A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 94 - Collected short subjects

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Welcome back!

We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend. We certainly enjoyed the break.

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Thanks to our sponsor

Today's show is sponsored by Owner's Locker, a new service that gives you a place to leave your vacation-only stuff until your next trip to visit the Mouse.

This week, we heard our second listener voicemail on how people are using their Owner's Locker. Jean from St. Paul, MN called in to say that she loves Owner's Locker because they can keep bulky things in Florida, without having to take them back and forth on the airplanes. In their locker, they keep a Stir Crazy popcorn popper and a couple of foldable camp stools that they use when watching the parades in the parks.

If you have any other great ideas for how to use an Owner's Locker, if you've signed up and are anticipating using your locker, or if you have already used your locker, send us an email or call our voicemail and let us know what you think!

Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes from listener Steve Walker. (Send in your tip now!)

Steve recommends checking for unlisted single rider lines in the parks.such as Splash Mountain and California Screamin'.

Mark talked about where he found the single rider line for Screamin', and confirmed that the Splash exit is often used for single riders. However, the best way to do it is still to ask the cast member staffing the attraction, because they will definitely know the answer.

Featured attraction

This week, we look at the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

The park guide calls the attraction seasonal, but it hasn't been seasonal for some time. We'll have to fix that.

Mark ran down much of the history of the attraction and talked about the history of the voice of the father and grandfather, as well as the theme songs.

Mike and Mark both love the attraction. (Mark's son does, too.) It's a very "Walt attraction," with the eternal optimism that he seemed to bring to everything. The location where it used to be at Disneyland now houses Innoventions, which has many progressive new inventions on display.

Review system spotlight

This week's spotlight focuses on Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at the Disney-MGM Studios (soon to be Disney's Hollywood Studios). MousePlanet readers enjoy Mama Melrose's, rating it 3.6 out of five planets on the strength of 13 reviews. Our featured review this week is a 3-planet review by mickeysgirl17 of Jacksonville, FL.

mickeysgirl17 and her husband loved the appetizers and desserts, though the main courses were "disgusting." Despite that, they decided that they would go back again.

Mark thinks of Mama Melrose's as serviceable, where he has had some good meals in the past, but wouldn't consider it outstanding. He also continues to claim that he was partly responsible for the demise of the "all you can eat pasta bowl" dish. He's just not all that enthusiastic about the restaurant.

Mike really enjoys the restaurant. It's got good, but not great, Italian food. He doesn't feel that he would do well at if he wasn't dining with another person, because it doesn't bode well for single diners because of the family atmosphere.

You can also find Mama Melrose's in our Park Guide.

Three Wishes

This week, we tried out another new segment, this one called "Three Wishes ." In it, Mark and Mike will talk about their three wishes for a park, resort, movie, or other Disney-related topic.

This week, we talked about our Three Wishes for Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Mike's first wish is to turn the Animation attraction into the attraction that they have at Disney's California Adventure, with the addition of a working animation studio to support it.

Mark's first wish is to expand the Walt Disney: One Man's Dream exhibit to include more cool artifacts from Imagineering and the history of Walt's life.

Mike's second wish is that Block Party Bash doesn't appear at the Studios or that it closes quickly. Of course, his hatred for the parade has to do with seven straight hours of listening to the music from a kiosk while waiting to get into Disneyland for the park's 50th birthday. Mark got him to admit that, if the parade's music was changed, he wouldn't mind it so much.

Mark's second wish is to improve the quality of the waitstaff at 50s Prime Time Cafe and the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater so that he can go back to those places again.

Mike's final wish would be to move the Sorcerer's Hat to another location in the park that didn't block anything that he cares about.

Mark's final wish takes Mike's wish a step further. He would airlift the hat and drop it over the Animation Courtyard without the extensions that they've put onto the hat. It would shield the Courtyard from rain and it would match the theming. Mike likes the idea, too.

To submit your opinion on whether or not we should try "Three Wishes" again or to submit your own ideas, send us an email or call our toll-free voicemail.

Magical Moment

This week's moment came from listener Liana from Simi Valley.

This past April while Liana was at the Disneyland Resort with her family, she managed to get her entire family Dream Fastpasses by overhearing someone saying that they were being given out at a nearby location. It helped her to get her family through all of the attractions in one day, and made her 10-year-old cousin's first visit a wonderful time.

Mark was impressed that she was able to figure out that they were giving out Dream Fastpasses from someone racing past her muttering "Fastpasses!"

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