Things are Looking Up Photo Quiz

by Brian Bennett, contributing writer

For some odd reason I often find myself automatically looking up when I enter many of the buildings and rooms at Walt Disney World. Maybe it's because of my interest in the details or maybe it's because of the almost cathedral-like qualities of some of these large indoor spaces. But for whatever reason, my eyes are often driven up to look at the ceilings of the resorts and attractions. Weird, huh?

Well, maybe you're just as weird as I am and can identify some of these views up at the joists, frames, ceilings, and hanging decorations scattered around the resort properties.

This is a self-graded quiz, so don't cheat. Savor each image and think about where you may have seen each one. After you've made an honest guess on each of these pictures, click on the link provided at the bottom of the page. The link takes you to a page identical to this one, except that the answers are provided to you as the captions for the photos. Once you have taken the quiz, feel free to enjoy that page as a photo tour.

Ready? Here goes...

  1. The first few are not really too tough. Because they're so strongly themed or perhaps because they're such a familiar view, you will likely identify the first few of these places quite quickly.

    This photo was taken in the Land Pavilion at Epcot. These ceiling decorations used to be a bit more colorful, but the more subtle color combinations match up with the new airport theme of this pavilion. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  2. This is the "Hall of Flags" through which you rise from the ground floor to the main theater of the American Adventure. Each of the flags on display had a prominent role in United States history, but you already knew that, didn't you? Photo by Brian Bennett.

  3. Restaurant Marrakesh, in the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot, provides spectacular examples of Moroccan artistry. According to "A Pictorial Memory of the Walt Disney World Resort, Celebrating 100 Years of Magic," nine tons of ceramic tiles were required and 23 Moroccan artisans toiled to install them before this pavilion opened in September 1984. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  4. "Behold the majesty of the Sistine Chapel," was my favorite line from Walter Cronkite's original narration of Spaceship Earth. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  5. The next three photos are obviously Asian. I'll even grant you that these photos were taken in the China Pavilion at Epcot. The question is, where? Be specific now.

    The first of the China Pavilion photos is of the ceiling in the Temple of Heaven. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  6. Next, the golden dragon medallion is in the entryway of the Nine Dragons restaurant. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  7. Finally, and most difficult, is the entryway ceiling to the Yong Feng Shangdian store. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  8. The heraldry may provide some clues here. One of these photos is obviously the main hall at Cinderella's Royal Table. But which one? And furthermore... where were the other two photos taken?

    This photo is of the ceiling of the main hall of Cinderella's Royal Table. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  9. The ceiling in Akershus Restaurant, in Epcot's Norway Pavilion. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  10. Finally, the last tudor-style ceiling is that of the Crown & Crest heraldry shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion all the way across the Lagoon. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  11. The next photo is an easy one because the view is spectacular and strongly themed. If you've ever been to this location, you'll almost certainly remember it.

    The lobby view of Animal Kingdom Lodge is unmistakable, but only if you've been there or seen photos of it. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  12. But this one, in much the same theme, may be much harder to identify.

    The thatched ceiling of the grasslands viewing stand in Animal Kingdom's Pangani Forest is much more difficult to remember. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  13. The next photo is almost a gimme for those of you that have spent significant time at Walt Disney World...

    Wilderness Lodge's lobby ceiling is also quite familiar. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  14. But like the previous group of images, these next three may be more difficult to identify.

    But the smaller lobby next door at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge are familiar to far fewer Walt Disney World guests. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  15. Fort Wilderness Campground's Pioneer Hall owns the next ceiling. If it's been years since you've ventured to the Campground to see the venerable Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, you're not the only one. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  16. Even more rugged in appearance, and frankly a "trick photo" since this isn't at all American Wild West Rustic, the ceiling in the Harambe Train Station might have kept you guessing. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  17. This chandellier can only be at one place, and since I know the answer it's really plain to me. Perhaps you'll find it just as easy... or maybe not?

    The carousel horse chandelier is located just inside the entrance at the Boardwalk Resort. You can't miss it... unless you're not looking up. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  18. This next one might be easy if you're familar with the location.

    The central skylight in the ceiling of the Grand Floridian Resort is a fabulous example of Victorian styling. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  19. But with a little more information, it's almost a gimme. Isn't it?

    Seen in all of its splendor, it's easier to tell that this is, indeed, the ceiling of the Grand Floridian Resort's main lobby. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  20. How about this one? It's similar to the previous two photos in that they are all beautiful glass skylights, but this one has a very different theme and is obviously located somewhere else.

    Coronado Springs Resort, the only moderate resort with a convention center, is the proud owner of this Spanish-revival style glass skylight. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  21. This next one just might be a stumper. It's located in a building that is quite-off-the-beaten-path at Walt Disney World, so only frequent guests are likely to have a chance at this one.

    Saratoga Springs, one of Walt Disney World's newest Disney Vacation Club properties, was known not too long ago as the Villas at the Disney Institute. It's been years now since Disney Institute programs were held here, but the main lobby entryway hasn't changed much since those days (except for a change to the light salmon color versus a dull white color back in the Institute days. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  22. In contrast, the next several are located in some of the busiest spaces in all of Walt Disney World. See if you can identify the locations of these:

    The World of Disney store, at Downtown Disney's Village Marketplace, is the source of the next three photos. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  23. This painted ceiling are also in the World of Disney store. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  24. The World of Disney store, at Downtown Disney's Village Marketplace, was the location of the flying Peter Pan and Wendy... at least when this photo was taken in 2001. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  25. The Once Upon a Toy store, also at Downtown Disney's Village Marketplace, is the location of this "Game of Life" spinner mounted up on the ceiling. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  26. Another gorgeous glass skylight, but in a location completely different than any of the photos we've looked at today. What's your guess?

    The Victorian Crystal Palace, now the venue for the very popular Winnie-the-Pooh character meals, has a very lovely skylight overhead. It's much less noticable when you are here for dinner, as the sun's rays don't dance through the colored panels like they do during breakfast time.

    Photo by Brian Bennett.
  27. This next photo is a bit fuzzy because that ceiling is quite some distance away (that's a clue). However, with little theming to guide you, this could be a difficult one to figure out.

    The Contemporary Resort's Grand Canyon Concourse ceiling is a good 10 to 11 stories above the floor here. I did the math by remembering that the concourse is on the fourth floor of the resort and the tower building's California Grill restaurant is located up on the 15th floor. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  28. The next one has some subtle theming that might help you figure out, in general, where this is located... but be specific!

    The nautical theme hints may have helped you discover that this ceiling is at the Yacht Club Resort, but could you put your finger on the Yacht Club Galley restaurant as its specific location? Photo by Brian Bennett.

  29. Again, a little hint at the theme might put you on the right track, but this is a tough one, I admit.

    A very subtle hint towards the Victorian exists in the light fixtures, but that might not be enough of a hint to make it plain that this ceiling is in the Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Photo by Brian Bennett.

  30. Very few people have seen this ceiling recently. Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones... or maybe you just have a good memory. In any case, where is it?

    One of the newest pavilions in Epcot's Future World. the Wonders of Life, is also the most likely one to close next. The pavilion is located inside a futuristic-looking golden dome, and this is a photograph of the interior ceiling of that dome. Photo by Brian Bennett.

Score Yourself

How do you think you did? Check to see how you fared!

  • Up to 10: You need to visit Walt Disney World more often!
  • 11 to 15: It's been awhile since you were here... or maybe you just need to pay more attention to the details, huh?
  • 16 to 20: Not bad... for an annual visitor.
  • 21 to 25: I'm guessing that you're either a cast member or an AP holder. Am I right?
  • Over 25: Don't you ever leave Walt Disney World?