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MouseStation 35 - Listener Feedback

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In this week's Listener Feedback:

Vance Cope wrote in, asking about Mike and Mark's thoughts about the BoardWalk as a recreation area, wondering whether it was worth going over there after Illuminations or Fantasmic one night.

Mike enjoys strolling the Boardwalk, looking in the shops, getting ice cream visiting JellyRolls and watching the live entertainment. Mark's son always gets drawn in by the entertainers. Mark had his 40th birthday celebration at the Boardwalk, starting with dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe and then moving to JellyRolls for the rest of the night. JellyRolls features two pairs of pianists each night so that there are always a pair of dueling pianos performing.

Stanton Wong wrote in with more information about his nephew's magical moment on the Carousel from Episode 30, and how they next went to Dumbo.

Mike recalled riding Dumbo during the fireworks with Mark's friend John during the Everest preview weekend.

Marcie Reeter called in with a voicemail to let us know about her special stay at the Grand Californian with her son Brodie for his birthday. She was concerned about how she was going to keep up with the show now that we've gone to multiple, shorter shows per week. She's not so sure that the giant Mickey ears that Disneyland is planning to put in the Esplanade because it will obstruct their view of fireworks for many of the people standing out there after DCA closes. Responding to the "Is Change Good?" feature, Marcie thinks that it would be really nice to get the Country Bears back and to put the PeopleMover back on the track. They're enjoying Pirates Lair though, and it's gotten them to go back to the Island, which they haven't done for quite some time.

Mike and Mark wondered whether the "Happy Hatch Day" song that Crush sang to Brodie uses the "Happy Birthday" melody or if it's a different song. Mark made a suggestion on how she could keep up with the show's new format. They also talked a bit about Pirates Lair and the great photos that Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix took for the Disneyland Park Update on June 4.

Thomas wrote in to say that he loves the show and that the new format is better than he had thought, but that it still needs more Lion King. He suggested that Mike hold a Lion King meet at MouseFest at Walt Disney World in December. (Mark has repeatedly told Mike to stop paying people to ask for more Lion King, but apparently that hasn't stopped him.)

Thomas passed along some more information about the Disneyland Railroad and the difference between it and the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Thomas will take his second-ever Disney cruise on the westbound Trans-Atlantic crossing. After that, he will be spending some time at Walt Disney World and was looking for some information on how to get from dinner at Le Cellier to the Magic Kingdom for SpectroMagic, since the only night that the parade will be performed during his stay is the night that he has reservations a the restaurant at the Canada pavilion.

Mike recommended that for the fastest transit, Thomas should take a cab from the Beach Club to the Contemporary Resort and walk over to the Magic Kingdom (because taking a cab to the TTC would still require a monorail ride). For Disney transportation only, Mike recommended taking the monrail from Epcot to the TTC and transferring to a Magic Kingdom monorail. Mark recommended walking to the Beach Club and taking the Disney bus to the front of the Magic Kingdom. While Mike and Mark continue to disagree on what should be the fastest Disney route, they agree that it probably depends on the timing of the vehicles. If you just catch a bus or monorail, or just miss a bus or monorail, it will probably change the equation. But a taxi is your sure-fire fastest option (unless you can't walk very fast).

Podcast favorite Maryann Fekete wrote in to let us know that she loves the new format. Not only are the shorter episodes more manageable, she gets to listen to us more times during the week. (Stuff like that always makes us blush.)

Maryann also asked whether we were having family and fun times during the summer. We're trying to have some good times around the podcast, other MousePlanet work and our day jobs.

Pete Altemese wrote to let us know that the podcasts are making his daily commute more enjoyable as he goes through serious Walt Disney World withdrawal. During his family trip last October, his daughters had a great experience with a Haunted Mansion butler that did a great job of keeping character and not speaking to them. Mike remembered one if his experiences as a character greeter for Darth Maul during Star Wars Weekends, while Mark thought of popular Disneyland cast member Maynard's great guest interaction.


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