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by MousePlanet Staff, contributing writer

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3:57 p.m., May 4, 2005
by Alex Stroup

As right proper Americans we're all obsessed with celebrity, so here are the confirmed attendees for tonight's off-limits celebrity party (we think we'll be let in, but still aren't sure). These celebrities will be doing "gold carpet" arrivals on Main Street. Since all the regular guests will have been cleared out well before this, it remains to be seen just who they'll be arriving for.

Media will be there for sure, but what about screaming fans? For Tower of Terror last year, Disney actually brought in plainclothed cast members to provide the excitement for the cameras. We'll see what goes tonight (perhaps).

  • Christina Aguilera (also performing)
  • Julie Andrews
  • Sean Astin
  • Tyra Banks
  • Jim Belushi
  • Beau Bridges
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
  • Sheryl Crow & Lance Armstrong
  • Geena Davis
  • James Denton
  • Andy Garcia
  • Goo Goo Dolls (also performing)
  • Kelsey Grammer (host)
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Magic Johnson
  • Rene Lavan
  • Art Linkletter
  • Karl Malone
  • Ted McGinley
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Laura Pausini
  • John Stamos
  • Jon Voight

There'll likely be others not on this list (one cast member at the Grand Califonria Hotel is certain she saw Johnny Depp this morning).

3:25 p.m., May 4, 2005
by Alex Stroup

One of the few things not open today for the "regular" guest in the park is 50 Magical Years, the new exhibit and show inside Main Steet's Opera House and former (and future) home of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. The official premiere is today, but only for media and it should be open tomorrow for all park guests.

The new film is narrated by Steve Martin, who was on hand today for the unveiling of things. The premier brought a pretty decent crowd and quite a few luminaries, including John Lasseter, Disneyland President Matt Ouimet and Dick Cook, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios. The friendly handshake between Cook and Lassiter has to cause pangs at what likely will soon end with the lapsing of the relationship between Pixar and Disney.

Michael Eisner himself introduced this one, with the assistance of Donald Duck. After a few words, he introduced Steve Martin and took a seat in the audience. Martin and Donald Duck engaged in a bit of banter that ended with Donald doing a pretty amusing version of Martin's famous "well excuuuse me" line. To make up for their little squabble, Martin allowed Donald to pull the cord to reveal the 50 Magical Years sign above the Opera House.

The joke, of course, was that when the curtain dropped another curtain saying "Great Moments with Steve Martin was exposed. After a bit of laughing it up, the real sign was shown, and Martin and Donald Duck headed inside to see the show.

John Lasseter and Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Lasseter and President of Disneyland Resort Matt Ouimet. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Donald Duck and Michael Eisner working up to the entry by Steve Martin. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Steve Martin acknowledging the crowd. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Donald Duck and Martin had a bit of a verbal scuffle over Martin's anability to understand a word from Martin. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

The false sign is revealed. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Then the real one. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Once again revelry ensues. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Their relation patched up, Donald and Martin head off to the darkness. Photo by Frank Anzalone.

2:20 p.m., May 4, 2005
by Alex Stroup

There's a new 50th Anniversary dessert offer. Spend $30 on a dessert and it comes with a "free gift." Of course, without the gift the dessert only costs $6 or so, so it isnt really free. For your $30 you will receive a plate that features one of the five crown displays currently on the turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A sixth plate features the current castle as a whole.

The six plate designs, yours for just $30. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Participating locations are: Plaza Inn, Carnation Cafe, Rancho del Zocalo, Blue Bayou, French Market, River Belle Terrace (all at Disneyland), Ariel's Grotto, Vineyard Room, Wine Country Trattoria (these last three are in DCA), PCH Grill, Yamabuki (Paradise Pier Hotel), Hook's Pointe, Granville's Streak House (Disneland Hotel), and Storytellers Cafe (Grand California Hotel).

1:56 p.m., May 4, 2005
by Alex Stroup

A minor correction to something posted earlier. The second performance of the Parade of Dreams did do a show stop, but just in the "it's a small world" area. The second time around the Ariel float worked just fine.

The page was getting too long, so the older entries from today can be found here.


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