A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 51 - Collected short subjects

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Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes from listener Stanton Wong, who recommended getting everybody's favorite attractions up front and planning your attack instead of just wandering around the park asking the kids "what do you want to do next?"

Mike suggested that TouringPlans.com and RideMax help to plan out the best plan of attack for hitting everything that you want to do. He also likes to sit down with people to decide what things they'd like to do in order to have a plan in their head before starting out.

Mark usually has everyone pick their top three choices for each day, and makes sure that they at least hit those; if they do, that provides an easy way to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see their most important attractions.

Featured attraction

This week, we look at MuppetVision 3-D at both the Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's California Adventure.

Mike noticed that the park guide actually lists Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as the host of the attraction instead of Kermit.

Mark and Mike like the pre-show at least as much as the movie itself. Between the interesting memorabilia such as A-Net-Full-O-Jello and the picture of the Jim Henson Muppet. Rizzo the Rat has some great lines in the video.

In the movie, Sam the Eagle's finale, "A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America" is one of Mike and Mark's favorite things. Mark loves the "Yell & Howl" projector (instead of Bell & Howell, for those unfamiliar with the company) in the theater.

Inside the entrance, the key under the mat at the box office is one of the great detailed touches in the attraction. The attraction was constructed at Walt Disney World when Disney was trying to close the deal with Henson Productions to buy the Muppets before Jim Henson's death. After Henson died and the deal fell apart, it took another decade and a half before Disney was able to buy some of the Muppets.

Whenever Mark sees the orchestra for the film, he can't help thinking "beware of the penguins" from the old Bud Ice commercials.

Mike and Mark also love the old 1989 footage at the end of the film where you see the outside world.

Review system spotlight

This week's spotlight focuses on Corn Dog Castle at Disney's California Adventure. The week's featured review was a 4-planet review by CA Screamin of Northern CA. MousePlanet readers like Corn Dog Castle, rating it 3.7 out of five planets on the strength of 13 reviews.

CA Screamin's kids had some of CA Screamin's corn dog and decided to go back again the next day to get their own. It got their "No Leftover" rating.

Mike hasn't eaten at Corn Dog Castle because he can't eat regular hot dogs, though he probably would have gone there to get cheese on a stick if he knew that they had them there.

Mark loves corn dogs, and so he has eaten at Corn Dog Castle and loved it. The dogs are huge, hot and delicious. He doesn't think that there are any corn dogs at Walt Disney World, which is a shame because corn dogs are one of his guilty pleasures.

Mark also loves the description of the Castle's location in the MousePlanet Park Guide: "Next to large green dinosaur."

You can also find Corn Dog Castle in our Park Guide.

Ask the Kid

In this week's segment, Mark asked his 8-year-old son: "What are your top three attractions at Epcot?"

Not surprisingly, his son's favorite was Soarin', since it's his favorite attraction overall. Mission: Space green team came in second, and El Rio del Tiempo was third, even though it's being changed to The Three Caballeros. He really liked the "interpretive dance" on the video screens at the beginning of El Rio, but even though that's been removed, he still likes the ride. He thinks that Mission: Space is great because it's themed like it's sending you to Mars.

Magical Moment

This week's moment came in a voice mail from Dan the Light Man from Colorado.

First, Dan let us know that he loves the new format, and that he's getting exciting for his upcoming trip. (He's leaving this Thursday for his 24th wedding anniversary trip to the Grand Floridian. Congratulations!) He's looking forward to seeing the reopening Haunted Mansion, and will provide a report when he gets back.

Dan's Magical Moment had to do with a refillable popcorn bucket, the end of the evening, and a large trash bag full of popcorn.

He suggested that we do a Top 3 for Disney books, whether they be guide books, touristy books, Art of Disney, or whatever. We'll consider looking at that after we finish our list of park Top 3 lists early next year.

Wrapping up

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