We're Going To MouseFest!

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 95 - We're Going To MouseFest!

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Featured Topic - We're Going To MouseFest!

In this week's feature, Mike and Mark talk about their plans for MouseFest, where you can find them there and what to expect on post-MouseFest shows. (For a list of all of MousePlanet's MouseFest meets, check out our MouseFest events page.)

Mark is traveling down to Florida next Tuesday, and will cover the Disney Vacation Club Condominium Association annual member meeting that day, as well as doing some last-minute prep for the mini-MouseAdventure.

On Wednesday, Mark will be working with our friends at the Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels on a project that we'll be telling you about very soon.

Hit the ground running

Thursday will see the kick-off of official MouseFest land events. Mark will help kick off the festivities, as he co-hosts MouseFest 101 with Professor Mike Scopa. They'll spend an hour going over the background and history of MouseFest, an overview of the event, some highlighted meets, some Dos and Don'ts, and conducting a Q&A. Then, they'll all stick around for the Chairman's Meet & Greet to help greet MouseFest guests. Then, everyone will head over to Aloha Isle for Mike Scopa's Dole Whip Meet.

After that, Mark will try to meet up with Steve Barrett for his Hidden Mickey's hunt through Pirates of the Caribbean before getting a good spot for the evening's castle lighting, then maybe grabbing a bite to eat before Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and the popular fireworks meet. Meanwhile, Mike will be at a ceremony back in Minnesota where the company that he works for is receiving a special award.

Podcast audio for the day will likely include MouseFest 101 and possibly the Dole Whip Meet.

DAK, the reunion, and the Studios

If Mark manages to be awake in time, Mark will participate in the Kilimanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest Meets before meeting up with some people to have lunch at the new Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

From there, Mark will run back to Pop Century to pick up Mike as he arrives from the airport before they run back for what will likely be their final visit to the Disney-MGM Studios (while the park is under that name) for PodFest, at either Backlot Express or the Studio Catering Co.

After that, Mark will possibly stick around for the MuppetMeet, the Studios Hidden Mickey meet and the Osborne Lights, but he's not sure what he's doing after that.

Daily audio will include PodFest, but maybe not much else.

Mega Day

If Mark can possibly squeeze it in, he'll be at David Koenig's Stroll in Card's Footsteps meet at Epcot before finishing setup for the Mega Mouse Meet. The Mega Meet will be insanely busy, as usual, from the early entry of registered attendees at noon and the opening to the general public at 1:00 right through the end at 3:30. Mike and Mark will both chat with as many people at the Mega Meet as possible. Following the load-out, Mark and Mike will race over to Boulangerie Patisserie for MousssseFest. Dinner will either be with one group of people at Biergarten or another group of people at Marrakesh, yet to be decided.

It was noted that, for the second year in a row, there is a shuttle launch scheduled for MouseFest Thursday. Last year the launch actually took place on Saturday following two days of delay. We don't know when the launch will actually take place this year, but if it goes as scheduled on Thursday afternoon, it will take place while MouseFesters are at the Magic Kingdom, and the shuttle will be seen in the general vicity of Space Mountain.

The day's audio will include the Mega Mouse Meet and perhaps MousssseFest.

Back to the Magic (Kingdom)

On Sunday, Mike and Mark will kick off the day with the mini-MouseAdventure at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. Mark will likely stick around for TriviaFest at 1:00 and the Magical Definition/Mouse Guest Weekly Podcast Pirates meet at 2:00. Of course our Hustle-tini meet will take place at 5:30 at Pop Century, and the rest of the day is up in the air right now.

Sunday's audio will include the mini-MouseAdventure and the Hustle-tini meet. We'll also have bonus video from the Hustle-tini meet, shot either by Mark or by John Corigliano of the MouseTimes Podcast.

We'll also be recording regular shows live from our room at Pop Century, as well as trying to get some interviews with Wade Sampson, David Koenig, Jennifer and Dave Marx and others.

Mike is going to try to ease back on recording this year, since he came back with more audio than we could use on our Magical Moment Podcast last year. This year, we'll string the audio out as long as necessary, perhaps using some audio as "MouseFest Moments" as a rotating Monday short subject.

Monday will likely be a down day to relax and enjoy before we head home. (Of course, Mark will have to write the Park Update at some point, as well.)

Some other cool MouseFest stuff

There are tons of other meets going on at MouseFest, with loads of other people hosting them. In fact, there are 100 different people representing the 25 web sites, 17 podcasts, and a dozen and half books.

Just under 800 people did the paid registration this year. We don't have unpaid registration this year, so we have no idea how many people are actually planning to attend, but it would be surprising if we don't top last year's total where 2,000 people registered for free.

Mark talked a bit about how the RADP annual gathering was in October this year, but they are still having a Holiday Meet in conjunction with MouseFest, rather than the regular annual gathering, due to the stabilization of the MouseFest schedule.

Mark and Mike both plan to be at the Magical Definition/Mouse Guest Weekly Podcast Pirates meet. (We appeared on Mouse Guest Weekly's Show #121 to talk about our MouseFest meets. You can check it out on the show archives page or go straight to downloading the show.)

Mike may also try to attend the Passporter Adventurer's Club Meet on Sunday night, but he really wants to just hang out with people and maybe ride an attraction or six.

Mark may have a special interview set up on Monday, but we'll have to wait and see whether he can get it scheduled or not.

Mark's key non-MousePlanet meets this year include TriviaFest, MVMCP Fireworks Meet, PodFest, Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickeys meets, the MDP/MGW Pirates meet and maybe an Adventurer's Club meet.

What he's looking forward to the most, though, is running into the people that he's met at MouseFests past and the new people that he's going to meet this year.

And, of course, Mark and Mike are looking forward to actually seeing each other again, since they only get to be in the same place at the same time once a year these days.

So are you going to join us at MouseFest? Let us know by sending an email or calling our toll-free feedback line (1-866-939-2278) and let us know what event you're planning to attend!

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