Chinese park rips off Disney

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

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In the Walt Disney World news, sponsored by Small World Vacations, MousePlanet's preferred travel provider, most of the news came from this past Monday's Walt Disney World Park Update, and links to the various information reported can be found there.

In the Disneyland news, all of the news came from this past Monday's Disneyland Park Update, and links to the various information reported can be found there.

In The Walt Disney Company news, several stories have related links.

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  • The Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park was discussed at length on the MouseStation podcast.
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Mark's wife provided our Tip of the Week, recommending that you bring along a pocket-sized game, coloring book or playing cards to help keep small children occupied while in lengthy queues (or while waiting for parades).

Featured topic: Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

This theme park is blatantly ripping off Disney (and other) copyrights, both of characters and theme park icons. Their "Cinderella's Castle" is a red-peaked version of Sleeping Beauty Castle. They also have a structure that looks suspiciously like Spaceship Earth. They even had a banner saying "Disney is too far, so please come to Shijingshan."

The real kicker? This park is state-run. That's right. The government that is trying to negotiate a deal for Disney to come in and open a theme park in mainland China is simultaneously running a theme park that includes Disney, Warner Brothers, and other copyrighted characters without permission.

One of the things that made Mark really roll his eyes was the statement by the park's general manager that the characters are completely different. "Take our Cinderella as an example. The face of Disney's Cinderella face is European, but ours is a Chinese. She looks like a young Chinese country girl." Um, OK. So because the character is played by a local girl, it's completely different. Got it.

Mark wonders whether this park will have an effect on where Disney eventually elects to open its planned park in mainland China.

This week's Featured Attraction is Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland Park. Mark enjoys it, Mike has never ridden it. Mark pointed out that former Imagineer Paul Torrigino briefly mentions the work that he did on the attraction for the New Fantasyland makeover in the early 80s at the beginning of part 1 of his four-part Maelstrom series.

This week's Review system spotlight focuses on Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Mike and Mark both really enjoy this counter-service eatery and recommend it highly. MousePlanet readers seem to agree, as it was rated 4.8 out of five planets. You can also find Flame Tree Barbecue in our Park Guide.

This week's Ask the Kid segment asked Mark's 8-year-old son two Lion King questions. Kim Barron asked "Do you like the Lion King?" and Dave from San Francisco asks "What's your favorite thing in the Lion King stage show that isn't in the movie?"

This week's Magical Moment was a voicemail from Anthony, better known on MousePad as Chicago Wookiee, who shared a great experience with Timon at Disney's Animal Kingdom during Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, further feeding Mike's Lion King obsession.

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  • Berdo asked if we or any MouseStation listeners had Xbox Live Gamertags. Berdo's is BuDz211. Mike has a gamertag, which is Gabe Newell. (Berdo also fed Mike's Hustle obsession. Sense a pattern here?)
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  • Jason wrote in asking for inexpensive guided tour suggestions. Mike & Mark gave several recommendations. To make tour reservations, call 407-WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687).
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