A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 30 - Collected short subjects

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Happy Birthday, Disneyland!

On this week's show, in honor of tomorrow being Disneyland's 52nd birthday (and MousePlanet's 7th), most segments this week will focus on aspects of Walt's original park.

Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes from listener Dave Welty, who who provided a great tip for getting extra attention from parade performers. Mike had never heard of this tip before, though Mark noted another location where this tip holds. (If you've got another "magic spot", write in and let us know!)

Featured attraction

This week, we look at the Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland Park. Mike and Mark both love it, with Mike rating it a five out of five and Mark giving it a four-and-a-half. Mike's favorite station is the New Orleans Square station, because he can try to jump off, get a mint julep and jump back on before the train leaves. Mark's favorite station is the Main Street station because of the atmosphere.

Steve DeGaetano's article on the Lilly Belle is here.

For more information, check out Steam Passages Publications, where you can purchase two great books by Steve DeGaetano about the Disneyland Railroad, direct from the publisher.

Review system spotlight

This week's spotlight focuses on the Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park. The week's featured review was a 5-planet review by by pixiedust808 of Kapolei, HI. MousePlanet readers enjoy the Blue Bayou, rating it four out of five planets on the strength of 69 reviews.

Mike is a big fan of the Blue Bayou's Monte Crisco … er, Monte Cristo sandwich, and is looking forward to trying the vegetarian version. Mark loves the sandwich as well, but has had service problems there in the past. Still, there's nothing like the atmosphere overlooking the Pirates launch.

You can also find the Blue Bayou in our Park Guide.

Ask the Kid

In this week's segment, listener Vance Cope asked Mark's 8-year-old son: "What country is your favorite at Epcot?"

While still trying to vote for Soarin' or Mission: Space, Mark's son finally settled on The American Adventure as his favorite country, largely on the strength of the Voices of Liberty and the finale of the pavilion's main show. (You can get copies of the Liberty Voices CDs at their web site.)

Magical Moment

This week's moment came from listener Stanton Wong. Stanton experienced a wonderful moment on the carousel during his nephew's first visit to Disneyland at age 2. (We hope that he didn't try to eat that Nilla Wafer on the carousel!)

Wrapping up

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