MousePlanetWatch Disney News Feed for October 11

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Walt Disney World News

Mike is still sick, so Mark introduced the show solo again.

  • Disney announced a new 800-room resort to be built on the island of Oahu. The resort will be split between Disney Vacation Club rooms and standard hotel rooms.
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Vice President Dr. Beth Stevens has been promoted to Senior Vice President Environmental Affairs for Disney Worldwide Services.
  • The Disney Cruise Line is adding on-board check-in for participating airlines, matching the service provided at Walt Disney World resorts.
  • Several ports are looking to land the two new ships being built by the Disney Cruise Line.
  • Yet another Disney cast member has been arrested on charges of attempting to have sex with a minor child.
  • The Liberty Voices, a group that performs at Epcot as the Voices of Liberty, have announced a special reunion concert celebrating the group's 25 years. Everyone who has ever performed with the group is invited to join the massive sing at Faithworld on October 26.
  • There are also loads of photos in the Update: construction photos of the Animal Kingdom Villas' Kidani Village annex, the "not-a-DVC-resort" adjacent to the Contemporary, and Mickey Avenue in front of the Toy Story Mania building; plus photos of the Osborne Lights being erected, the completed Jedi stage, the Epcot 25 exhibit, retro Epcot merchandise and more.

This and other news can be found in this week's Walt Disney World Park Update.

We've been summarizing just portions of the weekly Walt Disney World Park Update on each show because we had received feedback that you didn't want to hear the same thing that you already read on Monday, so we just hit the high points for those who hadn't read it. Please let us know if you would like us to continue as we have been, to start reading or summarizing the entire Update, or to just drop the Walt Disney World news entirely and only report corporate news.

Disneyland News

This and other news can be found in this week's Disneyland Park Update.

The Walt Disney Company News

  • Standard & Poor's increased Disney's credit rating last week.
  • The hottest act on tour this year is Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, who is commanding higher prices than Bruce Springsteen.
  • America Ferrera was named Hispanic Woman of the Year by Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.
  • Kajeet, a new pay-as-you-go phone system, is attempting to pick up a big chunk of current Disney Mobile users.
  • .Disney has made new Video on Demand deals with channels in Singapore and Russia.
  • Disney has also made an agreement whereby they will have some of their movies and TV shows dubbed into Hindi..
  • The Game Plan is spending a much-needed second week at the top of the box office.

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