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MouseStation 87 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Chad from Lake Arrowhead, CA checked back in with us and thanked us for our concern as to how he made out with the wildfires.

As it turned out, they were on their honeymoon at Walt Disney World at the time of the fires. His parents kept them apprised of the situation while they were away. When they got back, their house and cat were fine. Chad thanked all of the firefighters who risked their lives to preserve their homes and way of life, and all those who kept them in their thoughts and prayers.

Chad also came up with a great Owner's Locker tip, even though the contest is over (even though Mark claims that he came up with it first, back in the beginning). Chad suggested purchasing large bottles of your favorite spirits while in Florida and keeping them in your locker. Then you'd have a full bar available on every visit, saving a lot of money on your bar tabs.

Next up, we had a bunch of emails in response to our question as to whether or not we should publish shows on days that the rest of MousePlanet goes dark and doesn't publish new content. The first one came from our #1 fan, Maryann Fekete, who said that we deserve a break and we should take Thanksgiving weekend off and enjoy the extra time with our loved ones.

Next, we heard from Audress Johnson from Littleton, CO, who said that we should take the weekend off because we deserve it and probably need it. She noted that she usually reads the site at lunchtime while at work, and wouldn't feel terribly deprived if we took a few days off.

She also suggested linking to interesting previous articles that newer readers may have missed or perhaps some holiday-themed photo essays. At this point, we generally leave the latest content up on the front page to make sure that everybody has a chance to get caught up, but we thank you for your suggestion.

Mike suggested that we just do a short show, maybe just a couple of minutes, to wish people a happy holiday and give people at least something to listen to. We'll think about it.

Big Brian Martsolf said that taking a few days off when the rest of the site does would be good because there's something to be said for taking a break every once in a while.

In an oddly-titled email called "The Hustle-tini shirt has landed (and the elephant walks at midnight)", Brianne was ecstatic that her Hustle-tini shirt had arrived, and that she had worn it to class the next day (to mixed reactions).

She is preparing a photo montage of the Hustle-tini shirt in action, but provided a very blurry photo in the meantime. And yes, Brianne, it does kind of look like you're leading a Jazzercise class.

The lovely (as far as we can tell) Brianne models her new Hustle-tini logo shirt in this blurry photo. We're still waiting for that photo montage of the shirt in action, Brianne!

Meanwhile, Brianne also said that of course she wants us to publish podcasts over the holidays. She doesn't want to get into MousePlanet withdrawal, so she needs us even more on those days.

Sharla from Georgia wrote to say that, while she'd love to hear a new show at Thanksgiving, she would rather than we spend the time off with our families.

Paul in New York City wrote in twice.

First, he wanted to present a counterpoint to our discussion of why Walt Disney World does not get Halloween treatments/overlays like other Disney Parks from from MouseStation Episode 79. Paul mentioned a story over at Jim Hill Media that talked about about a possible Nightmare Before Christmas dark ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios and that the Nightmare Before Christmas floats created for Hong Kong Disneyland's Glow in the Dark Halloween Parade may actually make it's way to Disney's Hollywood Studios in the future as proof that Halloween-themed overlays might come to Walt Disney World.

He also argued that Disney would actually make more money by doing holiday makeovers, pointing out that he once made a special trip to Disneyland just to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday. He figures that first-time visitors that are interested in seeing the park in it's "regular" configuration could schedule their visit accordingly.

He also suggested a topic for the future: "The downfall of Pleasure Island - what happened?" He used to enjoy PI back in the days when it was adults-only, but claims that it does not have the same magic anymore. He wants to bring back the days (or nights) of Carpe PM and real nightly fireworks.

Paul in New York City also sent a second email to let us know that he had spotted a parrot in the pirate display at World of Disney and thought that it was the missing Pete the pirate parrot from Pirates of the Caribbean.

We went right to an email from Thomas, who pointed out that in Episode 109 of the Inside the Magic podcast, Ricky Brigante confirmed that the parrot was Peter from the attraction, complete with video.

Thomas also complained that there is no Lion King-themed meet for Mike during MouseFest.

Vance Cope sent us two emails, the first wondering what is our faorite part (and Mark's son's favorite part) of the Carousel of Progress.

Mike likes the finale, while Mark likes the tone of the whole show. We'll add it to the list of questins to ask for a future recording session for Ask the Kid.

Vance's second email weighed in with his Epcot Top 3 list:

  • Dining
    • 3. Akershus Princess Story Book Lunch
    • 2. Le Cellier
    • 1. Boulangerie Patisserie
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Turtle Talk with Crush
    • 2. Miyuki
    • 1. Illuminations
  • Attractions
    • 3. American Adventure
    • 2. Spaceship Earth
    • 1. Soarin'

Vance is also planning on sending us an updated Magic Kingdom Top 3 list.

Julie from the UK wrote in to tell us that she loves the show and that she's wondering if we will have any content on the parks at Disneyland Paris, as that's where she hopes to head on her vacation next year.

Mark and Mike are not likely to be heading to Disneyland Paris any time in the near future so send a like in if they've had the chance to expeience the news and attactin at Disneyland Paris.

Dave Welty wrote in to ask that we provide commentary of Disneyland stories that Andrew reads before passing it along.

Feedback and MouseFest

We're trying to decide whether we should publish the show on days when there's no new MousePlanet content. The next time that this will occur will be on Thanksgiving and the following day, where MousePlanet will not be publishing new content on those days. Should we publish the podcast on those days anyway, or will you be looking for the show on those dates, as well?

Please send us your comments via email or by calling our toll-free feedback line at 1-866-939-2278. Don't forget that we love voicemails because then we can put your voice on the show!

Don't forget to send in your entry for our Owner's Locker contest by Halloween!

We also wanted to remind you that we have now scheduled our MouseFest meet for the podcasts. The MouseStation Hustle-tini Meet will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Classic Concoctions in the Everything Pop food court at Disney's Pop Century Resort for Bluetinis to get our nerve up to get up and boogie. We'll make sure that we're in the lobby before 6 p.m. so that we can do The Hustle, then return to Classic Concoctions or elsewhere to record some more for the podcast. For more information on the Hustle-tini or any other MousePlanet-sponsored meet at MouseFest, check out our MouseFest information page. If you've got any ideas on what might make a cool MouseStation T-shirt for MouseFest, let Mark know!

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