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MouseStation 110 - MouseFest interviews

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Featured Topic - MouseFest interviews

In this week's feature, Mike and Mark let some MouseFest attendees carry the show for them.

Mike did a bunch of interviews, mostly at PodFest and the Mega Mouse Meet, and we wanted to share them with you. Well, that and we're really buried with the holidays and thought that less recording for us this week would be helpful in getting us through the week. So here are some really great interviews for you!

Kevin Peace

Listener Kevin Peace talked about his adventure on the extended version of Pirates of the Caribbean when the ride shut down during Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickey Hunt. He also talked about the MouseFest cruise, and how it was so much easier to get to know people on the cruise because there were only a couple of hundred people as opposed to the thousand or so on the land.

Kevin's Magical Moment was the MouseFest cruise, because of the amount of fun that he and Timbra had, and the number of people that they were able to meet that had the same interests and likes.

Big Brian Martsolf

Podcast listener Brian, of the Mousin' It Up Podcast, talked about MouseFest in general. He also chatted about his podcast and about how many people were actually at MouseFest.

Brian's Magical Moment was the fact that he actually had something to hand out at this year's MouseFest. Since his main site is focused on The History of Walt Disney World in Postcards, it was only fitting that when he handed out "his card", it was a postcard.

Big Brian's card.

Dan Hess

Dan, of the MouseGuest Weekly Podcast, was a bit overwhelmed by MouseFest. Dan has done anime conventions, but he was impressed by the number of people at MouseFest.

Dan's Magical Moment was the entire movie of Beauty and the Beast. For those not familiar with MouseGuest, Dan's love for Beauty and the Beast may even exceed Mike's love of The Lion King.

Eric King

Eric, the other host of MouseGuest Weekly, chatted a bit about being a podcaster. He loved being able to meet all of the other podcasters at PodFest. Following the lead of other first-timers, Eric was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people at MouseFest, and was very happy to have people come up to him and talk to him about his podcast. Mike and Eric also chatted about how much the listeners mean to podcasters.

Eric's Magical Moment was his first trip when he and his wife Cathy came for their honeymoon. Everything was just wonderful and a honeymoon at Walt Disney World is hard to top.

Jonathan Dichter

Jonathan talked a bit about the "Magic and Mayhem" of the All About the Mouse Podcast. (He's the "Mayhem.") He was amazed at how many people were at MouseFest and how many people came up to him. He also talked about being a podcaster and did a couple of his favorite voices, including Shandy the Sugar Glider from the Magical Definition Podcast.

Jonathan's Magical Moment was his previous trip, a year and a half ago, when he and his wife were on their honeymoon, and the folks at the Wilderness Lodge concierge level took great care of them.

Eric M. Davis

Eric is from, which sells discounted tickets to the theme parks. This was Eric's first MouseFest, and he was loving it. He and Mike talked about their Walt Disney World College Program days and got into a Vista-Way-vs.-Chatham-Square confrontation. Eric was amazed at how the different sites all came together to create a wonderful synergy.

Eric's Magical Moment was a time when he was a manager at the BoardWalk and they took a bunch of stuff to a mother who was ill and couldn't got to the park.

Mike asked Eric whether he felt that the Year of a Million Dreams was taking away from the magic that the cast members provide, and Eric agreed with Mark's point of view, that cast members could take advantage of the increased empowerment to make even more magic. (So there, Mike!)

John van Meter

John, our sponsor at Owner's Locker, talked a bit about the company and the lockers. He talked a bit about Celebration, and noted that Mike's feelings about the town are no longer valid, and that it's just a normal town now. John also talked about his favorite park and favorite attraction.

John's Magical Moment was proposing to his wife at the California Grill eight years ago.

David Koenig

David (who authors a column at MousePlanet, as well as several books) was having a blast at the Mega Mouse Meet. He loves getting to meet all of the people at MouseFest, and had a great time leading his tour through Epcot earlier in the day.

Jeff Kober

Jeff enjoyed meeting everyone at the Mega Mouse Meet. He also talked a bit about his column (The Magic of Business).

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