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MouseStation 47 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Hayley B. of Delaware called our toll-free voicemail to let us know her Magic Kingdom Top 3 (randomly).

  • 3. Carousel of Progress
  • 2. Hanging out at Casey's
  • 1. Mickey's House/Meeting Mickey Mouse


Steve Heerema wrote in to say that he's been having trouble downloading the shows with iTunes since we changed the format, and wanted to know if anyone else was having the same problem.

We haven't had any other complaints, so as far as we know nobody else is having the same problem. However, Mark has noticed a huge number of duplicate download hits via iTunes recently, so if anyone is having problems downloading the shows with iTunes, please let us know so that we can try to track the problem down.


David Caffey wrote in to ask about the goat trick. (Ah, the goat trick!)

Since it's largely a Disneyland phenomenon, West Coast Correspondent Andrew Rich helped out by providing a great description of the goat trick. Mark followed up by explaining why it doesn't work quite that way in Florida.


Lion King fan Berdo wrote in with a three-parter.

Berdo wrote about how he first discovered The Lion King and why he loves it so much. (Mark still thinks that Mike is paying people to write in about The Lion King.)

Next, he noted that he loves the "Circle of Life" movie in Epcot and wondered what happened to the "Legend of The Lion King" show that used to be performed in the Magic Kingdom.

Mark explained that it was removed around 2002 so that the theater could be converted and prepared for Mickey's PhilharMagic, which opened in 2003. While the show was enjoyable and the puppetry was impressive, it didn't have the same repeatability of more popular attraction.

Berdo wanted to know if The Lion King would ever be released in the HD-DVD format. Mike thinks that it's unlikely, unless Blu-ray fails. However, the Blu-ray edition is likely to show up soon.

He also said that he'd pick up a MousePlanet or MouseStation T-shirt for his next trip to Walt Disney World. But why wait? Why not pick up one of each and wear it around your home town? If anybody sends in a photo of themselves in a MousePlanet or MouseStation T-shirt, whether they're at the parks or not, we'll put it in the show notes.

Berdo closed with a note supporting The Hustle, which inspired Mark and Mike to remind everyone that you can help determine whether the MouseStation meet at MouseFest is a Bluetini and Hustle meet for MouseFest or a Festival of the Lion King meet. A Lion King meet would likely be the second or third performance of the day on Friday, probably after the Expedition Everest meet. A Bluetini/Hustle meet would likely be on Sunday evening at 6:00, during what's currently a large open time slot. Email us or call the toll-free feedback line and vote for which meet we should hold. Also let us know if you're planning to attend MouseFest.


Rachelle wrote in with three questions:

  1. What kind of animal sings, "Trust in Me" to Mowgli in The Jungle Book?
  2. Who provided the voice of Snow White in Walt Disney's animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Judy Garland, Adriana Caselotti, or Dinah Shore?
  3. Which of the following attractions was not open on Disneyland Parks first day: Mad Tea Party, Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn, or Autopia?

Mike and Mark both knew that Kaa was a snake, though Mark isn't sure whether Rachelle's assertion that Kaa was a python is correct, as he thinks that Kaa may have been a boa constrictor.

Mike needs to brush up on his voice actors, though Mark knew that it was Adrianna Casselotti even before he saw the choices.

Mike and Mark both disagreed with Rachelle's assertion that Autopia was not open for Disneyland's opening day, as Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra are both shown on the attraction in the Dateline: Disneyland opening day special. The Matterhorn did not open until 1959. Mike thought that the Jungle Cruise did not open until days after the park, though MousePlanet's park guide disputes that. Mike then said that it looked like the questions were from the Disney Trivial Pursuit game, at which point Mark decided that must be the case, as sometimes Trivial Pursuit will use intentionally wrong answers to make it easier to find when people are plagiarizing their questions. The correct answer would be that the Matterhorn is the only one of those attractions that was not open on the park's opening day.


'Suuuup? Lou from the Beyond Main Street videocast called the voicemail to say that he likes the new format and is looking forward to seeing us again at MouseFest. (Right back atcha, Lou!) He's also looking forward to another vidcast of Mike doing the Hustle (another vote for a Bluetini/Hustle meet?). He wanted us to know that he likes listening to us because it sounds like we're having fun. (Are we? Whenever we can stay awake to record we are!)


Jim wrote in to caution folks about the Tip of the Week in MouseStation 42. If lots of people rent strollers to use as portable lockers, there might not be enough left for people with small children to rent.

Mark hadn't considered that fact because he hadn't been there when the crowds were so big that they could run out. So we'll put this call out to you folks. Use your best judgment. If it's crowded enough that it's likely that they'll run out of rental strollers, don't take one if you don't have a kid with you.


Paul Schnebelen wrote in to ask why Andrew lists attraction closures during the Disneyland Update on MousePlanetWatch, while Mark doesn't on the Walt Disney World News.

Mark explained that the Walt Disney World Update is generally longer, and so he's already cutting stories before recording stuff. He'd rather cut the closures and leave enough time for another news story. Besides, don't you hear his voice enough on MousePlanetWatch?


Maryann Fekete wrote to say that she likes it when Mike comments on the news and Mike and Mark discuss the story together. The discussion helps to give her different perspectives, which she really likes. We guess Mark will have to try to keep Mike awake during the news, then.


Kim Barron called into the voicemail to reassure us that we're not boring, and to tell us her Magic Kingdom Top 3 lists.

  • Dining locations
    • 3. Main Street Bakery
    • 2. Pecos Bill's
    • 1. Crystal Palace
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Capt. Jack's Pirate Tutorial
    • 2. SpectroMagic
    • 1. Wishes
  • Attractions
    • 3. Haunted Mansion
    • 2. Splash Mountain
    • 1. Pirates of the Caribbean

She's never been to Disneyland, so she can't make the comparison that Mark made about the Walt Disney World version not being as good because it's only about two-thirds as long as the original.

Her voice faded at the end of the voicemail, but we think it can be heard on the show.

Wrapping up

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