NFFC Audio Blowout

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 34 - NFFC Disney fan club convention

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This week's feature has Steven Ng bringing you loads of cool interviews from the annual convention of the NFFC, the international Disney fan club, in Anaheim. It's a longer show than we had hoped, but we wanted to bring you the full flavor of convention room-hopping and so we let it go.

Anita Schaengold, incoming Vice President of Public Relations for the NFFC, describes what the NFFC is all about. She also talked about the NFFC Disney Legends program, the conventions, and where the NFFC is headed.

Paul Schnebelen, Past President, NFFC Studio Chapter and soon-to-be Editor of the FantasyLine Express described the Chapter structure of the NFFC, the content of the FantasyLine Express, and some of the activities of the Studio Chapter.

Next, Steven went room-hopping, visiting hospitality suites and other rooms with Gary Schaengold, Vice President of Finance for the NFFC. Their first stop was Morehouse Collectibles to chat with Robby Beamon and Erin Morehouse. They described some of their wares, then talked about winning a night in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse and all of the perks that they received along with their stay.

Steven and Gary continued looking through many rooms with various types of merchandise. They ran into Carrie Mitchell, who talked about the benefits of room-hopping. They later ran into Disney Archivist Dave Smith, who chatted about trying to find materials for the Archives.

After finishing their room-hopping and discussions of the various types of Disney collectibles, Steven headed to the Chapter at the Park's hospitality suite to chat with Doug Marsh, President of the Chapter at the Park. Doug talked about the activities of the chapter, the location of their meetings, and other fun stuff.

Steve Wesson, creator of the Adventures thru Inner Space Virtual Ride Through, talked about his project and the attraction that it was based on. Steve discussed how he decided to create the ride-through and how it took him two years to create the DVD. If you go to his site, you can see tributes to the attraction and buy the DVD of the ride-through.

Finally, Jack Janzen, editor and publisher of The E-Ticket Magazine, talked about the content of the publication, what's in the current issue (#44), and other information about what makes the E-Ticket such a great magazine.

Don't forget that the East Coast NFFC convention will be held from September 27-30 at Walt Disney World. You can find the registration form at the NFFC web site.

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