Photo Tips #1

by Frank Anzalone, staff writer

Have you taken vacation photos in the Disney parks, only to be disappointed with how your snapshots came out? In the upcoming months, I'd like to share with you some of my ideas for taking memorable photographs when visiting the Disney parks and resorts.

Although I receive comments about my photos, one important thing you need to know is that it's all in the eye of the photographer. For that reason, all of the photos you will see in my photo tip series will be shot completely with a Kodak disposable box camera!

You do not need to use the most expensive camera on the market to get a good image. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad picture… some are just better!

Having taken literally tens of thousands of photographic images at Disneyland and Walt Disney World over the years, I have seen most every inch of the parks. After several trips, you start to look for more unique pictures (and angles) to save those Disney memories. Hopefully these tips will help you take home some photos you will want to share.

In future editions of this series, we will explore various other aspects of taking good vacation pictures—people/family pictures, pictures of the parks & characters, shooting special situations such as fireworks, night time events and inside attractions. These future editions will be more specific for capturing unique Disney images and memories that make great photo keepsakes.

In our inaugural installment, let's look at some basic vacation picture ideas as we walk through the ticket turnstiles and head into the Happiest Place on Earth.

My first (and biggest) photo tip is… “Take lots of pictures!” Have you ever looked back at your vacation photographs and just wished there were more to look at? The price of film is worth every penny when you walk away with those great shots. Every special photo memory is “priceless”! And if you have a digital camera, there's really no excuse about “wasting film” anymore.

OK—Grab your camera and let's get clicking!

Photo Tip #1

Capture the feeling of where are you are and whom you are there with! We see a vast area with our eyes and we want to capture it all, but sometimes our subject gets lost in the 'big picture'.

Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #2

Don't take a picture of the ride attraction… be a part of it!

Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #3

Don't lose your subject in the crowd.

Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #4

Look for those “out of the way” areas to shoot a picture without fighting the crowd. This photo was taken between the Haunted Mansion and the New Orleans Train Station.

Photo by Disney cast member, courtesy of Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #5

Try to look at the Castle from different places and angles… this also makes it fun to explore the park from an “off the beaten path” perspective. Disney Imagineers excel at designing small details that are wonderful to discover!

Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #6

When taking pictures of bigger areas, divide the water, landscape and sky into one-third proportions for a more pleasing composition.

Photo by Frank Anzalone.

Photo Tip #7

Get in close! The most common mistake is to not get close enough to see a good clear face of your subject because we are trying to capture the entire area that our eyes see.

Photo by Karen Anzalone.

Next time

That completes our first edition of Frank's Photo Tips. The next edition's topic will concentrate on taking pictures of your family and friends while at the park… “People Pictures.” I hope this might inspire you to want to take more and more pictures, and capture those special Disney memories and moments. So plan that trip to the Park, pick up your camera, take more pictures and see what develops!

If you have any specific questions or ideas of what you would like to see regarding photo tips at while visiting Disney, please e–mail me.