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MouseStation 79 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Mela wrote in to say that she was having some problems with the feeed, and with seeing the latest shows in iTunes. She also asked for information about the Grad Nite event concept.

We have been having some problems with the feed, partly due to the fact that iTunes can't show more than 100 shows on a feed. We've resolved that issue by removing the oldest shows in the feed, leaving only episodes 26 and up in the feed for now. As we move forward, we'll keep archiving shows off of the feed. In the meantime, older episodes will always be downloadable from the show notes and from the main podcast page.

Mark and Mike chatted about Grad Nite and explained the concept. Mike related some of his experiences as a cast member working Grad Nite.

Michelle Cappelletti wrote in to say that she was so disappointed with changes to the Disney Dining Plan that she's reconsidering buying the dining plan for her family's trip this January. Her biggest gripe is the removal of the gratuity from the plan.

While there can be no changes for the 2008 plan at this point because the terms are already finalized, perhaps Disney can consider following the suggestion of a MousePad member who suggested that the amount of the gratuity could be determined using a set of checkboxes on the receipt. This would allow guests to control the gratuity to help ensure good service while on the dining plan, while at the same time allowing the dining plan to return the gratuity to the plan.

Liana from Simi Valley, CA wrote in to let us know that she had called in three voicemails, and to tell us about how she got into listening to Disney podcasts. She also mentioned that she loves listening to the variety of different podcasts because we all take such different tacks on approaching the material.

We also enjoy the fact that all of the podcasts are different because it lets all of the different viewpoints get heard, and people can pick the show that best fills their needs.

We then played one of Liana's voicemails (the other two were a Tip of the Week and a Magical Moment, which will appear on future shows). This voicemail was to thank everybody involved with the October 14 MouseAdventure at Disneyland Resort. We also heard that everything went really well. Mark is hoping that the mini-MouseAdventure during MouseFest will go as well. In his answer, Mark misidentified Mike Hamilton as being from the Disney Podcast Network instead of the correct Disney Podcast Directory.

Bob Becker wrote in that he'd love to see the U.S. parks do Halloween the way that Hong Kong Disneyland is doing it.

Mike said that he's seen the decorations on the park's web site and agrees that it's really awesome.

Mark chimed in that the U.S. parks are increasing the amount of decorations, but that you're very unlikely to see that kind of makeover here, especially at Walt Disney World. The main reason for that, as he's stated many times in the past, is that the other parks are more dependent on local regular repeat visitors, who sometimes need reasons to keep coming back to the park. Walt Disney World, though, has a different make-up of its regular guests, as most are people that only go to the park every few years at best, and oftentimes once in a lifetime. They're more likely to get upset that something that they were looking forward to seeing was not running or completely changed out because they may not be back for several years, if ever.

Jennifer Webster wrote in to tell of her back luck at two different Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties, in 2005 (as Hurricane Wilma approached) and 2007 (where they got drenched and didn't even get to see the parade).

Mike remembers that night back in 2005, as he was a cast member at the time. He talked a bit about his experiences during that time.

Rickey wrote in to say that he was going to be at Walt Disney World October 24-29 and was wondering if they still do special events at Pleasure Island for Halloween. Mark apologized for getting the email on the show late. He hadn't read the content closely enough to realize that it was time-dependent. (And our weird recording schedule doesn't help that, either.)

Anyway, for the record, Hip Kitty and Dance the Fright Away will be performing at the rarely-used Waterfront Stage in addition to Untouchables at the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club tonight and tomorrow night.

Another late-read email came from Patrick Toohill, who was going to Walt Disney World in late October and wondered about which bars would be good places to hang out at after his family crashed and he was still wide awake and raring to go. Mike gave some great information based on his experience.

Chad from Lake Arrowhead called with a couple of great stories. Chad loves Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and gave a tip that, during the Boo-to-You parade, if Captain Jack Sparrow catches you dancing while watching the parade, he'll make fun of you and dance like you. He also passed along a Magical Moment with a neat story of how he and his wife met Roy E. Disney at a special screening for the launch of the True Life Adventures DVDs.

Mike and Mark expressed their concern for Chad, as Lake Arrowhead is right at the center of one of the current devastating Lake Arrowhead wildfires.

Pat called in to let us know that he was having trouble with the email form on the web site and also to pose an Ask the Kid question about how Mark's son does at Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

We just found out about the problems with the mail form, and we're trying to get it straightened out. (In fact, it may be straightened out by the time that the show is published.) In the meantime, the podcast@ and stories@ email addresses still work so you can send the email directly instead of through the form.

Mark's son doesn't do well at Buzz Lightyear due to low vision and teh darkness inside the attraction, so we're likely to give that question a pass.

With that, we ran out of time and had to hold the rest of the emails and voicemails for next week.

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