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Featured Topic

In this week's feature, in honor of Epcot's 25th anniversary on Monday, Mike and Mark discuss their Top 3 attractions, dining locations and live entertainment at Walt Disney World's Epcot.

Major kudos go out to sound editor and audio engineer Steven Ng, who managed to make a great-sounding show out of some horrible audio files.

Top 3 dining locations

As always, we started with dining. Mike's number three choice is the Seasons food court at the Land pavilion. He likes the food, the price, and the fact that it's the only food court that he knows about that's in a park and has alcohol for you to openly put on your tray.

For his number three, Mark went with Restaurant Marrakesh, which he didn't think he was going to do, but he likes the food, and he and his family keep finding themselves going back there. (And the entertainment isn't bad, either.) If Alfredo's had not closed, that would have been his number three. He hasn't eaten at Tutto Italia yet (and, contrary to what he said on the show, he won't eat there until this weekend – he's a little time-warped from this advance recording session as he prepares for his trip).

Mike's runner up is Biergarten in Germany because he loves the pretzels. (And he likes the food choices.)

Mark's second choice is Le Cellier. Regardless of which delicious entree he orders, he still has to order the cheddar cheese soup and enjoy the breadsticks. Then Mike and Mark got sidetracked and started talking about Canada (the country, not the pavilion).

Mike's favorite (as he mentioned on Monday's show) is Garden Grill. Mike was surprised that he remembered from such a long time ago. He loves the food and the selection.

Mark's top spot went to Boulangerie Patisserie because he likes the mousssse. And if you like shocolatte mousssse (yes, we know that's not the official spelling) join us for MousssseFest 2007 at MouseFest 2007!)

Top 3 live entertainment options

Mark's number three entertainment choice is Orisi Risi, a storytelling and drumming show at the Outpost in Future World. He enjoys their show, especially when his son is there. They enjoy listening to the stories and drumming along, and the two members of the group are always warm and friendly to everyone.

Mike's third choice is the diving demonstration at the Seas pavilion. They don't do it very often, but Mike thinks that it's very cool because he's a certified SCUBA diver and the quick change in atmospheres requires a lot of skill to handle it.

Mark's number 2 is the Jammitors in Future World. (Why don't we have a Park Guide page for them? Mark will have to work on that. He loves listening to them, and especially appreciates the "sing-along." Mike also picked the Jammitors as his second choice, in a rare show of agreement.

Mark's top pick (surprise, surprise) is the Voices of Liberty. On an upcoming show, we'll have an interview with Dirk, the lead conductor of the Voices of Liberty (and cast choir director for the Candlelight Processional), because Mark will be interviewing Dirk this weekend. (Again, he got crossed up with the advance record, and hasn't conducted that interview yet.)

Mike couldn't make up his mind on his top pick, first selecting a tie between the Voices of Liberty and Mo'Rockin. Then, when Mark agreed that he could pick a seasonal show, Mike picked the Candlelight Processional.

Top 3 attractions

Mike picked Soarin' as his number three choice.

Mark's third pick is The American Adventure. It's a great show, and having seen the "war wagon" that makes the show go on a backstage tour makes him appreciate it even more. Plus, when it's hot outside, it's a great air-conditioned place to catch a nap.

Mike's second choice is Mission: Space (Orange Team). If they had a higher setting than Orange Team, he'd take that. Mark made a bad-taste joke about the attraction's history and moved on quickly.

Mark went with Spaceship Earth as his number two. It's a great attraction. Besides, that barbecue smell as you pass Rome burning makes you hungry. Mark is curious to see how it looks once it reopens from refurbishment. Spaceship Earth is scheduled to reopen on November 14, and Mark is going to try to get on it during his MouseFest trip. (Because there's oh-so-much time during MouseFest.)

Mike's number one is, unsurprisingly, Circle of Life. It's got a great story, and you've got that Lion King-y goodness.

Mark's top pick is a tie between Soarin' and Illuminations, as he couldn't make up his mind. Illuminations is his favorite night-time spectacular at all of Walt Disney World (though the Pirate & Princess Party fireworks is really great, as well), and Soarin' is possibly his favorite attraction of all, and may be one of the best attractions ever. (Not better than Horizons, of course, but it's still great.) Then Mike and Mark got into a discussion about Horizons memories.

So what are your Top 3?. Let us know by sending an email or calling our toll-free feedback line (1-866-939-2278) and let us know what your favorites are!

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