by Mike Scopa, contributing writer

One of the newer attractions that has come to Walt Disney World for the Happiest Celebration on Earth is Cinderellabration. This show will capture the imagination of all who see it. Not only did it capture mine but also spawned a question. Well, it started out as a question and then it turned into a debate and more.

In this session, we take a look at this new show, imported from Tokyo Disneyland.

Coronation Time

Cinderellabration is a high and mighty ceremony in which Cinderella is officially crowned a Disney princess. I know what you're thinking. What has she been all these years? Obviously she has been a princess in training. Someone finally decided that she's paid her dues.

Princess Aurora takes to the stage and does a twirl, with Prince Philip at her side. Photo by Lani Teshima.

Anyway, I shouldn't joke about this 18-minute show because it is done quite well. First we are welcomed to the Royal Coronation and told what is going to happen.

We are then introduced to the Royal Court starting with several couples who dance to some very royal music. This establishes the mood as being very high brow indeed.

Soon, Cinderella's father, the King, is introduced. He is portrayed as a bumbling old man who cannot find his throne.

Once the King is seated out comes Cinderella and Prince Charming in a very regal parade. Cinderella, by the way, is wearing the whitest gown you will ever see.

Cinderella thanking the guests for coming to her coronation. Photo by Mike Scopa.

She says a few words to the crowd and wishes someone special could be there, and she is, her Fairy Godmother.

Aladdin and Jasmine take their turn at the stage. Photo by Lani Teshima.

The fairy Godmother tells Cinderella that she has brought some friends from around the world and here they come.

First, we see Snow White and her prince coming in to the music of "One Song."

Belle dances with her prince (here in human form). Photo by Lani Teshima.

Next, from the Black Forest are Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, who enter the stage to "Once upon a Dream."

The tempo picks up a bit as Jasmine and Prince Ali arrive to "Prince Ali."

Last but certainly not least, is Belle and her prince, who enter the stage to "Beauty and the Beast."

Cinderella thanks her court while Prince Charming holds her hand, at WDW's Cinderellabration. Photo by Lani Teshima.

I might add that it seems special consideration is given to this couple, or so it seems.

It seems like Belle is making her way up on the princess scale because she seemed to get the most airtime out of all but Cinderella.

The Fairy Godmother wishes Cinderella and her Prince a happily ever after. Photo by Lani Teshima.

The coronation takes place and you may want to take note that the left side of the stage is where you will see all of the princesses.

Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle celebrating Cinderella's coronation Photo by Mike Scopa.

Immediately after Cinderella is crowned princess, she says a few words, starting with, "I know there's much more to being a princess than just a beautiful dress and a crown." She goes on to send a message to the little princesses in the audience and tells them to have the "courage to believe in yourself," and "believe in the magic of your dreams."

Cinderella celebrates her coronation, with a royal cloak that her father, the king, put on her. Photo by Lani Teshima.

So it's not just another show, but a show with a message to those young guests watching from in front of the castle stage. Keep this message in mind as we move through this discussion.

Ahhh... then we have more dancing and singing.

Cinderella and Prince Charming dance their coronation dance. Photo by Lani Teshima.

As the music builds and we approach the finale, we soon hear those famous lyrics from "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes." You know.

"No matter how your heart is grieving If you keep on believing The dream that you wish will come true"

Fireworks shoot off and the confetti flies.

We are thanked for attending the coronation of Cinderella and we are bid a fond farewell.

Of course the ending is also marked by music ,and we see the five princesses on stage dancing with their gentlemen, and at one point all the princesses stand together on the edge of the stage and wave at everyone.

Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Belle together are on stage at Cinderella's coronation Photo by Mike Scopa.

The princesses rejoin their princes and march off the stage, except for Cinderella and Prince Charming.

They have the stage to themselves and eventually walk off into the castle.

This show is 100 percent Disney, calling upon its legacy of princess tales, and the warm and fuzzy feeling we all felt during the happily-ever-afters.

If you plan on seeing this show on your next visit to WDW—and you should—here are some things to remember.

  • The show is performed several times during the day, so when you enter the park you should check the show schedule and make a note as to which performance fits in with your plans.
  • If possible, you may want to plan on seeing the very first performance of the day when all the performers are fresh, and the crowds and temperature are low.
  • Keep in mind that during the show Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle spend most of their time on the left hand side of the stage while Cinderella spends most of her time on the right hand side of the stage. Chose your spot.

So there you have it. I might add that the castle stage has been "retrofitted" to accompany this stage show and that the stage really fits in well with the gold trimmed castle as a backdrop.

The Disney Princesses wave to the audience as they say farewell at the end of Cinderellabration. Photo by Lani Teshima.

It's not often that you get to see all the Disney Princesses on a single stage, dressed up for the special festivities of a coronation. I hope you get a chance to see this charming show at the Magic Kingdom and help you...

Remember the Magic!

Next Time

We can't get enough of the Disney Princesses, so we'll take another look at them. But this one is just for the guys! Ladies, no peeking.