Disneyland Park Update

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

Update for June 19-25, 2006

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News and Views

Pirate premiere details

So the much-anticipated world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest will be upon us this weekend. For much of the last six months the most frequent question we've received has been, "How do I get in to see the premiere?" The answer has always been "unless there are some contests for tickets or you know somebody with pull, you can't." At least one Los Angeles radio station did give out tickets as prizes over the weekend but unless you got one of those the answer is still "you can't."

The next most frequent question was to request details about watching the red carpet arrivals for the premiere. The expectation was that things would probably be much like last time around but nothing official had been announced.

So, we finally have some details about the weekend and here is what we can tell you if you want to get out there for the premiere. Know this up front, though. We have no idea when you should show up if you want to watch the VIP arrivals from Main Street. Last time around it was possible to show up pretty late and still get a decent spot but the awareness for the movie and red carpet this time around seems to be much higher. It could be that it will be necessary to show up much earlier in the day for a good spot or it could be that people are scared off by the potential confusion and crowding.

If it is really important to you, you probably want to show up early and keep an eye on things throughout the day. But we have no guarantees.

The rough schedule for the day is that Disneyland Park will open at 6:30 a.m. to give people more time to experience the park. The park officially closes at 5:00 p.m. but this means that they will no longer be letting guests in after that time. It is our understanding that the east side of the park (Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown) will remain open to guests already in the park until about 8:00 p.m. while the west side (Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country) will close at that time. Certain parts of Frontierland and New Orleans Square may close even earlier to begin set up for the festivities.

The red carpet arrivals are set to begin around 5:30 p.m. and will probably continue for at least a couple of hours. By 8:00 p.m. the park will be completely closed and all remaining guests will be swept from the park. For the invited VIPs there will be food service late in the evening and then the screening will begin at 9:00 p.m. to be followed by an after-party.

A full week in advance of the screening and Disneyland is already feeling the impact. The screening requires construction of large bleachers along the waterfront of Rivers of America and large movie screens on the Fantasmic stage at Tom Sawyer Island. These need to be set up so early because there are regulatory requirements for inspections and approvals before people are allowed to use them and they will come down much more quickly after the event.

For the next week-and-a-half Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes may feel more like paddling through the set of Fear Factor. Photos by David Michael.

For this entire week, and half of next week, all performances of Fantasmic are cancelled and Tom Sawyer Island is closed. On June 24 several other attractions will be affected as well. The Opera House on Main Street will serve as the media center for invited press, so the 50 Magical Years film will not be shown. Also, since Main Street will be decked out in a long red carpet, none of the Main Street Vehicles will be running and there'll be no performance of Disney's Parade of Dreams. The Rivers of America will shut down completely for the day with Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes, Mark Twain Riverboat, and Sailing Ship Columbia shut down. Since the park won't be open, there'll also be no performance of the Remember...Dreams Come True fireworks show (unless they do it very late at night for the VIPs). Tom Sawyer Island and performances of Fantasmic are scheduled to return by Wednesday, June 28. Finally, to help with traffic flows through Adventureland, Fastpass for Indiana Jones Adventure has been discontinued until June 28.

A lot of people will want to know about Pirates of the Caribbean, though. The ride will be completely done and ready for business by the time the park opens on June 28 but do not expect any kind of "soft opening" for the general public. Invited press will probably be allowed to ride late in the afternoon before the VIP arrivals begin and then as they arrive those VIPs will probably be able to ride before and after the premiere.

A giant screen on Tom Sawyer Island prevents Fantasmic from being performed and the entire island has been closed for good measure. Photos by David Michael.

On Sunday, June 25, the ride will probably unofficially open in the afternoon. Disneyland has invited its own group of press (the publicity for the movie premiere is being run by the studio, with support from the park) to visit the park that day for a period of exclusive access to the attraction in the morning, but they have been warned that they must ride by 11:30 a.m. for that exclusivity. Presumably this means that if all goes well the doors will be thrown open to everybody sometime in the afternoon. However, there are certainly a lot of variables that could interfere with this and the ride does not officially open until Monday, June 26. Blue Bayou will also likely be open in the afternoon on Sunday but it also does not officially open until Monday and if it has already opened by then, the new Cafe Orleans should also have open doors on Sunday.

Late Addition: The late word is that both Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans will be doing cast member previews this week. This means that off-duty cast members will be able to dine at the restaurants and provide practice for the restaurant staff. If there are not enough cast members to provide the crowd they'd like to have, there is a chance that regular guests would be allowed in. Nothing you can count on, but if you're in the area you might want to walk by.

The stars of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest request your patience. Photos by David Michael.

If you considering trying to stake out a spot but aren't sure if you'll see anybody to get excited about, here is the announced attandance list. These things are always pretty fluid (though with something this high profile it is probably more solid than usual) and some names may go missing and there'll probably be quite a few extra people not mentioned.

From the movie:

  • Johnny Depp – Jack Sparrow
  • Orlando Bloom– Will Turner
  • Keira Knightley– Elizabeth Swann
  • Naomi Harris– Tia Dalma
  • Stellan Skarsgard– 'Bootstrap' Bill Turner
  • Bill Nighy– Davey Jones
  • Tom Hollander– Lord Cutler Beckett
  • Kevin McNally– Joshamee Gibbs
  • Lee Arenberg– Pintel
  • Mackenzie Crook– Ragetti
  • Martin Klebba– Marty
  • Jerry Bruckheimer– Producer
  • Gore Verbinski– Director


  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar (former basketball player)
  • Christina Applegate (Married...with Children)
  • X Atencio (Disney animator and designer)
  • Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls)
  • Rachel Bilson (The O.C.)
  • Cheryl Burke (Dancing with the Stars)
  • James Cameron
  • Tia Carrere (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)
  • Kristin Cavalleri (Laguna Beach)
  • Melinda Clarke (The O.C.)
  • Billy Ray Cyrus (musician)
  • James Denton (Desparate Housewives)
  • Zac Efron (High School Musical)
  • Erik Estrada (CHiPs)
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Harry Hamlin (L.A. Law)
  • Chad Hedrick (Olympic speed skater)
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker (Blink 182)
  • Vanessa Anne Hudgens (High School Musical)
  • Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle)
  • Stacy Keibler (professional wrestler, Dancing with the Stars)
  • Matt Leinart (football player)
  • Kyle Massey (That's So Raven)
  • Shanna Moakler (Playboy Playmate)
  • Rodney Peete (former football player) and Holly Robinson Peete (Haning' with Mr. Cooper)
  • Lisa Rinna (Dancing with the Stars)
  • Cal Ripken (former baseball player)
  • Dennis Rodman (former basketball player)
  • Jane Russell
  • Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live)
  • Tony Shalhoub (Monk)
  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ice Princess),
  • Louis van Amstel (Dancing with the Stars)
  • Jon Voight
  • Simon Wakelin (photographer)
  • Bradley Whitford (The West Wing)
  • Kiely Williams (Cheetah Girls)

Area construction

This last week also saw progress in the plans by Anaheim to spruce up the areas surrounding Disneyland. The new 490-room Sheraton Park Hotel (link) is now open next to the Anaheim Convention Center and work has begun on two other projects. The less noticable of the two is a remodelling of the arena at the convention center.

Beginning this fall, the complex will be home to a new NBA Development League team, the Anaheim Arsenal. The so-called "D-League" is an attempt by the NBA to develop a "farm system" similar to the minor leagues used by Major League Baseball. Unlike in Major League Baseball the teams of the D-League are shared by several NBA teams. The Anaheim Arsenal will provide a proving ground for players affiliated with the Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trailblazers, and Orlando Magic.

Of more interest to most Disneyland visitors is that a project many thought would never see completion has finally begun construction. For years construction walls have surrounded a giant lot that promised to one day become GardenWalk, a giant hotel and shopping complex. As of last week, the ground has been cleared and work seems to be progressing.

There isn't much to see yet but work if finally beginning on GardenWalk. Photos by David Michael.

While many won't believe it until they are walking through the stores, if the project does get completed it will eventually provide an additional 1,300 hotel rooms for the Anaheim Resort, more than 60 high-end retail spaces and a six-story, 2,800 space parking garage.

All-American College Band

The All-American College Band has returned to Disneyland for the 2006 summer season. The band, which brings together musicians from around the country every summer can be seen performing at various locations in Disneyland through most days of the week.

The All-American College Band returns for another summer, under new direction for the first time in almost 30 years. Photos by David Michael.

The group changes every year and its 20 members are recruited from around the country. For most of the last 31 years that group was put together by Art Bartner, who is also head of the University of Southern California marching band. Last summer, however, was his final year putting together the group for Disneyland and this year the band has a new organizer and conductor. Unfortunately, we haven't yet caught his name so if anybody has that information, please do pass it along.

This and that...

...It appears that the Disney Vacation Club's new demonstration center has been completed, at least on the outside. The little house sticks out a bit in the parking lot between the Disneyland Hotel and the Paradise Pier Hotel but it finally moves the daily DVC presentations from a conference room in the nearby Disney Special Events building.

...You might notice a car parked out in front of House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It is there to promote the new Honda Fit and an online sweepstakes where prices include song downloads, a trip to House of Blues – Las Vegas, and a Honda Fit. The contest can be found at FitInTheHouse.com (link). Registration with the site is required to enter.

Honda and House of Blues are teaming up to promote a new car model. Photos by David Michael.

...Beginning June 20 through July 15, Disneyland Resort stores will be selling the rerelease of Lady and the Tramp II: Scampe's Adventure on DVD at a discounted price of $19.99 rather than the standard price of $24.99. For a more limited time, the new Lilo & Stitch direct-to-DVD sequel, Leroy & Stitch, will be available for $17.99 rather than $22.99. This sale price will be in effect June 27 to 29. Annual pass discounts are also available. Participating stares are Emporium, 20th Century Music Company, Off the Page, Greetings from California, and World of Disney.

...Last Monday Disneyland began a Pirates of the Caribbean-related "while supplies last" promotion. Of course, this may mean that by the time you read this it will all be over but just in case, here is the information. During the promotion any single purchase of $70 or more (before tax and discounts) will get you the opportunity to buy a Pirates of the Caribbean wristwatch for $10. The participating stores are Emporium, Disney Clothiers, Adventureland Bazaar, Pieces of Eight, Treasures, Pioneer Mercantile, Gag Factory, Star Trader, Greetings from California, and World of Disney.

Spend enough money in the right stores and this watch can be yours for $10. Photos by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

...This has been on the list of things to mention for a couple weeks but kept getting overlooked. On Friday, August 18 (link), and Saturday, August 19 (link), conductor John Mauceri will be presenting an evening of music from Disney's Fantasia at the Hollywood Bowl. Songs from the movie will be played live while clips are shown on giant screens and included will be Claire de Lune a piece that had been cut from the movie and later restored and included with a DVD edition of Fantasia in 2000. As of writing, tickets are still available for both shows.

...As a side note to everything going on for the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere, several lampposts have been removed from the New Orleans Square waterfront walkways. The change appears to be permament since they have capped the holes but we've been told that they will be put back after the premiere.

It may be unrelated to to the Pirates premiere but lampposts have been removed in New Orleans Square. In the foreground of this photo is evidence of one removed lamp; note the lamppost next to the water in the background. Photos by David Michael.

This was not the lamppost seen in the previous photo but one just like it that has also been removed. Photos by David Michael.

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Current Refurbishments and Attraction Closures


  • Pirates of the Caribbean closed March 6 – June 26, 2006, for major refurbishment and show updates. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest will premiere at Disneyland on June 24. Ride may be available to public on June 25.
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant closed March 6 – June 26, 2006, for the duration of the Pirates of the Caribbean closure.
  • Cafe Orleans Restaurant closed March 13 – mid-June, 2006, for redesign into full service restaurant. Exact date of reopening is not known with certainty but is believed imminent.
  • Main Street Mad Hatter closed until June 30 for refurbishment and expansion.
  • Fantasmic! dark June 17 - June 28, 2006, for activities surrounding premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • Disneyland Park opens and closes early June 24, 2006, for premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Will open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 5:30 p.m. DCA will be open two hours later than usual until 11:00 p.m.
  • Parade of Dreams dark June 24, 2006, for red carpet arrivals to premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • 50 Magical Years dark June 24, 2006, for use as media center during movie premiere activities.
  • Main Street Vehicles closed June 24, 2006, due to movie premiere activities.
  • Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes closed June 24, 2006, due to movie premiere activities.
  • Mark Twain Steamboat closed June 24, 2006, due to movie premiere activities.
  • Sailing Ship Columbia closed June 24, 2006, due to movie premiere activities.
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is currently under construction and will open sometime in 2007.

Disney's California Adventure

There are currently no closures.

Note: Refurbishment schedules are estimates only. All information is subject to change without notice. To get the most recent updates, call Disneyland at (714) 781–7290.


If you know of any events, official or unofficial, that should be listed here, let us know.


  • Cars at El Capitan Theater. June 9 - July 4. The accompanying show is a demonstration of a real pit stop.
  • Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure DVD rerelease. June 20 - July 15. DVD available for $5 off at Disneyland Resort stores.
  • Leroy & Stitch DVD release. June 27 - June 29. DVD available for $5 off at Disneyland Resort stores.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. June 24. Presumptive date of world premiere of this new movie, to be held in New Orleans Square. Park will close early (5 p.m.) with celebrity red carpet arrivals earlier in the day. Has not yet been officially announced.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise event. July 6 (link, all package levels now sold out.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at El Capitan Theater. July 7 - September 4. Accompanying the run of the movie will be props and costumes from the movie.
  • 3 Christopher Radko ornaments released July 8, 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (link).


  • Fantasia at Hollywood Bowl. August 18 and 19. Live orchestral performances of songs from Fantasia with video clips from movie. Conducted by John Mauceri. August 18 (link); August 19 (link)


  • Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. September 15-17. For more information and registration see the official Web site (link, warning: horribly annoying embedded music)


  • Gay Days. October 6 - 8. Unofficial event (link).
  • Mickey's Halloween Treat. October 13, 20, 22, 26, 27, 29, 30, and 31 at DCA. (See Disneyland AP page for details)


  • Lion King returns to Pantages Theater. Beginning November 16 for eight week run. Call 323-463-4367 for details and tickets. Presale tickets are available to Annual Passholders and Disney Visa members through June 10.

Park Schedule/Blockout Dates

DL: Disneyland
DCA: Disney's California Adventure
Annual Pass blockout dates:

  • SL – Southern California Select Annual Pass
  • SC – Southern California Annual Pass
  • DX – Deluxe Annual Pass
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
6/19 6/20 6/21 6/22 6/23 6/24

DL: 8a–Mid
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DL: 8a-Mid
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DL: 8a-9p
DCA: 10a–8p

DL: 8a–Mid
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DL: 6:30a–5p
DCA: 10a–11p

6/25 6/26 6/27 6/28 6/29 6/30 7/1

DL: 8a– Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–9p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

7/2 7/3 7/4 7/5 7/6 7/7 7/8

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

DL: 8a–Mid
DCA: 10a–10p

Visit our Annual Passholders Blockout Dates 2006 page to see more dates. You can see future calendar schedules at Disneyland. As always, specifics are subject to change without notice (or occasionally, without us noticing) so when information conflicts between what is presented here and that presented by Disney, it is best to assume Disney's information is correct.

Entertainment schedule: Go directly to the Disneyland Resort schedule for this week at Disneyland.com here.