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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

We started with emails that arrived last week but that we didn't get to because of the special Episode 101 last Friday.

The Abominables (a.k.a. Mike and Sunnie from Vegas) wrote in to let us know that they'd be at the mini-MouseAdventure again. We did see them (along with teammate Jamie), and it was great to see them again. They noted that they both have jobs (we know what Mike does, but we we're still wondering what Sunnie does), but the bigger question – which we didn't have time to get the answer to because Mark had to run off to the MouseFest 2008 Executive Planning Committee – is what's the deal with the Mike/Justin thing (he apparently answers to both). We're hoping that Mike writes in to clear it up.

Mike Hamilton of the Disney Podcast Directory wrote in to let us know that he'd be at PodFest and the Mega Mouse Meet. (He helped out Paul Barrie at the Window to the Magic Podcast table at the Mega Meet.) It was great to finally meet Mike in person. He's a really nice guy. He also explained how he manages to listen to every Disney podcast out there, but it was so long that we didn't read it on air. Suffice to say that we got tired just reading it.

Susan wrote in to agree with one of the Disney-MGM Studios Three Wishes. She'd love to see them turn the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular into the Indiana Jones Adventure that they have at Disneyland.

Scott Collins and gabby both wrote in to let Mark know that the name of the restaurant before it became the Kona Cafe was the Coral Isle Cafe. Mark now remembers and agrees, and he had a couple of nice meals there while on his honeymoon 20 years ago. Now he's trying to remember the original name for 'Ohana. Anyone?

John wrote in that he likes the Six Degrees concept, but wonders why Joe in LA took such a long route between the Mouseketeers and the Monkees. John gave a quick-hop solution to that one. Now, Mark had the idea (and Mike came up with it simultaneously) to have the listeners come up with the shortest Six Degrees answer, so we're going to give a Six Degrees question on a Monday show and wait a few weeks before we read the reader solutions on air.

Kyle wrote in to ask about RideMax and whether or not it would be a good idea to try it for Christmas Eve in the Magic Kingdom. Mark and Mike weren't sure how well it would work for that particular day, but Mark said that he'd write to Mark Winters and get an answer for next week's show.

Brian asked about whether there is any news about updated tranportation plans for the Disneyland Resort Area, in light of the reported Disney management of two Gardenwalk hotels and a possible third theme park. Mark & Mike aren't the subject matter experts for the West Coast, but they haven't heard of any new transportation plans. (Besides, the Gardenwalk hotel thing isn't set in stone yet, and there's no way that Disney will build a third park until they fix the second park. And that's scheduled to go until 2012, and then they have to see whether the changes work or not.)

Cody from Las Vegas wrote in with a teenager's perspective on DCA Top Threes:

  • Dining
    • Since they usually go back across to Disneyland to eat, he only had a top two.
    • 2. Burr-Bank Ice Cream
    • 1. Award Wieners
  • Attractions
    • 3. Tower of Terror
    • 2. California Screamin'
    • 1. Soarin' Over California

Cody forgot to include a live entertainment list. Maybe teenagers just don't do live entertainment?

He closed by noted that Simba Rules. Mark is wondering what Mike's budget for paying off listeners is, because they're still writing in about The Lion King.

George wrote in to ask what a "protein spill" is and what Mike meant on an earlier show about why people shouldn't bring expensive strollers to the parks.

"Protein spill" is Disney cast member terminology for when someone loses their lunch. It sounds much more innocuous when talking in front of guests.

As to the stroller, Mike indicated that he was really talking about those $400 Jeep-type strollers, and that a normal but expensive stroller should be safe. It might get bumped around a bit, but it should be fine.

Molly Simonson wrote in to ask how she could go about making sure that a friend of hers could experience some magic on her upcoming trip, since her friend could really use some magic in her life after a family tragedy.

There's no real way to guarantee that Disney will provide specific magic for people, but sometimes a call to the hotel manager or Disney Guest Services can help in a small way.

If Molly wants to provide the magic heself, she could call either the Disney Florist or Gifts of a Lifetime to get some assistance.

Julie from Pacifica (not Specifica), CA wrote in to ask what our Holiday Top Three are.

Mike started with Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at #3, Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade at #2 and Illuminations with the holiday tag at #1.

Mark responded with Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade for #3, the holiday storytellers around the world as #2 and Illuminations with the holiday tag as #1.

Kate (who attended MouseFest 101, the mini-MouseAdventure and the Hustle-tini Meet) wrote in to thank us for putting the events on and to offer to help with the mini-MouseAdventure next year. She also asked for a full-day MouseAdventure at Walt Disney World.

We really enjoyed meeting Kate, too. She's a very nice person, and we're glad that she had a great time.

While we're still quite a ways away from offering a full-fledged MouseAdventure on the East Coast due to logistical reasons, we're certainly going to look into it. There are issues related to the charging of fees, the assembly space and the potential launch of hundreds of people into a theme park for a game that would need to be worked out with Disney before we could even start thinking about planning it. But that doesn't mean that we've completely ruled it out, either.

In the meantime, some additional help in running the mini-MouseAdventure next year might be a very good thing.

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