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MouseStation 71 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

Mike's back from being sick, and it's good to have him back. In this week's Listener Feedback:

Melissa wrote in with another response to our "The End of Spontaneity" show. She is concerned that eventually Disney will keep raising prices until only the uber-rich can attend. While Mike and Mark can see her point, neither of us think that it's going to get that far.

Rosalyn she's new to podcasts, but wanted to write in that there were a few things that she misses at Walt Disney World, such as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the afternoon tea at the Rose & Crown.

Mike and Mark agree that they're probably going to have to do a YesterWorld Top 3 at some point. (And Mike agrees about the tea.)

Kirsten wrote in to share her DCA Top 3

  • Entertainment:
    • 3) Turtle Talk With Crush
    • 2) Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular
    • 1) Disney's Electrical Parade
  • Dining:
    • 1) Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream
    • 2) Churro cart
  • Attractions:
    • 3) Soarin' Over California
    • 2) A tie between Grizzly River Run and California Screamin'
    • 1) Tower of Terror

Patrick Toohill wrote to ask about the countertops at Disney, since his job is making countertops. He wanted to know how Disney does the work on their counters.

Mike mentioned that his uncle Rocky was actually the salesman that sold all of the tile surfaces for the original surfaces when Walt Disney World was built.

The best advice that Mark or Mike could give are either to check the Orange County Controller's web site to see which contractors are doing work for Disney and then contacting them, contacting Disney themselves, or just taking the Backstage Magic tour and trying to talk to folks while in the Materials and Production Operation building.

Richard Mercer wrote in with his Epcot Top 3

  • Entertainment:
    • 3. British Invasion
    • 2. Voices of Liberty
    • 1. Illuminations
  • Dining:
    • 3. Akershus
    • 2. Le Cellier
    • 1. Garden Grill
  • Attractions:
    • 3. Turtle Talk with Crush
    • 2. Mission Space
    • 1. Spaceship Earth

Susan wrote to tell us not to forget about Off-Kilter. Well, we didn't forget about them, they just didn't make our Top 3 lists.

Dan the Light Man from Golden, CO called in an lengthy voicemail with a review of the previews of The Little Mermaid stage show. Dan and his wife loved the show. They enjoyed the casting, the music, the staging, pretty much everything. His favorite character, though was Scuttle. He also related a story about the lengths to which Disney went to ensure that there were no cameras or recording devices at the show.

Dan also related a couple of magical moments that he and his wife had while eating dinner before the show. They gave the show itself five and a half out of five planets.

Mike and Mark then got into a little debate about the extent of the no cameras policy.

Audress Johnson wrote in because she was glad to finally able to send us her Epcot Top 3.

  • Entertainment:
    • 3. Miyuki
    • 2. Matsuriza
    • 1. Voices of Liberty
  • Dining:
    • 3. Rose & Crown
    • 2. Tangierine Cafe
    • 1. Restaurant Marrakesh
  • Attractions (this is where it gets hard to choose, I really love nearly all the attractions):
    • 3. Mission Space (Orange Team).
    • 2. American Adventure.
    • 1. Reflections of Earth

Jay Thompson also sent in an Epcot Top 3

  • Live Entertainment:
    • 3. Illuminations
    • 2. Candlelight Processional
    • 1. World Showcase Players
    • Honorable Mention: Off Kilter
  • Dining:
    • 3. Chefs De? France
    • 2. Sunshine Seasons
    • 1. Le Cellier
    • Honorable Mention- Akershus
  • Attractions:
    • 3. Spaceship Earth
    • 2. Test Track
    • 1. Soaring
    • Honorable Mention: Maelstrom

So, there you are. You were soliciting ideas for a Top Threes after you were done with the parks, so here is my suggestion. As a frequent resort guest, but not yet a DVC member, I think that ranking the resort hotels would be interesting. You would likely have to limit that to just DisneyWorld, given that the other parks all only have a couple of resorts, and I don't know if it would be appropriate to include the DVC resorts, but in any case, that is my suggestion. Whether you use it or not I will still be listening. Thanks guys.

Thomas wrote to let us know that he was having problems downloading last Friday's show. Mark noted that here were publishing problems last Friday while he was in Florida, but all problems seem to have been resolved.

With that, we ran out of time and had to hold the rest of the emails and voicemails for next week.

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