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MouseStation 67 - Listener Feedback

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Note from Mark: As I write this, I've just checked into my room at MousePlanet sponsor Hotel Royal Plaza. My Owner's Locker was waiting for me, and it's huge! I knew that it would be big, but it's one thing to ponder and another to try to bring that thing into the room. Even after I pick up some stuff to put in there, it's still going to be pretty empty between now and my next trip. I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Jesse Peterson let us know that there was a problem with the download link in last Friday's show notes. We were able to get that corrected. If you tried to download last week's Listener Feedback and couldn't get it, please try again. Thanks for letting us know, Jesse!

Bruce let us know that one complete show was all he needs.

Rob said that he didn't care whether it was one feed or multiple feed, but asked us for chapter stops if we made it one feed. It seems that Rob was confused about the difference between combining the feeds and combining the shows. We still have four shows per week, but we are only maintaining the one combined feed instead of separate MouseStation and MousePlanetWatch shows in addition to the combined feed.

Paul Mattias from Coventry, RI left a voicemail noting that he enjoys the new show format and asking Mark about Thanksgiving crowds. He's been having lots of trouble making dining reservations and he's worried about what the crowds will be like.

Mike answered first, noting that he and Paul's kids shared a love for Mickey's Backyard Barbecue.

Mark said that when he was down last year for Thanksgiving, the crowds were manageable over the weekend, but they built each day until it was extremely crowded on Thanksgiving. As long as you don't set too ambitious a schedule, you should be all right. He and his family had their Thanksgiving dinner at the Yacht Club Galley, which had been converted to a buffet for the day. It was actually very good.

Mike noted that, as a cast member, he had his Thanksgiving dinner at Planet Hollywood because there are never any crowds there.

Dave in San Francisco wrote in while delaying his work on grading high school math papers.

He thinks that a single feed would be easier, but it's not a big deal either way.

He is envious of Scott Siegel's solo trip, and is wondering what backstage tours he should take. Mark recommended Backstage Magic, a 7-plus hour tour that goes backstage at three parks, and lets you see a whole bunch of cool stuff. It's a lot of money, but it's worth it. Mark will also give some feedback on the UnDISCOVERed Future World and Keys to the Kingdom tours, since he's taking those tours this weekend to review them for the MousePlanet Park Guide. Mike loves UnDISCOVERed Future World, but isn't that big on Keys to the Kingdom. He recommends Backstage Safari.

He already has reservations at the Swan, and wondered what is the earliest that each of us has planned a trip. Mike planned his solo Disney Cruise Line trip six years in advance. Mark started detailed planning on his famous 23-person trip about a year in advance, though the initial idea started about four years before that. It took some doing to get the three-bedroom Grand Villa and three two-bedroom Villas at Old Key West all lined up, and it took almost two years of points.

He can't make it for MouseFest, but he promises to do The Hustle in San Francisco and think of us. We'd love to see video of it.

He wanted to get paid by Mike, so he noted that "Simba Rules."

Scott Siegel called in to follow up on his email from two weeks ago. Scott wanted to let us know that he didn't miss Jiko, that it's included in the Wanyama Safari, but now he wanted to know what else he might be missing. He also noted that a friend of his was giving him a hard time about going to Disney, and she has never taken her kids. He also said that he'd supply photos and a trip report when he gets back.

Mark noted that he could always talk to the cast members and see if they could give him any ideas. Mike told him to take a nap and not to run himself ragged.

Todd Anger wrote in to let us know that he'll have to wait for his niece to play Spectrobes before he could give us a review. He also noted that he was the first listener to the WDW Today podcast to refer to Pop Century as Scopa Towers after Len Testa coined the term.

Sheila Schutzenhofer forwarded us a DisneyLink article about Walt Disney World's $10 million contribution to help Florida Children's Hospital construct a new facility. She also let us know that she loads MouseStation to her iPod and listens while she trains for the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Joe from LA wrote in with a couple of suggestions.

He suggested that we consolidate our current four shows per week into three shows, with a little listener feedback on each show. We don't want to put listener feedback onto shows because it would shorten the amount of time that we had for the other topics, because we'd prefer to remain with approximately 30-minute shows (which is kind of funny because this show ran well over 40 minutes!) and because we'd than have to try to match the listener feedback with the shows day that it was related to.

He also suggested that we add more different segments for our Monday show and rotate them in and out of the show to give us more flexibility in creating the show. Mark had actually been toying with the same idea, but he hasn't had time to come up with additional segments. If you have any ideas on what additional segments we could throw into rotation on Mondays, please let us know!

He also noted that he prefers a single feed.

Mike and Mark then debated over MouseStation's form of government.

Vance Cope called in four voicemails in which we got to hear his entire trip in under four minutes.

Mike had a hard time dealing with the fact that Vance preferred Finding Nemo - The Musical to Festival of The Lion King.

Mark and Mike debated a bit about the HalloWishes fireworks show. Mark is seeing the show tonight, so he'll have a report on a future show.

Shawn Coomer thanked us fro reading his site address on the show, and giving a little bit of an update.

Paul Gan wrote to remind us that a Walt Disney Museum is being built a the Presidio in San Francisco so that Mark doesn't have to pay to visit the Disney Archives. Mark noted that, while the museum is being created by the Disney family, there may not be much from the Disney Archives. He still would want to visit the Archives (though a tour of the Museum would be great, as well.)

With that, we ran out of time and had to hold the rest of the emails and voicemails for next week.

Feedback and MouseFest

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