A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 45 - Collected short subjects

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Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes from listener Rob, who recommended that a great alternate location for finding Dole Whip is at your State Fair.

Mike will be at the Minnesota State Fair soon, and he will search the Dole Whip out. A listing on the State Fair's web site shows that Dole Whip will be there, so he's excited. He'll even bring his own sprinkles. Mark was at his county fair yesterday, and didn't see any Dole Whip there. Maybe it doesn't get to the level below state fairs.

Featured attraction

This week, we look at the Haunted Mansion both in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park and Liberty Square at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom . Mike and Mark both rated it as their top attraction in the Magic Kingdom back on Episode 40.

As noted in the answer to the trivia of the week in last week's Walt Disney World Park Update, the Mansion is the only attraction that can be found in all Disney Magic Kingdom-style theme parks throughout the world (except Hong Kong Disneyland, so far), but all of these are located in a different "land" in each park. It's located in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, Liberty Square at Walt Disney World, Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland and Frontierland at Disneyland Paris.

Mark prefers the exterior of the Disneyland Mansion (up through the stretching room) and the ride on the Walt Disney World Mansion. Mike prefers the exterior of the Walt Disney World Mansion and the ride on the Disneyland Mansion. Mark likes the fact that the Florida version has the busts that follow you in the library on the ride, as opposed to in the hallway that you walk through to get to the ride in Disneyland. Since the East Coast edition is reportedly getting the floating Leota and murderous bride enhancements from California during its current refurbishment, the West Coast version loses its edge in that area.

Mike noted that the Disneyland Mansion still has the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. Mark discussed how the overlay would not work at Walt Disney World because of the different makeup of the visitors between the two resorts. With a 70 percent local draw at Disneyland, people are more willing to put up with a month or so downtime twice a year in order to have something different for a couple of months. Walt Disney World's 70 percent distant tourist crowd, which has a much higher percentage of once-in-a-lifetime visitors, would be much less patient for the famed attraction being closed during their visit, or being a different version than what they had always wanted to see.

Another bit of trivia: the organ in the ballroom scene at Disneyland is the original organ from Captain Nemo's salon in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The organ at Walt Disney World is a model made from a casting of the original organ.

Review system spotlight

This week's spotlight focuses on Raglan Road Irish Pub at Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney. The week's featured review was a 5-planet review by tjrj of Durango, CO. MousePlanet readers are in love with Raglan Road, rating it five out of five planets on the strength of 2 reviews.

tjrj and her sons absolutely loved their food, and they loved the entertainment, as well. The salad was the best that she had for the whole trip, and while she usually doesn't eat much dessert, tjrj practically finished hers at Raglan Road. The step dancer and the band were really fun, too.

Mike really likes the food at Raglan Road, though his choices were limited due to his dietary needs. He's only eaten there once, with Mark and John, the weekend of the Expedition Everest previews. Mark also ate there during MouseFest for Nathan Rose's meet, and had a great Shepherd's Pie and the Dunbrodie Kiss dessert, both of which were fabulous. Mark highly recommends it.

Raglan Road is located where the Pleasure Island Jazz Club used to be, across the street from Mannequins, though it has been expanded quite a bit.

You can also find Raglan Road Irish Pub in our Park Guide.

Ask the Kid

In this week's segment, Julie from the U.K. asked Mark's 8-year-old son: "If you could create a new Disney character, what would it look like and what would you call it?"

Mark's son came up with a character called Moon Rocks, the robot rabbit from Mars. He wouldn't realize that things are as close as they really are, so he would keep bumping into things.

Mark gave his son many points for creativity. He thinks that his son may have been a little loopy on the sugar from the waffles and syrup that he had for breakfast shortly before they recorded the question.

Magical Moment

This week's moment came from listener Mark (as opposed to co-host Mark). Mark wrote in with a wonderful and very detailed story from 1982 about finding the courage to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with his mother when he was 10 so that she could have a special moment before they moved away and wouldn't be able to visit Disneyland for many years. His mother loved thrill rides and neither he nor his siblings felt that they were ready for thrill rides and she had never gotten to ride a roller coaster at Disneyland. He may have gotten an extra toy for braving the ride, but the memory of helping his mother get to ride the attraction is the best thing that he took away from the experience.

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