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MouseStation 83 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

We were a little short on feedback this week because there was a problem with the mail form on while all of the technical staff with knowledge of the mail system were in Florida for the Tower of Terror races. It's supposed to be fixed by now, so you should be able to use the mail form to send us mail again. (Of course you can always use the direct email addresses instead of the mail form.) In the meantime, we stretched our answers a bit, and ended up running long anyway.

We first had some emails from Kim Barron. She had called us again because we didn't run her last voicemail as advertised last week. We explained that the show had just run longer than expected, and her voicemail ended up being right behind the cut due to the mix of feedback in the show. We then played her original voicemail and another follow-up voicemail, both with her Epcot Top 3 lists, which had some differences between them.

Her original Top 3 was:

  • Dining
    • 3. Sunshine Seasons/Margarita stand (tie)
    • 2. Chefs de France
    • 1. Le Cellier
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Mo'Rockin
    • 2. Matzuriza (Japanese drummers)
    • 1. Off Kilter
  • Attractions
    • 3. Mission: Space green team
    • 2. Seas with Nemo and Friends
    • 1. Soarin'/Illuminations (tie)

Her follow-up Top 3 was:

  • Dining
    • 3. Sunshine Seasons
    • 2. Chefs de France
    • 1. Le Cellier
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Mo'Rockin
    • 2. Turtle Talk with Crush
    • 1. Off Kilter
  • Attractions
    • 3. Seas with Nemo and Friends
    • 2. Mission: Space green team
    • 1. Soarin'/Illuminations (tie)

Apparently, in two weeks, the Margarita stand dropped out of its tie with Sunshine Seasons, Turtle Talk replaced Matsuriza, and Mission: Space green team and the Seas with Nemo and Friends swapped places.

Don't worry, Kim. Our choices vary with time, too.

Next up was a voicemail from Dan the Light Man in Golden, Colorado. Dan and Nancy wanted to respond to our show on The End of Spontaneity and the listener feedback on that show. While not used to doing too much planning, they did call 90 days out from their trip and were unable to get the Fantasmic dining package at the Brown Derby. They were also shut out of Le Cellier for lunch and dinner for their entire 12-day trip.

However, they were able to eat at Victoria & Albert's, which was a great experience with great food.

They can see both sides of the tiered Fastpass controversy. While it's not as good for folks staying elsewhere, they think that folks staying at deluxe resorts like the Grand Floridian deserve something extra.

Gwendolen Dupuis passed along the email that she received when she was not selected to move on to the second round of the Disney World Moms panel. While we're sorry to hear that she wasn't selected, but it's nice to know or at least that they're taking t seriously and reading all 10,000 entries.

Steve Walker wrote to let us know that the parrot at Disneyland's version of Pirates of the Caribbean returned. It was not at the ride entrance on October 22, but was sitting on a shovel handle in the entrance scene on October 24.

It's nice to know about the Disneyland attraction, but the parrot that we referred to on the show was the parrot outside the Walt Disney World attraction, who sang "A Parrot's Life for Me" and whose perch was removed during the remodeling of the attraction. The parrot now appears in the attraction's final scene with Captain Jack Sparrow, though it's uncertain at this time whether he still sings "A Parrot's Life for Me."

Sheila from southern Illinois, also known as disneyfan822, asked what she should keep in mind as she runs her first Walt Disney World Marathon and what she should make sure to see and do when she's down there. She also said that she's disappointed that she won't be able to join us at the Hustle-tini meet at MouseFest.

Mark referred Sheila to MousePlanet's Marathon Guide, which has much of the information that she's looking for. However, he and Mike offered several suggestions for pre-marathon touring, as well as some race-day thoughts.

Feedback and MouseFest

We're trying to decide whether we should publish the show on days when there's no new MousePlanet content. The next time that this will occur will be on Thanksgiving and the following day, where MousePlanet will not be publishing new content on those days. Should we publish the podcast on those days anyway, or will you be looking for the show on those dates, as well?

Please send us your comments via email or by calling our toll-free feedback line at 1-866-939-2278. Don't forget that we love voicemails because then we can put your voice on the show!

Don't forget to send in your entry for our Owner's Locker contest by Halloween!

We also wanted to remind you that we have now scheduled our MouseFest meet for the podcasts. The MouseStation Hustle-tini Meet will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Classic Concoctions in the Everything Pop food court at Disney's Pop Century Resort for Bluetinis to get our nerve up to get up and boogie. We'll make sure that we're in the lobby before 6 p.m. so that we can do The Hustle, then return to Classic Concoctions or elsewhere to record some more for the podcast. For more information on the Hustle-tini or any other MousePlanet-sponsored meet at MouseFest, check out our MouseFest information page. If you've got any ideas on what might make a cool MouseStation T-shirt for MouseFest, let Mark know!

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