareholders.

Anyway, have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and congrats to all the graduates out there. The Disney Parks probably get rather crowded with all those on summer break, and I'll be back on the WDW Resort Update probably around Wednesday or Thursday next week with MousePlanet likely dark on Monday, and Disneyland Resort Updates start off our week.

Views of Disney Springs

Since I had not taken a stroll around Disney Springs since before I left for my Aulani vacation last month, and since the Monday before Memorial Day seemed like it would be a quiet day to do that, I have some new views to share this week that I managed to capture before getting back to my car just a few moments ahead of an afternoon rain shower. Yes, it's almost Central Florida daily storm time!

Disney 100 sign at Disney Springs
Like the theme parks, Disney Springs has its own copy of the Disney 100 monument. Photo by Alan S. Dalinka.

Amorette's Patisserie is selling a petit cake themed for the Disney 100 celebration.

World of Disney store devotes a whole section of the store to Disney 100 merchandise.

Since I last visited World of Disney store, the Pixar merchandise moved to where Disney Princess merchandise used to be located and I did not see a large assortment of Princess merchandise in the store for the first time in recent memory.

Also new to me: shirts that compliment dress designs are now available at the Disney Marketplace Co-Op.

Ahead of this weekend's release of the live action version of "The Little Mermaid," new merchandise collections celebrating both the old and the new films are available around Walt Disney World Resort. This one is located at Disney Style.

Photos by Alan S. Dalinka.


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The entrance to the AMC Dine-In Theaters on the West Side (nearest Cirque du Soleil and House of Blues) has the "Blue Carpet" out for the debut of the new live action of "The Little Mermaid" this Friday, May 26.

The photo backdrop outside the theaters near the escalators to the Orange Garage still reflects the recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

The Art Walk murals were recently updated in the Town Center neighborhood.

And, finally, construction progresses at the future site of Summer House On The Lake restaurant - its footprint now runs all the way from the Food Truck Park to Jaleo.

Photos by Alan S. Dalinka.

Speaking of Disney Springs, several of the restaurants there asked us to remind you that they can host graduation celebrations for both locals and visitors. Here are the highlights they sent me to share with you (and, yes, reservations are strongly recommended for each with each restaurant name below being a link to further information):

Maria and Enzo’s
Celebrate in style with Maria and Enzo’s at Disney Springs, set in a unique dining space with 50-foot ceilings and beautiful views of Lake Buena Vista. The elegant Italian trattoria serves authentic Sicilian-inspired cuisine, ranging from homemade pastas, fresh fish, steaks, desserts and coffees that the entire family will enjoy, plus a full bar providing hand-crafted cocktails and rare Italian wines.

Enzo’s Hideaway
For a unique speakeasy experience with Prohibition-era cocktails and hearty Roman-style dishes, enjoy a hospitable and lively dining experience at Enzo’s Hideaway. Offering chef-curated entrees, including handmade pasta, fresh fish, chicken, steaks and desserts, plus assistance in customizing the right event for its guests, Enzo’s Hideaway is a perfect spot for graduation celebrations.

Morimoto Asia
Toast to success at Morimoto Asia, the pan-Asian destination serving mouth-watering traditions such as Peking duck carving, dim sum, savory ramens and more. Guests can enjoy a customized event in the restaurant’s private dining spaces or celebratory dinner in the main dining room with views of the glass-encased kitchen, giving guests a behind-the-scenes look at the culinary action.

Jaleo Disney Springs
Visit Jaleo Disney Springs for a festive and memorable graduation celebration amidst a vibrant atmosphere, embodying the spirit of España. Enjoy an incredibly impressive lunch-and-dinner menu that showcases the rich, regional diversity of traditional and contemporary Spanish cuisine. This festive eatery features an extensive variety of tapas—the popular, shared plates of Spain—authentic paellas cooked over a wood-fired pit, cheeses, salads and other signature specialties sure to please. A premier selection of sangrias, Spanish wines and sherries is also available.

This & That & Reminders…

…Following up on last week's news from The Passholder Buzz on the My Disney Experience app that one of the "V.I.Passholder Days" things coming to Walt Disney World Resort in June would be a new complimentary Passholder magnet, The Passholder Buzz further shared this week that it will be another Figment-themed magnet. More details have yet to be released. Remember, Passholders, that The Passholder Buzz is only available on the app. If you have installed the app on your Apple or Android device, and have push notifications turned on, you may see additional details as they are announced without drilling down into the app to locate The Passholder Buzz. Disney also usually announces Passholder perks like these in emails and in social media, but, if these are the perks you are looking for, it would be wise to keep an eye on The Passholder Buzz as we head into June.

…Also last week, Disney Disney Parks Blog posted the preview of this year's Pride merchandise collection (which I shared in last week's Update and) which is repeated here, followed by a look at some of the collection on display at TrenD at Disney Springs.

Pride Collection 2023
2023 Pride Collection merchandise is available at many retail locations around Walt Disney World Resort, including TrenD at Disney Springs. Photo by Alan S. Dalinka.

…There's a new unique DisneyPhoto Pass photo opportunity available for a limited time that stylistically eliminates the guests walking into the frame behind those in the photo in front of Cinderella Castle. While it is offered, PhotoPass photographers will be available to take the photo from 9 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. in the hub "behind" the Partners statue on the left (when facing the castle).

Disney Parks Blog shared that The Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney's Hollywood Studios has updated its menu for summer.

…Disney Parks Blog increasingly has been sharing touching stories of cast member contributions to the guest experience. This week, Disney Parks Blog shared the story of how six-year-old Ashley was inspired by special interactions with a Jungle Cruise Skipper named Heather, including being appointed Jr. Skipper twenty years ago, stayed in touch over the years, and has become a Jungle Cruise cast member.

Heather introduced Ashley to the Disney College Program and an opportunity to join the Disney family working on the Jungle Cruise. Photo courtesy Disney Parks Blog.

…REMINDER. Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic details and registration for the remaining complimentary events at Walt Disney World Resort are posted on this page of the DVC website. Early registration occurs once for each park hosting a Moonlight Magic Event, where DVC members with Disney Resort hotel reservations falling on the day of an event may register for the event; General registration takes place on specified dates for each event. The remaining complimentary but registration required after-hours events in the parks for members and their guests are:

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios – September 13. General registration is August 31 (early registration has closed).
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom – July 11, August 2
    – Early registration will be on June 14, 2023. Resort reservations with party size finalized prior to 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on June 11, 2023.
    – General registration (pending availability) opens June 21 for the July 11 event, and July 19 for the August 2 event.
  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park – May 23, August 23. General registration was May 11 for the May 23 event, and will be August 9 (pending availability) for the August 23 event (early registration has closed).

For "early registration," an eligible DVC member must have resort reservations at a Disney-owned-and-operated hotel at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort—with party size modifications finalized prior to the respective deadlines. Eligible DVC members are those who are eligible for member extras. Any eligible DVC member (regardless of hotel reservation status) may attempt to register for an event during "general registration" pending availability. Members can register up to a party size of five (including the member) or, when registering during the early registration period, up to the number of guests on the resort reservation finalized by the applicable deadline. Modifications to a hotel reservation's party size after the deadline will not change the party size for the event. Children under age 3 do not need to be registered for the event.

For all of these DVC events, "eligible" member generally means that the member bought their points directly from Disney rather than a third-party resale.

…This month, Jaleo Disney Springs is unveiling a series of new dishes for the summer dining season. As the restaurant’s most significant menu change since its opening in 2019, guests can expect a number of new Spanish-inspired tapas to pair with signature cocktails and sangrias, plus larger plates like whole roasted branzino prepared with potatoes, olive oil and fresh herbs and a delicacy, Secreto Iberico, cooked on a Basque grill and served with Pan con Tomate. Additional dishes include gazpacho, classic chilled Spanish soup made with tomato, cucumbers and green bell peppers, and Atún Crudo con Aguacate, thinly sliced tuna served with avocado and a citrus dressing. Reservations are recommended.

…REMINDER. Since 2018, Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, Walt Disney World Golf's 9-hole walking course, has hosted the game of FootGolf as an option in addition to regular golf. As the game exploded in popularity, Walt Disney World Golf has hosted several national and international competitive FootGolf events. From May 27 to June 6, around 1,000 players from 40 countries will compete for the FootGolf World Cup in three categories (men, senior men, and women) in two different formats (individual stroke play and team match play) on 18-hole FootGolf courses at Disney’s Palm Golf Course and the nearby new Evermore Orlando Resort. For more information, visit golfwdw.com/footgolf and orlando2023.com.

…FOLLOW-UP. AdventHealth, the Official Healthcare Provider of Walt Disney World Resort, held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new AdventHealth ER at FLAMINGO CROSSINGS Town Center on May 17. The facility opens to the public today, May 23. The ER’s design and patient experience are unique in the AdventHealth network, with Key West-influenced architecture and Disney-inspired touches and familiar characters from The Little Mermaid, Moana, and the Finding Nemo film series to enhance the patient experience. Each patient room is equipped with a media screen that features custom Disney animated content. The approximately 19,000-square-foot facility has 24 private patient rooms; respiratory therapy; diagnostic imaging including CT scans, X-ray and ultrasound; and a full-service laboratory. For Walt Disney World Resort guests with health care needs, AdventHealth also provides a diverse range of services and vacation planning tools, both before and during their trips through the AdventHealth World of Wellness. The AdventHealth World of Wellness is a health care ecosystem that offers Walt Disney World Resort guests access to convenient care services that are just a call or a click away.

AdventHealth ER Flamingo Crossings
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse attended the AdventHealth-hosted ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new offsite emergency room department located at FLAMINGO CROSSINGS Town Center, which brings emergency care and a first-of-its-kind patient experience for Central Florida visitors and community members, including Walt Disney World Resort guests and cast members. Photo courtesy AdventHealth.

…FOLLOW-UP and NEW DISCOUNT. About a mile and a half down the road from Walt Disney World Resort, the newly renovated and rebranded Delta Orlando Hotels at Celebration (formerly Grand Orlando Resort), just completed a $35 million renovation and also held a ribbon cutting last week. The newly renovated guestrooms are divided across the hotel's 20-acre property in six buildings, each renamed with tropical references which help create the sense of a serene vacation. In addition to the new rooms, guests can enjoy pools, a waterfall and slide, two tennis courts and restaurants ranging from grab and go to full-service at this official Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel which offers complimentary scheduled transportation to Disney Parks as well as Universal Orlando Resort. The hotel is inviting guests to celebrate its renovations by offering 15% off rates with the corporate code NEW. Guests can book their rooms by visiting www.marriott.com/mcodk. For more information, visit www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/mcodk-delta-hotels-orlando-celebration/ or call 407-396-7000.

Delta Hotels Orlando Celebration
The renovated hotel is a Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel located about a mile and a half off Disney property and offers scheduled transportation to the Disney Parks as well as Universal Orlando. Photo courtesy Delta Orlando Hotels Celebration / Marriott.

The Usual Writer's Note (Updated)

Face coverings remain optional across all of Walt Disney World Resort. Remember to check this page of DisneyWorld.com for the latest requirements. It remains unlikely that the State of Florida will impose new requirements. As always, be sure to pay attention to updates to the policies around Walt Disney World Resort.

As has been true throughout the past several years, if you're traveling to or from overseas, be sure to check with the places you're visiting and traveling from or through for the latest rules. Though most requirements have been relaxed or removed, it remains important to check on and abide by the most up-to-date COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirements for entering the United States whether as a citizen, permanent resident, or visitor (and be aware of who needs a visa).

Until the recently announced 2024 policy changes go into effect, Disney Park Pass reservations continue to be required for admission to Walt Disney World theme parks in addition to a valid ticket. If your tickets have the Park Hopper option, Park Hopping only becomes available after 2 p.m. daily, and only after you have first visited the park for which you have made a reservation that day. There have been instances where Magic Kingdom has reached capacity and paused admission of Park Hoppers, as Disney reserves the right to do so at all the parks. As of April 18, 2023, Passholders are not required to make reservations to visit parks after 2 p.m. except for Magic Kingdom on Saturday and Sunday .

Speaking of Annual Passes, sales of new ones resumed April 20, 2023 (April 13 for the DVC Member Sorcerer Pass). All Passholders may continue to purchase renewals in all tiers, and, now may upgrade pass type before renewal by paying the difference in price. As Disney reserves the right to limit quantities of passes available, sales may pause at any time, so be sure to check https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/passes/ for the latest availability. Logging in to the site with existing MyDisneyExperience credentials can direct you to purchasing opportunities for Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members if those details are already tied to your account.

Note Disney now has a "Courtesy" section included in its "know before you go" webpage on DisneyWorld.com which states:

Be the magic you want to see in the world. You must always remember to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion. Those who can't live up to this simple wish may be asked to leave Walt Disney World Resort.

The usual Tropical Storm season is just about here. Though Central Florida currently has a serious precipitation deficit (and potential drought conditions right now), daily summer thunderstorms likely start popping by June or July. Of course, severe weather can occur in Central Florida at anytime. When visiting, have a regular look at the weather forecasts, and be prepared. If you are driving, be extra alert.

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Note: MousePlanet does not edit past Updates to reflect price increases; for up-to-date prices, check the most recent Walt Disney World Resort Update.

The Walt Disney World Resort website lists current offers, deals, and discounts on this page.

Summer ticket offers were announced this past week — Disney has a four day/park offer for all guests, and new 3- and 4-day offers for Florida Residents.

For All Guests — 4-Park Magic Ticket for $396 (plus tax)
The $99/day per park (plus tax) tickets go on sale May 23, 2023. The 4-Park Magic Ticket includes one admission to each of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks—Magic Kingdom park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios—for a total of 4 admissions, on 4 separate days. Limit one admission per theme park, and one theme park per day, theme park reservations are not required. Ticket is valid for theme park admission from June 1 to September 29, 2023, except blockout dates from July 1 to July 4, and September 1 to September 4, 2023, but ticket expires within 7 days of first use or on September 29, 2023, whichever occurs first. For full details, visit this page of DisneyWorld.com.

For Florida Residents — 4-Day Disney Summer Magic Ticket for $229/3-Day for $209 (plus tax)
The $58/day per park (plus tax) four day or $69.67/day per park (plus tax) three day tickets are on sale as of today. Ticket are valid starting today and through September 29, 2023, subject to these blockout dates: May 26 to May 29, 2023, July 1 to July 4, 2023, and September 1 to September 4, 2023. These tickets require theme park reservations for one theme park per day, but they do not need to be used on consecutive days, so long as they are used by September 29, 2023. For full details, including add-on options, visit this page of DisneyWorld.com.

For Florida Residents — 2-for-1 Water Park Ticket Offer (inadvertently omitted in last week's Update)
Florida Residents can enjoy Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park with a 2-Day Water Park Ticket for the price of a 1-Day Water Park Ticket: $69 plus tax, valid now through June 30, 2023. Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park is currently closed.

Discounted hotels stays are available on most nights through July 10, 2023, of 10% to 25% depending on Disney Resort hotel selected for stays between 1 and 14 nights. Details and availability are available on this page of DisneyWorld.com. There are additional offers for Passholders (up to 35%), Florida Residents (up to 30%), and everyone else (up to 25%) now posted through September 28, 2023. Scroll through the full list on this page of DisneyWorld.com.

The official Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels have a bunch of special offers available with weekday rates starting at $120/night (plus tax). These "on-property" resorts enjoy many of the same perks (though not all of them) as the Disney owned-and-operated resort hotels, and offer complimentary transportation to and from the parks. For more information and rates, visit: disneyspringshotels.com. The family owned-and-operated Drury Plaza Hotel Orlando is now officially open in this category, and, as it reaches its targeted completion this Spring, it will feature 604 rooms including 78 two-room suites, in-room amenities including 55” smart flat screen televisions, mini refrigerators, microwaves, alarm clocks with Bluetooth and charging stations, executive work spaces, and in-room safes. The Drury Plaza Hotel Orlando is within walking distance to Disney Springs and will also offer 17,000-plus square feet of meeting and event space for up to 250 people.

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