Become a Part of the Magic

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 46 - Be a Part of the Magic

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Featured Topic

In this week's feature, Mike and Mark discuss ways to become a part of the magic. (Note: While many of these tips are Walt Disney World specific, they often have analogous experiences at Disneyland.) Since the topic was selected minutes before recording, they approached it in somewhat random order.

Mike threw out the first suggestion. Do the Hustle! (Perhaps with a Bluetini beforehand.) Cast members will teach you, and you will perform with a bunch of cast members in front of everyone in the lobby of the Pop Century Resort.

That led to a discussion of whether or not we should have a Bluetini and Hustle meet for MouseFest or a Festival of the Lion King meet. A Lion King meet would likely be the second or third performance of the day on Friday, probably after the Expedition Everest meet. A Bluetini/Hustle meet would likely be on Sunday evening at 6:00, during what's currently a large open time slot. Email us or call the toll-free feedback line and vote for which meet we should hold. Also let us know if you're planning to attend MouseFest.

Mark's first suggestion was to get a name tag. They should still be available at the Five & Dime in the Studios and the Disney Days of Christmas shop in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. After you forget that you're wearing it, you'll be amazed at how many cast members greet you by name. Mark was once on Space Mountain pointing out the Tomorrowland Transit Authority track when a voice came from out of nowhere and called him by name, asking him to keep his arms in the vehicle. Boy, they've got great surveillance cameras!

Mike recommended taking a tour. You get to see how the magic is made as you walk backstage.

Mark suggested asking if you could be the volunteer to participate in the water tank show on the Backlot Tour at the Studios. While the character is no longer called "Captain Duck!", just ask the cast member if you could be the volunteer at the next show. Mike had been selected one time, with a story that he's told many times. Mark then recalled being picked to play Al Borland of Home Improvement at the old Superstar Television attraction. Mike mentioned that he had been selected to be in the Gilligan's Island scene.

Mike said that the best way to become part of the magic is to become a cast member. If you're local, you can do it part-time.

Mark recommended interacting with the Colonel or the other denizens of the Adventurers' Club. You might even end up becoming part of the main show in the library. That's how he somehow ended up on stage doing the bump with Samantha Sterling. Mike did end up being embarassed by a conversation that he had with the Colonel.

Mike recommended talking to cast members, then suggested going to the Comedy Warehouse where you could shout out during the audience participation sketches. Mark recalled setting his friend John up to receive the phone call that starts the show, but John ended up out improvising the cast members.

Mark suggested ways of being selected to participate in streetmosphere and other live performances. As the cast members are setting up and gathering a crowd, they are also watching the reactions of guests to get a feel for who might be willing to participate in the show. He's been selected to perform in many shows.

Mike went back to his old favorite, the Main Street Barber Shop.

Mark gave some pointers on how to have a better shot at riding in the monorail cockpit with the pilot. You may end up with a monorail co-pilot certificate, and it's just a really fun ride. Plus, you get to talk with the pilot if they're feeling talkative.

Mike recommended resort activities, including taking resort tours.

Mark talked about interacting with parade performers. While you can't actually get selected to go out on the parade route during show stops, since they don't do show stops any more, parade performers will still interact with you. If you're located in a spot where only one side of the street has viewing areas, you'll get the attention of all performers. Also, sometimes characters will interact with people wearing attire with the character's image on it.

Mike noted that guests are often chosen to participate in rope drop ceremonies. He suggested being nice, happy, enthusiastic and friendly to cast members for a better chance at being selected.

Mark noted that many new Magical Moments have been created as part of the Year of a Million Dreams promotion such as Junior Jungle Cruise Skipper, Junior Safari Guide and others where you can be selected to participate and get a special moment. You can try asking cast members about where you can find extra magic. While they may refuse to say anything, they may give you a tip about where to be in order to experience magic.

Mark mentioned that he is rarely (if ever) wrong in picking who would be selected by the Voices of Liberty to participate in the show. Of course, his stepmother is usually selected as Oh, Susanna when she's there. His son was once picked for Skip to My Lou.

Do you have your own tips on becoming a part of the magic? Share your secrets by sending an email or calling our toll-free feedback line (1-866-939-2278) and let us know what you think!

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