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MouseStation 32 - Listener Feedback

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Our new schedule features our collection of short subjects on Monday, the full-length feature on Wednesday, MousePlanetWatch on Thursday and listener feedback on Friday. We'd like your feedback on what you think of the new schedule. Let us know what you think!

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In this week's Listener Feedback:

Amy wrote in to express her thanks for the new format, as it makes it easier for her to listen to us.

Jesse Nugent wrote in, following up on his audio message from last week. We apparently misunderstood his message, and he's not adding a Walt Disney World trip in January to a Disneyland trip at the end of the year, but rather going to Florida instead of California. He was glad to get some information about other places to visit in Orlando, as guidebooks to the area are hard to come by Down Under. (We're still planning to do a show looking at the marketing – or rather, lack thereof – of the American Disney resorts in the Australia/New Zealand/Southeast Asia area.)

Jesse also asked about whether the basketball court inside the Matterhorn was built to allow Walt Disney to avoid height restrictions by having it classified as a recreational building. That's actually not the case, as the basketball court came later when one of the mountain climbers brought in a hoop to give the climbers something to do in their break area between sets. In actuality, it's smaller than a half-court. A link to a photo of the court can be found here.

Doug from the Geek Acres podcast called in to note that, while Pixar movies may have the most popular new animated movie characters in the Disney stable, they're going a little overboard with putting them in the parks. He also suggested that – while Spectrobes may not be a good candidate for a theme park ride – Kingdom Hearts may fit the bill.

Steve Russo wrote in on a few subjects. First, he was unsure about how he would like the new show format, but now prefers the multiple shows per week. He also submitted a question for Ask the Kid (already recorded and queued up for a future show). Finally he once again tried to Stump the Hosts.

Steve's question this week was: "What does Photon eat?" Neither Mark nor Mike could figure out where Photon is even from. While prepping the show notes, Mark got a note from our audio engineer and sound editor Steven Ng – who happened to be editing the show at that very moment – and who noted that Photon is from Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, and so Mark can say that he had no idea because he hasn't seen HISTA in over ten years. (And for those wondering, Photon eats "Jelly beans, boogers and pizza.")

Thomas Seymour wrote in to agree that the new format is great because he can listen to a new show almost every day instead of once a week. He suggested, though that we add background music to the show.

NOTE: We're still looking for some royalty-free music to use on the show (especially with the new royalty structure that is threatening to cripple the Internet radio stations), because we have no budget for the podcast. If any of our listeners writes (and records) music, and you'd like to swap exposure for the rights to use your songs for free, please let us know!

Jonathan Cooper also enjoys the new format, and wishes that more podcasts would try the format because too many shows that he subscribes to are over an hour long. He may even start listening to the MousePlanetWatch news show.

Jonathan wanted to disagree with one thing from our "Is Change Good?" show last Wednesday. He noted that Alien Encounter (his favorite attraction of all time) actually had more warnings than just about any other attraction and that people still complained despite the warnings. He can't understand why the same complaints haven't been raised at Dinosaur and It's Tough To Be A Bug, based on the number of crying children he's seen coming out of them.

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