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MouseStation 91 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Kim Barron called in to say that the differences in her Epcot lists were due to the fact that she misplaced her list between the two calls. Then she decided that our discussion of the most calls received from a listener in one day amounted to a challenge, and set about calling in eight different voicemails. (Two were Tips of the Week and one was a Magical Moment, so those are being held for future shows.) The previous record-holder, Dan the Light Man from Golden, CO, had called in five, though three of them were a single, very long story. Two of Kim's were a single, very long discussion of her Studios Top 3:

  • Dining
    • 3. Backlot Express
    • 2. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
    • 1. Hollywood Brown Derby
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage
    • 2. Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
    • 1. Fantasmic
  • Attractions
    • 3. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
    • 2. MuppetVision 3-D
    • 1. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

We held two more of Kim's emails for later in the show.

Mike Walter wrote in with his Studios Top 3 list:

  • Dining
    • 3. Starring Rolls
    • 2. 50s Prime Time Cafe
    • 1. Hollywood & Vine
  • Attractions
    • 3. Walt Disney: One Man's Dream
    • 2. The Great Movie Ride
    • 1. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster/Tower of Terro (tie)

Mike forgot to include a live entertainment list.

Pete Altemese was next with his Studios Top 3 list:

  • Dining
    • 3. Studios Catering Company
    • 2. Hollywood & Vine
    • 1. 50s Prime Time Cafe
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
    • 2. Fantasmic
    • 1. Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
  • Attractions
    • 3. MuppetVision 3-D
    • 2. Tower of Terror
    • 1. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Gwen from New Hampshire called in to ask how she should handle her Advance Dining Reservation for the first week in December, where she has a reservation for 11 people at Boma, but three can't make it.

Mike said that calling to reduce a reservation would never jeopardize the ability to keep the reservation, but if there was any chance that they'd need the reservation they should keep the seats.

Mark took a different approach. Since it's the first week of December and he doesn't have dinner at Boma on his dining schedule yet, Gwen should let us know when the reservation is for and maybe we'll take the seats. (Mark will even bring his Disney Dining Experience card along for the 20 percent discount!) If you're not afraid of having us join you, let us know when it is!

Dana sent in a pair of emails to talk about the her opinion of the possibility of tiered Fastpasses and the end of spontaneity, both of which were discussed on previous shows.

Mike agreed that there should not be additional perks for people staying at deluxe resorts, but the rumored Destination Disney benefits for frequent guests would be welcome.

Next we started our way through the voting on whether we should do shows for the days that MousePlanet is dark through the Thanksgiving holiday. (We already know the results, but we read them anyway.)

First up, Kevin Peace said that he'd love to hear more shows, but we should take some time off. He also teased Mike about his use of "pacifically" while asking about whether or not Pop Century has in-room coffee makers. Mike tested Mark to see if he knew, and Mark answered correctly. There are no coffee pots in the rooms at the value resorts. Mark suggested that they bring their own coffee maker.

Jay wrote in to say that we can skip the shows over the holidays. He probably wouldn't download them anyway. Mark and Mike talked a bit about the upcoming holidays, and Mark sounded very disappointed that he would not be home for nearly all of Hanukkah because of MouseFest. Mark pondered whether there was the opportunity to have a dreidel meet during MouseFest.

Angela Delaney wants us to take the holidays off.

Jonathan Cooper wrote to tell us to take the time off.

Debra from Kansas City left some voicemail to let us know that she thinks that we should take the days off, as well.

Debra also left a Magical Moment, which we're holding for a future show. Because we have such a huge backlog of Magical Moments, we may use a bunch of them in the feature episode between Christmas and New Year's.

Sondra wrote that she wants us to publish shows over the holidays so that she doesn't have to listen to music on her iPod. It was strange enough for her while Mike was sick and Mark did a couple of shows without him.

Patrick Toohill said that we should take the time off, but throw out the 30-minute target for shows following the time off. Mark noted that the 30-minute show is largely mythical for us at this point for regular shows, so don't worry about a short post-holiday show.

Next, we played our fourth Kim Barron voicemail of the day, and she said that we should take the holiday off, unless we could maybe upload an additional show on Wednesday. Mark and Mike talked a little bit about our current recording and processing schedule and how we really don't do all of our shows on one day any more. This way, we can get more than one or two hours of sleep when we record the show.

Our next email came from "m" (who apparently only has a letter, not even a full name), who wrote "TAKE THE DAYS OFF"

Owen of Sacramento, CA, who has listened to us since the first show (we're glad that he stuck with us through the early days), wrote in to say that he thinks that we should take the time off and spend it with our families.

Nancy wrote that we should take the time off because there's still prep time involved with the show even if we're not recording over the holiday, and she figures that we can use the time off.

Dave in San Francisco wrote that, while he may start getting twitchy from withdrawal, we should take the time off.

Steve Russo checked in (good to hear from you again!) to say that we should take the time off, and posed a Stump the Hosts question while he was at it.

Mark let Mike answer, and he got it right.

In our fifth Kim Barron voicemail of the week (there were eight total), she commented on the automatic 18 percent gratuity that everyone thought would be added across the board. (Of course, we later learned that it would only be for people using the Disney Dining Experience card.) She was adamantly against it.

Liana wrote to say that she was thrilled that we played her voicemail on the air, and to let us know that she had called in another one, about her family getting to ride in the Lilly Belle private car on the Disneyland Railroad.

She also wished Mike a happy birthday. Mike decided that he was glad that somebody remembered his birthday.

Big Brian called into the voicemail to with Mike a happy birthday. Mike wondered how everybody knew about his birthday.

Mike Hamilton of the Disney Podcast Network also wrote to wish Mike a happy birthday (and mentioned the tag that Mark and the Kid recorded for the end of Monday's show).

Sharla Manglass wrote in to wish Mike a happy birthday.

That was all of the birthday greetings that had been received by Tuesday night. Mark revealed to Mike about the special tag on the show, and all other birthday greetings received will make it onto the pre-Thanksgiving show.

Mike had a great birthday, seeing The Lion King stage show in Minneapolis (which was better than trying to see it in New York City, since it was cancelled due to the strike). He will be in New York City while this show is being published and, with luck, he'll see the Mary Poppins stage show while there.

Feedback and MouseFest

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