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MouseStation 44 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Melina Vorsatz wrote in to ask why Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom doesn't have two drops like the one at Disneyland. Mark explained that the elevation of the railroad, combined with the high water table in Florida, made it unnecessary and inadvisable to go down far enough for two drops.

Melina also asked for more information on Hidden Mickeys and more tips and secrets. Mark and Mike will try to provide more tips and secrets, and as soon as Mark finishes reviewing his two latest books, we plan to have Steve Barrett, author of the Hidden Mickeys Guide books on the show.


Following up on Episode 40, Vance Cope wrote in with his own Magic Kingdom Top 3 lists:

Vance has only been once, so his list was bound to be different.

  • Attractions
    • 3. Its a Small World
    • 2. Jungle Cruise
    • 1. Mickey's PhilharMagic
  • Dining locations
    • 3. Aloha Isle
    • 2. Cosmic Rays
    • 1. Dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Story Time with Belle
    • 2. Cast members before the parade
    • 1. Wishes


Jason wrote in to ask whether we think that the renaming of the Disney-MGM Studios to Disney's Hollywood Studios will affect any of the scenes of The Great Movie Ride based on MGM movies.

Since the use of scenes from the movies on attractions is a separate contract from the deal on the name of the park, it should not affect them.


Chip Joyce wrote in with a couple of questions.

First, he wanted to know what kind of changes we think that Disney might come up with to "plus" the Great Movie Ride.

Mark can see the points in favor on Chip's suggestion of replacing the burial room scene before the Indy transformation scene, but thinks that it's more likely that they'd replace some of the short set pieces from early in the attraction. Mike thinks that the Tarzan and Casablance scenes could go because they're dioramas. Mark thinks that if they want to do something more involved, they could replace the Alien corridor.

Chip also asked about the over-representation of some films and characters into the parks and what films we think aren't represented but should be..

Mark disagreed with Chip's assertion that a Ratatouille-themed restaurant would appear at Epcot's France pavilion because the chefs that own the existing restaurant would never let that happen.

Mike noted that, even though Simba appears in three attractions, he's not over exposed. Since Chip mentioned it, Mark noted that a Tron game grid area used to be along Disneyland's People Mover track, and would love to see somebody come up with a cool Tron-based attraction.

Mike would love to see a Kingdom Hearts-based attraction. Mark would love to see Disney resurrect the original plans for a Mary Poppins attraction that would have taken the place of Peter Pan's Flight in the original construction of the Magic Kingdom. (When plans were first made for the Magic Kingdom, Imagineers didn't want to duplicate what was already at Disneyland. They planned a Headless Horseman-based attraction instead of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Sleeping Beauty would have replaced Snow White, in addition to Mary Poppins replacing Peter Pan.

Mark and Mike tossed around a few more ideas on which animated features could possibly lend themselves to interesting and fun new attractions.

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